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Rea, Alfred W. (d. 1958)    CA    AIA 1909-
Rea, Don Wyman    MO    AIA 1972-
Rea, John, Jr.    NY; IL; PA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1970.
Rea, John Philip    ME    AIA 1970-
Read, Bruce Chapin    RI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Read, Charles Newman    MA; PA    AIA 1921-1954
Read, Donald Lee (1924-2001)    WA    AIA 1965-1974
Read, Edward Sears (d. 1978)    MA    AIA 1943-
Read, Edwin (d. 1977)    NY    AIA 1944-
Read, Herbert P.    IN    AIA 1965-
Read, Paul Daniel    OR    AIA 1959-
Edward Sears Read & Assocs. (firm)    MA
Readinger, Daniel S.    PA    AIA 1942-1955
Reagan, James Earl    MD; DC; CO    AIA 1967-1976
Reagan, John Arthur    GA    AIA 1978-
Reagan, Oliver (d. 1958)    NY    AIA 1921-
Reagan & Shoemaker (firm)    CA
Reagin, James William    CA    AIA 1973-
Ream, Bruce Charles    IL    AIA 1966-
Ream, Hubert see Ream, J. Hubert    MD; OH    AIA 1966-
Ream, J. Hubert    MD; OH    AIA 1966-
Ream, James Terrill    CO; CA    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1979.
Ream, Samuel Richard    NY    AIA 1977-
Reamer, Robert C.    WA    AIA 1929-1935
Reames, Louis Elwood (d. 1988)    LA    AIA 1956-
Rear, Ronald L.    NJ    AIA 1978-
Reardon, William Mark    CA; TX    AIA 1961-
Reasin, William H. (c.1816-1867)    MD
Reasoner, Edward Alan    CA    AIA 1966-
Reath, Don C., Jr. (d. 1976)    CA    AIA 1964-1966
Reaves, David Park, II (1925-1978)    FL    AIA 1955-1960
Reaves, G. F. (d. 1985)    OK    AIA 1966-
Reavis, Paul Ervin, Jr.    SC    AIA 1978-
Reavis, Willard    TX    AIA 1971-
Reay, Donald Patterson (1914-2002)    CA    AIA 1965-1977; ?-; FAIA 1980.
Reay, Sylvia (1916-2006)    CA    AIA 1968-
Reay, Thomas Edwin    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reay Associates see Donald Patterson Reay    CA
Reay-Tsuruta Associates see Donald Patterson Reay    CA
Rebechini, Alice see Wolfe, Alice R.    IL    AIA 1977-
Reber, Jack Montgomery    TX    AIA 1955-1972
Rebhahn, David Anthony    NY    AIA 1978-
Rebori, Andrew Nicholas (d. 1966)    OK; IL    AIA 1922-1942; 1949-; FAIA 1955.
Recer, Harold Conrad    TX    AIA 1973-
Rechle, Rudolph    IL; WI    AIA 1963-1969
Recht, Gregory Victor    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reck, Thomas E.    CO    AIA 1975-
Reckmeyer, William George    OH    AIA 1966-1971
Rectenwald, Ross E.    PA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Rector, Henry    NY
Rector, Irving Chapin (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1953-
Rector, John Marcus    MA    AIA 1973-
Rector, Marcus see Rector, John Marcus    MA    AIA 1973-
Red, David Douglass (d. 2001)    TX    AIA 1947-
David D. Red (firm)    TX
Reda, John F.    NY; NJ    AIA 1962-1963; 1967-1971
Redburn, Ray Leroy    TX    AIA 1976-
Reddan, Michael Moore    DC    AIA 1971-
Reddemann, Arthur O. (d. 2002)    WI; AZ    AIA 1949-
Reddemann-Domann Inc. (firm)    WI
Redden, James O.    OR    AIA 1970-
Redden, John Stokes (d. 1995)    IL; FL    AIA 1944-
Redden, Richard Wayne    AR    AIA 1976-
Reddersen, Edward E. (engineer) see John K. Reddersen and Associated Architects and Engineers (firm)    IL
Reddersen, John Kernachan    IL; MD    AIA 1953-1967; 1971-
John K. Reddersen and Associated Architects and Engineers (firm)    IL
Reddick, Gary Lee    OR    AIA 1973-
Reddick, James Michael    AR    AIA 1978-
Reddick, John David, Jr.    VA    AIA 1966-
Reddick, William R., Jr.    CA    AIA 1972-
Reddig, Walter    MI    AIA 1972-
Redding, Vernon (d. 1939)    OH    AIA 1902-
Redditt, William Lytle (d. 1975)    PA    AIA 1944-
Reddy, Jeffry S.    CO    AIA 1978-
Reddy, Martin J.    VA    AIA 1976-
Reddy, Paul R. (d. 2001)    CO    AIA 1958-
Redemske, Richard Keith    IL    AIA 1973-
Reder, Henry I.    OH    AIA 1978-
Redfern, Howard Vernon    MI    AIA 1968-
Redfern, William Hudgins (d. 1964)    SC    AIA 1963-
Redfoot, Dale Eugene (d. 2006)    PA    AIA 1964-
Redgate, Lewis Arthur    UT    AIA 1961-
Redgate, William E.    DE    AIA 1959-
Redhead, Ralph Bert    CA    AIA 1959-1974
Redlich, F. W.    OK; IL    AIA 1927-1931
Redman, Russell    MN    AIA 1978-
Redmon, Charles F.    MA    AIA 1975-; FAIA 1985.
Redmond, Fabian    MN; WI    AIA 1938-1941
Redmond, Jon Robert    MN    AIA 1974-1976
Redmond, Stephen Paul    CA    AIA 1978-
Redstone, Daniel Aaron    MI    AIA 1972-
Redstone, Eliel    CA    AIA 1975-
Redstone, Louis Gordon (1903-2002)    MI    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1964.
Redstone, Samuel    MI    AIA 1960-
Louis G. Redstone (firm)    MI
Louis G. Redstone Assocs., Inc. (firm)    MI
Redwine, Samuel Terrel    PA    AIA 1972-1975
Reeb, Elmer see Reeb, J. Elmer (Jacob Elmer)    OH    AIA 1932-
Reeb, J. Elmer (Jacob Elmer)    OH    AIA 1932-
Reeb, Jacob Elmer see Reeb, J. Elmer (Jacob Elmer)    OH    AIA 1932-
Reece, John D.    CO    AIA 1965-
Reece, Richard Allen, Jr.    AZ    AIA 1977-
Reece, Richard Colt (1925-2003)    MA    AIA 1964-
Reed, Alan Cameron (d. 1950)    LA    AIA 1927-
Reed, Bob Harold    TX    AIA 1968-1972
Reed, Charles A. (1858-1911)    NY
Reed, Charles Alexander    CA    AIA 1962-1966; 1977-
Reed, Charles Harmon    VA; NC    AIA 1945-
Reed, Charles Harmon, Jr.    NC    AIA 1972-
Reed, Clayton Earl    CA    AIA 1963-
Reed, Don Ashley (d. 2004)    AR    AIA 1947-
Reed, Donald H.    PA    AIA 1946-1951
Reed, Donald Stenson (d. 1991)    RI    AIA 1946-
Reed, Earl Howell, Jr. (d. 1968)    IL    AIA 1922-; FAIA 1951.
Reed, Edward Barcale (d. 1989)    NY    AIA 1960-
Reed, Edward Goodwin    CA    AIA 1950-1952
Reed, Elwyn see Reed, H. Elwyn (Howard Elwyn)    AL    AIA 1964-1971; 1974-1975; 1977-
Reed, Frank Hughes, Jr. (d. 1975)    DC    AIA 1957-
Reed, Frederick N., Jr. (d. 1984)    FL    AIA 1962-
Reed, George Francis    FL    AIA 1963-1976; 1977-; FAIA 1978.
Reed, George Moody, Jr. (d. 1998)    MS    AIA 1974-
Reed, H. Elwyn (Howard Elwyn)    AL    AIA 1964-1971; 1974-1975; 1977-
Reed, Howard Elwyn see Reed, H. Elwyn (Howard Elwyn)    AL    AIA 1964-1971; 1974-1975; 1977-
Reed, James Allen (d. 1981)    OH    AIA 1948-
Reed, James E.    MO    AIA 1978-
Reed, John August    CA    AIA 1956-1973
Reed, John Benjamin, Jr.    NM    AIA 1959-
Reed, Kenneth Dale    CA    AIA 1974-
Reed, Lawrence Ward    LA    AIA 1964-1969
Reed, Lyman Sims    TX    AIA 1965-
Reed, Mack Gray    TX    AIA 1954-1969
Reed, Marcus George (d. 1986)    MI    AIA 1967-
Reed, Raymond Deryl    LA; IA; TX    AIA 1962-
Reed, Richard Crandall (d. 2007)    PA    AIA 1968-
Reed, Robert Allen    CA    AIA 1962-
Reed, Robert Forsythe    OK    AIA 1967-
Reed, Roger Vernon    MO    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1989.
Reed, Thomas Adam (d. 1995)    OH    AIA 1965-
Reed, Timothy John    IL; MO    AIA 1976-
Reed, Twain Whitman    CA    AIA 1965-1969
Reed, Walter D. (d. 1933)    CA    AIA 1921-
Reed, Walter H. (d. 1998)    CT    AIA 1968-
Reed, Washington, Jr. (d. 1966)    VA    AIA 1946-
Reed, Wayne Marshall    SC    AIA 1974-
Reed, William Atchley    PA    AIA 1959-1962
Reed, William E., Jr.    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reed, William Francis    CA    AIA 1972-
Reed, William Richard (d. 1995)    IL    AIA 1954-
Reed, William Ryder    WA    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1974.
Reed, William Vernon (1907-1987)    IL; DC; PR    AIA 1941-; FAIA 1970.
Alonzo B. Reed Inc. (firm)    MA; NH
Reed, Basora & Menedez (firm)    PR
Reed & Clements (firm)    TX
Reed & Kellogg (firm)    LA
Reed-Mullins & Assocs. (firm)    AL
Reed and Stem (firm)    MN
Reed, Torres, Beauchamp, Marvel (firm)    PR
Reed, Veach, Wurdeman & Assocs. (firm)    NE
Washington Reed, Jr. (firm)    VA
Reed & Willis (firm)    AR
Reed, Willis & Burks (firm)    AR
Reeder, Edward Wayne    TX    AIA 1974-
Reeder, Edwin Thorley (1908-1963)    FL    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1961.
Reeder, Henry Sutherland, Jr.    MA    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1991.
Reeder, John C.    GA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reeder, Robert E., Jr.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Edwin T. Reeder (firm)    FL
Edwin T. Reeder Assocs. (firm)    FL
Reed-Hill, William    MI    AIA 1908-1920
Reedy, Barbra Mair    NV    AIA 1974-1976; 1977-
Reefe, Edward Michael    FL    AIA 1978-
Reeger, Ralph L., Jr.    FL    AIA 1974-
Reeh, Ernst H.    MI    AIA 1978-
Reekie, Bruce G.    AZ; AK    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reel, Ronald Lewis    TX    AIA 1971-
Reely, Thomas W.    IA    AIA 1906-1918
Reep, Richard Thomas    SC; MO; FL    AIA 1966-
Rees, Daniel M. (d. 1963)    OH    AIA 1947-
Rees, Frank W., Jr.    OK    AIA 1974-1975; 1976-
Rees, Randall J.    IA; CO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Rees, Richard S.    MO    AIA 1977-
Reese, Bernard F.    MI    AIA 1959-1970
Reese, Donald Carroll    TX    AIA 1970-1971; 1973-
Reese, Edward James (1925-2012)    CA    AIA 1958-1962
Reese, Frank Lundberg    MN    AIA 1967-
Reese, Henry E., Jr.    HI    AIA 1966-
Reese, Houston Gibbs, Jr.    KY; GA    AIA 1971-
Reese, Ilse Meissner    NY    AIA 1959-1961
Reese, James A. (b. 1894)    OH    AIA 1921-1931
Reese, James Douglas    PA    AIA 1971-
Reese, John William    OR    AIA 1958-
Reese, Johnny Maclin    GA    AIA 1963-1972; 1974-
Reese, Lawrence (1865-1915)    SC
Reese, R. C. (engineer) see Britsch & Munger (firm) OH
Reese, Ronald J.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reese, William J. (1943-2011)    VA; CA; NY    AIA 1974-1978
Reese & Blachly (firm)    OR
Reese & Jackson (firm)    TN
Reese/Rova Assocs. (firm)    MN
Reeser, Daniel Edward    IL    AIA 1976-
Reeser, John Morgan    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reeser, Otto Victor (d. 1968)    NJ; NY; IN    AIA 1926-1935
Reeser, Victor see Reeser, Otto Victor (d. 1968)    NJ; NY; IN    AIA 1926-1935
Reetz, Gary A.    MN    AIA 1978-
Reeve, Almon Isaac    KS    AIA 1972-
Reeve, Keith Graham (d. 1961)    AL; IL; FL    AIA 1938-1941; 1946-
Reeve, Lawrence Lowell    MA    AIA 1944-
Reeve, Stephen Marshall    AK    AIA 1974-
Keith G. Reeve, Architect (firm)    AL; IL
Reeve and Orr see Keith G. Reeve, Architect (firm)    AL
Reeves, Blair see Reeves, F. Blair (Frank Blair)    FL    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1977.
Reeves, Burgess J.    CA
Reeves, Clark Milton    TX    AIA 1977-
Reeves, Donald Joseph    CA    AIA 1970-
Reeves, Edward S.    FL    AIA 1965-1975
Reeves, F. Blair (Frank Blair) (1922-2012)    FL    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1977.
Reeves, Frank Blair see Reeves, F. Blair (1922-2012)    FL    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1977.
Reeves, George Otis (d. 1947)    OH    AIA 1942-
Reeves, Glenn Curtis    RI    AIA 1969-
Reeves, H. Alban    CA
Reeves, Hubert Ernest (d. 1956)    NY    AIA 1948-
Reeves, Isaac Stockton Keith, V    FL    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1998.
Reeves, James F.    KS    AIA 1978-
Reeves, Jay Eric    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978; AIA 1978-
Reeves, Lawrence Chapin    IN; CA    AIA 1972-
Reeves, Phillip E.    FL    AIA 1975-
Reeves, Ralph Bernard, Jr. (1920-1984)    NC    AIA 1948-
Reeves, Richard E.    NE    AIA 1976-
Reeves, Robert L.    OH    AIA 1978-
Reeves, Robert R. (1887-1937)    OH    AIA 1920-
Reeves, Robert Roy, Jr. (d. 1988)    OH    AIA 1947-
Reeves, Roland Dale    NY    AIA 1970-
Reeves, Roscoe, Jr.    MD    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1994.
Reeves, William Benton (d. 2000)    OH; MO    AIA 1961-
Reeves, William H.    IL    AIA 1902-1910
Reffner, Robert R.    PA    AIA 1974-
Regan, John Daniel    MA    AIA 1968-
Regan, John J.    NY    AIA 1964-1972
Regan, John T.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Regan, Richard J. (d. 1963)    TN    AIA 1920-
Regan, Thomas P., Jr.    MT    AIA 1959-
Regener, John R., Jr.    CA    AIA 1978-
Regent, Irwin Alan    MA    AIA 1962-
Regent & Salk (firm)    MA
Regent, Williams & Assocs. Inc. (firm)    MA
Reger, Carl (d. 1938)    WV    AIA 1922-1935
Regier, John J.    KS    AIA 1945-1962
Regier, Willis    NE    AIA 1951-
Reginato, Daniel D.    WI    AIA 1958-
Register, Henry Bartol (d. 1956)    PA    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1943.
Register, Philippe De Montauzan (d. 2006)    NM    AIA 1955-
Register, Ross & Brunet (firm)    NM
Regner, Joseph Alexander (d. 1993)    OH    AIA 1945-
Joseph A. Regner & Associates Inc. (firm)    OH
Regnier, Victor A.    CA    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1994.
Regnvall, Arthur Kendrick    FL    AIA 1968-
Rego, Ramon    NJ    AIA 1971-
Reh, Edward M.    TX    AIA 1974-
Rehkopf, Frederick A.    NY    AIA 1969-
Rehl, George J.    NY    AIA 1969-1976
Rehler, Kenneth James (d. 2005)    TX    AIA 1971-1973
Rehnquist, Rex Eugene    CA    AIA 1970-1974
Rehse, Patrick Charles    AZ    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1997.
Reibenstein, Charles A., Jr.    TX    AIA 1978-
Reibsamen, Piercy K. (1928-2017)    CA    AIA 1966-; FAIA 1982.
Reich, Edward A.    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reich, George    NY    AIA 1967-1973
Reich, Jerry Randall    IL    AIA 1963-; FAIA 2000.
Reich, Stuart Herbert    NY
Reichard, Harry F. (d. 1974)    OH    AIA 1929-
Reichard, Raul G. (1908-1996)    PR    AIA 1970-1978
Reichard, Thomas A. (d. 1998)    PA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reichardt, Walter Louis (1908-1995)    CA    AIA 1942-
Reichel, David John    CA    AIA 1964-
Reichenborn, Raymond Dean    KS    AIA 1978-
Reichert, Arthur Jacob (1911-1995)    OH    AIA 1965-
Reichert, Clifford F.    KY    AIA 1926-1929
Reichert, E. William, III    MO    AIA 1977-
Reichert, Edward L.    TX    AIA 1952-
Reichert, Georg John    CT    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reichert, Robert George    WA    AIA 1958-
Reichert, William see Reichert, E. William, III    MO    AIA 1977-
Reichert-Facilides, Otto E.    PA    AIA 1963-; FAIA 1981.
Reid, Alfred Damian    PA    AIA 1932-
Reid, Alfred Damian, Jr. (d. 1986)    PA    AIA 1964-
Reid, Charles K. (engineer) see Project Architects and Engineers (firm)    OH
Reid, David Blair    MI    AIA 1974-
Reid, David J.    WA    AIA 1975-
Reid, Duncan E., Jr.    MA    AIA 1972-1975
Reid, Guy C. (d. 1962)    OK; IL    AIA 1937-
Reid, Hal Thomas    FL    AIA 1964-1975
Reid, James W. (1857-1943)    IN; CA    AIA 1879-1931; FAIA 1881.
Reid, John, Jr.    CA    AIA 1916-1948; FAIA 1937.
Reid, John A.    OK    AIA 1960-
Reid, John Eugene    NC    AIA 1978-
Reid, John Lyon    MA; CA    AIA 1940-; FAIA 1955.
Reid, John W.    OH    AIA 1974-
Reid, Johnstone N., Jr.    NY    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Reid, Joseph Browning    VA    AIA 1972-
Reid, Joseph Neel see Reid, Neel (Joseph Neel)    GA
Reid, Keith Cameron    CA    AIA 1954-1959
Reid, Kenneth (d. 1960)    NY; VT    AIA 1938-
Reid, Louis William    PA    AIA 1952-
Reid, Merritt J. (d. 1932)    CA    WAA 1886; AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Reid, Neel (Joseph Neel)    GA
Reid, Ralph Clayton    CA    AIA 1974-
Reid, Robert (d. 1957)    MA    AIA 1936-
Reid, Robert Alexander    MI    AIA 1962-
Reid, Robert R.    AZ    AIA 1959-1965
Reid, Robert Theodore    CA; IL; MD; GA    AIA 1947-
Reid, Ronald Lawrence    TN; KS    AIA 1966-
Reid, Samuel Lamarr    IL    AIA 1978-
Reid, William Alexander    CA    AIA 1970-
Reid, William H., Jr.    MI; MT; CO    AIA 1931-1935; 1946-1957
Reid, William Wallace (1917-1990)    CA    AIA 1968-1970
Alfred D. Reid Associates (firm)    PA
Reid & Associates (firm)    OK
Reid & Hazard (firm)    AZ
Reid, Rockwell, Banwell & Tarics (firm)    CA
Reid & Tarics Assocs. (firm)    CA
Reid, Thompson, Boots & Assocs, Inc. (firm)    IN
William H. Reid, Jr., Architect (firm)    MT
Reidenbach, William Raymond    CA    AIA 1962-1966
Reidenbaugh, Donald Weidman    PA    AIA 1961-1972
Reidenbaugh, DeVitry & Conrad, Architects & Planners (firm)    PA
Reif, George Anthony    VA    AIA 1957-1969
Reif, Richard Andrew (d. 1993)    CA    AIA 1972-
Reif, Richard Murray    AZ    AIA 1973-
Reiff, Donald J.    FL    AIA 1955-
Reiff, Dovie Kate    PA    AIA 1970-
Reiff-Fellman & Assocs. (firm)    FL
Reiger, Harry J.    IL    AIA 1922-1942
Reighard, Dean H.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reigle, Steven (d. 1989)    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reiley, Robert J. (d. 1961)    NY    AIA 1943-
Robert J. Reiley & Associates (firm)    NY
Reilley, Thomas    PA    AIA 1960-1970
Reilly, Dann M.    KY    AIA 1978-
Reilly, Eugene J. (d. 1979)    NJ    AIA 1954-1970; 1972-1975
Reilly, J. Le Roy, II    NY    AIA 1958-1963
Reilly, John James    NY    AIA 1970-
Reilly, Le Roy see Reilly, J. Le Roy, II    NY    AIA 1958-1963
Reilly, Leo Ignatius (d. 2006)    LA    AIA 1964-
Reilly, Maurice Edward, Jr.    LA    AIA 1958-1975
Reilly, Paul Cornelius (1891-1984)    NY    AIA 1943-
Reilly, Paul Waldron (1932-2011)    NY, NJ    AIA 1964-1972; 1974-
Reilly, Richard Charles    FL    AIA 1957-
Reilly, Thomas Patrick    IA    AIA 1963-
Reily, Solon L.    IL    AIA 1924-1935
Reiman, Don Paul    NY    AIA 1952-
Reimel, Edward L.    OH    AIA 1974-
Reimer, Glen H.    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reimer, Harry E. (d. 1938)    IA    AIA 1921-1938
Reimers, Frederick H. (1889-1961)    CA    AIA 1927-
Frederick H. Reimers (firm)    CA
Rein, Walter (d. 1967)    CA    AIA 1954-
Reinbolt, James John    OH    AIA 1970-
Reinecke, Richard Charles (d. 1973)    MN    AIA 1945-
Reinecke, Rix Friedrich (d. 2007)    CA    AIA 1969-
Reiner, Jan (1909-2010)    CA; MA; FL    AIA 1946-1950
Reiner, Paul Lawrence    FL    AIA 1959-
Reiner, William Bruce (d. 2001)    CA    AIA 1956-1967; 1968-
Reinert, Keith Lee    IN    AIA 1963-
Reinhard, Andrew see Reinhard, L. Andrew (1891-1964)    NY    AIA 1924-; FAIA 1951.
Reinhard, L. Andrew (1891-1964)    NY    AIA 1924-; FAIA 1951.
Reinhard and Hofmeister (firm)    NY
Reinhard, Hofmeister & Walquist (firm)    NY
Reinhardt, Alfred (1902-1987)    CT; MA    AIA 1945-
Reinhardt, Christopher M.    NJ    AIA 1923-1931
Reinhardt, Clarence F. (d. 1993)    OK    AIA 1955-
Reinhardt, Herbert Henry (d. 1963)    MO    AIA 1944-
Reinhardt, James N.    HI    AIA 1969-
Reinhardt, William Phillips (d. 2004)    NC    AIA 1960-1970
Reinhart, Gregory T.    VA    AIA 1974-
Reinhart, Martin Wayne    IL    AIA 1970-
Reinhart, Richard    CT    AIA 1973-1975
Reinheimer, Martin    IL    AIA 1952-
Reinheimer, Robert, Jr.    TX    AIA 1952-; FAIA 1977.
Reinheimer & Cox (firm)    TX
Reinhold, Henry L., Jr.    PA    AIA 1902-1916
Reinholt, Richard Joseph    MI    AIA 1976-
Reinholz, Carl Frank    CA    AIA 1971-
Reinke, Dennis Lee    CO    AIA 1972-1977
Reinke, Leonard Herman    WI    AIA 1953-; FAIA 1979.
Reinl, Herbert G.    NY    AIA 1947-1955
Reinshagen, Peter    CA    AIA 1969-1971
Reinvald, Ilmar    NY; MT    AIA 1971-; FAIA 1988.
Reisacher, Robert William    NM    AIA 1957-
Reisbord, Samuel (1904-1985)    CA    AIA 1947-
Reisch, Erston Henry    LA    AIA 1944-
Reisdorf, Mark A.    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reisinger, Martha Jean    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reiskin, Leon (1928-2004)    DC; VA    AIA 1957-
Reisman, Richard Carl    CA    AIA 1976-
Reisner, Jedd Stow    NY    AIA 1946-1957; 1962-1972
Reisner, Peter    VA    AIA 1964-1972
Reiss, Paul    NY    AIA 1960-1972
Reister, Floyd Manleus    CO    AIA 1959-
Reiter, Henry    NY    AIA 1972-
Reiter, John Richard    GA    AIA 1967-
Reiter, Max    NY    AIA 1974-
Reiter, Melvin    MI    AIA 1956-1961; 1964-1975
Reiter, Paul Willmer    CA    AIA 1966-1970
Reitz, Martin H.    MN
Reitzel, Emery David    MI    AIA 1975-
Reitzer, Joel Victor, Jr.    TX    AIA 1973-
Reitzug, Nikolaus H. (d. 2007)    IN    AIA 1975-
Reizes, Kenneth J.    CA    AIA 1966-1972
Rembowski, Gerald Michael    OH    AIA 1971-
Remen, Seymour    CA; NY; TX; MO; MI    AIA 1964-1965; 1971-
Remer, Bernard    MI    AIA 1966-1967
Remeta, Daniel    NY    AIA 1959-
Remick, Carl John, Jr. (d. 2007)    MN    AIA 1975-
Remick, Conrad Ralph    NJ    AIA 1966-
Remick, Thomas    NJ    AIA 1972-
Remick, William Barron    CA    AIA 1973-
Remington, John H.    CA    AIA 1968-
Remington, John Rollin    WA; Guam    AIA 1978-
Remitz, Florian    WI    AIA 1977-
Remley, Wayne Livingston (d. 1946)    FL    AIA 1946-
Remmele, Paul F.    KS    AIA 1962-
Rempe, Edward Theodore, Jr. (d. 1995)    FL    AIA 1945-
Rempelakis, Emmanuel J.    MA    AIA 1962-1976; 1977-
Rempp, Frederick J. (d. 1982)    PA    AIA 1951-
Remular, William F. (d. 1997)    HI    AIA 1973-
Remus, James Arthur    MI    AIA 1978-
Remus, Paul D.    PA    AIA 1965-1972
Renaldo, James Anthony    NY    AIA 1966-
Renar Designs, Inc. (firm)    NY
Renard, Robert T.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Renaud, Alberto P.    FL    AIA 1969-
Renaud, Fredric John    MI    AIA 1969-
Rendigs, George E. (1881-1929)    OH    AIA 1926-
Rendon, Arthur John    CA    AIA 1952-1970
Renehan, Ann H. (Ann Helen Rosten)    NY    AIA 1965-1976
Renes, Hector N.    NJ    AIA 1974-
Renfro, Donald William    CA    AIA 1968-
Renfro, Kenneth Patrick    TX    AIA 1978-
Renfro, Marvin Wallace (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1955-
Renfroe, Bruce Alva, Jr. (d. 1990)    FL    AIA 1964-
Renfroe, Harlen Thomas    TX    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Renfroe-Setliff-Regnvall (firm)    FL
Renfrow, Nancy V.    DC    AIA 1976-
Renfrow, Philip Wayne    DC    AIA 1976-
Renhowe, John    ND    AIA 1978-
Renken, Fred P.    NJ    AIA 1976-
Renken, Lindley Arlen    IL    AIA 1972-
Renker, Paul R.    FL    AIA 1978-
Renkes, David L.    OH    AIA 1977-
Rennacker, Richard Lee    CA    AIA 1955-1958
Rennard, Donald Charles    IN    AIA 1972-
Rennard, James Edwin    IN; MO    AIA 1969-
Renneker, Frederick Weyman, Jr.    AL; IL; FL    AIA 1946-
Renneker, William Walker (d. 1988)    AL    AIA 1971-
Fred Renneker, Jr. & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    AL
Renner, John F.    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Renner, Jon A. (d. 1976)    FL    AIA 1965-
Renner, Kerry Lee    MO    AIA 1974-
Renner, William E., Jr.    NY    AIA 1958-1961
Rennie, Lawrence W.    AZ    AIA 1978-
Rennie, Ronald William (d. 1976)    IL    AIA 1964-
Rennison, Forrest Osborn    OH    AIA 1942-1962
Reno, August George, Jr.    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reno, John    DC    AIA 1968-
Reno, Ronald Dean    MI    AIA 1966-
Renshaw, Courtney M.    AR    AIA 1963-
Renshaw, Dee Eldridge (d. 1973)    OK    AIA 1971-
Renshaw, Donald Keith    AR    AIA 1973-
Renshaw, Larch Campbell    CT    AIA 1939-1964
Larch C. Renshaw, Architect (firm)    CT
Renshaw & Taylor, Archit. P.A. (firm)    AR
Rensink, George G.    WA    AIA 1978-
Rentscher, Joseph George    FL    AIA 1960-1977
Renuart, Albert Pierre    FL    AIA 1972-
Renwick, Edward A. (1860-1941)    IL    AIA 1916-
Renwick, James (1818-1895)    NY    AIA 1857-; FAIA 1857.
Renwick, William W. (1864-1933)    NJ; NY    AIA 1901-
Renwick, Aspinwall & Russell (firm)     OH
Repass, Fred    WA    AIA 1978-
Replogle, John    NV    AIA 1953-1954; 1957-1963
Repp, George W.    IL    AIA 1925-1929
Reppenhagen, Charles William    NY; CT    AIA 1965-
Repstien, Roger A.    IA    AIA 1978-
Repult, Frank Clifton, Jr.    TN    AIA 1959-
Requa, Richard S. (d. 1941)    CA    AIA 1920-1927; 1930-
Requardt, John F., III    MD    AIA 1977-
Rescalvo, George    CA    AIA 1977-
Resch, Niles Franklin (d. 1958)    TX    AIA 1953-
Reschke, John B. (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1958-
Res:Con, Inc. (firm)    TX
Reseutek, Dennis F.    MN    AIA 1978-
Resh, Edward Arthur    HI    AIA 1973-1975
Resnick, Aaron L. (d. 1986)    NY    AIA 1973-
Resnick, Alan I.    CT    AIA 1975-1976
Resnick, Louis (d. 2006)    NJ; OH    AIA 1957-
Resnick, Paul (d. 1966)    NY    AIA 1948-
Resnick, Samuel    CT    AIA 1964-1972
Resor, Stuart MacArthur    CA    AIA 1971-1974
Ressa, Jerry Frank    WA    AIA 1975-
Ressler, Perry (d. 1990)    TX    AIA 1964-
Ressler & Applebaum (firm)    TX
Ressner, Michael (d. 1998)    NY    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Rester, George G.    CA    AIA 1973-1976
Restifo, Joseph David    PA    AIA 1956-1978
Restituto, Frank Arthur    NY    AIA 1973-
Restrepo, Francisco    CT; NY; MO; IA    AIA 1971-
Resz, Andre    RI    AIA 1978-
Retherford, Robert M., Jr.    MN    AIA 1978-
Rettberg, Gerhard C.    IL    AIA 1957-
Rettinger, Robert E.    PA; CT    AIA 1958-1968
Rettstatt, Harold Edward    OH    AIA 1968-1972; 1978-
Retz, George Q.    CA    AIA 1978-
Retzler, Harold Pomeroy    OH    AIA 1961-
Reuben, Louise    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reul, James Gayland    WI    AIA 1977-
Reuling, August (d. 1968)    NY    AIA 1949-
Reusch, Ferdinand, Jr. (1861-1900) see Toledano, Albert (1859-1923)    LA    WAA 1887; AIA 1889-1895; 1916-; FAIA 1889.
Reuss, Rae Roy (d. 2002)    WI    AIA 1970-
Reuter, Frederick Henry    NY    AIA 1958-
Reuter, Louis F., IV    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1973-1976; AIA 1976-
Reutershan, Quentin Lewis (d. 1986)    NY    AIA 1952-
Reuther, Henry Ernst (d. 1962)    OH    AIA 1942-
Reutlinger, John L.    MA    AIA 1965-
Reutti, Max (1856-1896)    OH    AIA 1895-; FAIA 1895.
Reutti, Ralph M.    PA    AIA 1924-1948
Revels, Frederick William (1869-1937)    NY; PR    AIA 1908-; FAIA 1930.
Revilock, Will Steven    CA    AIA 1978-
Revis, Ralph Theadore    NC; DC    AIA 1973-
Revness, Ellis G.    CA    AIA 1963-1973
Rewerts, Douglas H.    LA    AIA 1978-
Rex, Alan Milton    NM    AIA 1972-1974
Rex, John (1909-2003)    CA    AIA 1944-; FAIA 1958.
Rex, Russell    CA    AIA 1977-
Reyburn, Neal O.    MO    AIA 1971-1973
Reyes, Eduardo Zapanta    CA    AIA 1977-
Reyes, Raul    AZ    AIA 1975-
Reyna, Elias G.    TX    AIA 1978-
Reynal, Victor Myers (d. 1959)    NJ    AIA 1930-
Reynaldos, Rafael J.    OH; FL    AIA 1971-
Reynard, Emeron L.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reynold, Paul Norman, Jr.    PA    AIA 1975-
Reynolds, Ann    NM    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reynolds, Anthony Frederick    NM    AIA 1977-
Reynolds, Arthur (1863-1925)    HI    AIA 1924-
Reynolds, Charles Clark (1893-1969)    WI    AIA 1947-1952
Reynolds, David William, II    IN    AIA 1968-1971
Reynolds, Frank Winthrop    OH; NY    AIA 1921-1931
Reynolds, Garland see Reynolds, M. Garland, Jr.    GA    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1979.
Reynolds, George Thompson, Jr. (d. 1951)    TX; OK    AIA 1942-
Reynolds, Glenn Payton    VA    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Reynolds, Harold Francis    IL    AIA 1944-
Reynolds, Harry Irvin    IN    AIA 1947-1953
Reynolds, Howard Earl    OR    AIA 1977-
Reynolds, Ivan Moody    OK    AIA 1948-
Reynolds, Jan    NY    AIA 1969-
Reynolds, John Carson (d. 1986)    TX    AIA 1959-
Reynolds, John F.    IN    AIA 1974-
Reynolds, John Laurin    OR
Reynolds, John Ronald    PA    AIA 1967-1975
Reynolds, Joseph B. (d. 1984)    TX    AIA 1943-
Reynolds, Joseph Buel, Jr.    CA    AIA 1974-
Reynolds, Joseph Thomas (d. 1943)    CT    AIA 1943-
Reynolds, Kelly David    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Reynolds, Kenneth Gray (d. 1955)    NY    AIA 1941-
Reynolds, Kenneth Gray    NY    AIA 1974-
Reynolds, Larry L.    KS    AIA 1972-1974
Reynolds, Lynn see Reynolds, O. Lynn    TX    AIA 1974-1976
Reynolds, M. Garland, Jr.    GA    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1979.
Reynolds, Malcolm Dames    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1958.
Reynolds, Marcus T. (d. 1937)    NY    AIA 1930-
Reynolds, Newell see Reynolds, W. Newell (William Newell) (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1944-
Reynolds, O. Lynn    TX    AIA 1974-1976
Reynolds, Peter L.    TX    AIA 1975-1976
Reynolds, Ralph Jerome    PA    AIA 1962-
Reynolds, Robert Kary    TX    AIA 1968-
Reynolds, Robert Thayer (d. 1995)    CA    AIA 1977-
Reynolds, Roy W.    VA    AIA 1975-
Reynolds, Thomas W., Jr.    FL    AIA 1974-
Reynolds, W. Newell (William Newell) (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1944-
Reynolds, William A.    TX    AIA 1978-
Reynolds, William DuPree    GA    AIA 1970-
Reynolds, William Newell see Reynolds, W. Newell (William Newell) (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1944-
Reynolds, Bailey, Vrooman, Inc. (firm)    GA
Reynolds & Chamberlain (firm)    CA
Reynolds & Morrison (firm)    OK
Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Architects and Engineers (firm)    FL
Reznicke, Edward Joe    TX    AIA 1968-1972
Reznik, Arnold Charles    IL    AIA 1976-
Rezny, James B.    IL
Rezza, Martin D.    LA    AIA 1965-