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Scacchetti, John (1900-1971)    NJ    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1963.
Scacchetti, Laurence (d. 1991)    NY; NJ    AIA 1939-
Scaffidi, Philip Richard    NY    AIA 1966-
Scaggs, John Roy (d. 1990)    IL    AIA 1954-
Scagliotti, Robert Lawrence    MA    AIA 1970-
Scaife, William Robert    SC; GA; NC    AIA 1963-1970; 1972-
Scalabrin, Joseph John, Jr.    MD    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1989.
Scalera, Charles, Jr.    NY    AIA 1961-1974
Scalera, Lawrence M.    NY    AIA 1966-
Scalera, Philip van Etten    FL    AIA 1976-
Scalera & Scalera (firm)    NY
Scales, Richard Lamar    WA    AIA 1973-
Scalf, James Franklin, Jr. (d. 2003)    TN    AIA 1958-
Scalise, James William    AZ    AIA 1973-
Scamell, Ralph Bernhard    CA    AIA 1967-
Scamell, Ralph E.    KS; TX    AIA 1923-1942
Scannell, Robert H.    NY    AIA 1935-
Scanzani, Robert M.    MA    AIA 1974-
Scarborough, Walter William    TX    AIA 1966-1976
Scarbro, William Bryan (1931-1975)    AZ    AIA 1962-1972
Scarbrough, Lewis Arthur, Jr.    GA    AIA 1960-
Scarbrough, William H. (1933-2015)    NY    AIA 1963-1976; 1989-1991
Scarff, John Henry (d. 1964)    MD    AIA 1923-; FAIA 1945.
Scarfo, Dominick    MA    AIA 1974-
Scarfone, Lee see Scarfone, Letterio S.    FL    AIA 1965-1971; 1974-1975; 1976-
Scarfone, Letterio S.    FL    AIA 1965-1971; 1974-1975; 1976-
Scarlata, John M.    NY    AIA 1974-
Scarlett, James M.    PA    AIA 1957-1965
Scarlett, Jerrold Grant    MO    AIA 1977-
Scarperi, Alfred Remo    NY    AIA 1972-1976
Scates, Kenneth L.    TX    AIA 1978-
Scavo, Vincent Anthony    IL    AIA 1976
Scavuzzo, Joseph    NJ    AIA 1968-
Scearce, Joe Leland    OK; DC    AIA 1963-
Scesa, Louis (d. 1959)    NY    AIA 1955-
Schaaf, Norbert John    IN    AIA 1957-1973
Schaar, William R.    NY    AIA 1955-1965
Schaardt, Thomas see Schaardt, W. Thomas (William Thomas) (d. 2004)    NY    AIA 1946-
Schaardt, W. Thomas (William Thomas) (d. 2004)    NY    AIA 1946-
Schaardt, William Thomas see Schaardt, W. Thomas (William Thomas) (d. 2004)    NY    AIA 1946-
Schacht, Emil (1854-1926)    OR    AIA 1916-
Schachtman, Frederic S.    CA    AIA 1953-1972; 1977-
Schachtman & Velikonia (firm)    CA
Schack, James H. (d. 1933)    WA    AIA 1912-
Schack, Mario L.    MD    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1980.
Schackne, David, Jr.    OH    AIA 1957-1962
Schade, Charles Argow    NY    AIA 1949-
Schade, Donald see Schade, G. Donald (George Donald)    OH    AIA 1949-
Schade, Edward K. (d. 1998)    PA    AIA 1947-
Schade, G. Donald (George Donald)    OH    AIA 1949-
Schade, George Donald see Schade, G. Donald (George Donald)    OH    AIA 1949-
Schade, John R.    WI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schadler, Henry C.    CT    AIA 1964-1976
Schadt, Thomas E., Sr.    KY    AIA 1967-1976
Schaecher, David L.    NE    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schaedel, Robert William    MA    AIA 1973-
Schaefer, Albert E.    NY    AIA 1946-1948
Schaefer, Donald Worth    CA    AIA 1977-
Schaefer, Gary A.    MN; WA    AIA 1973-1974; 1978-
Schaefer, Gerard Frederick    NJ    AIA 1974-
Schaefer, James William    WI    AIA 1977-
Schaefer, Jeffrey E.    FL    AIA 1972-1976
Schaefer, John    IL    AIA 1978-
Schaefer, Kenneth Michael    IL    AIA 1976-
Schaefer, Kenneth Miller (d. 2001)    MO    AIA 1963-; FAIA 1976.
Schaefer, Ralph Earl    WI    AIA 1946-
Schaefer, Richard Allen    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schaefer, Richard Paul (d. 1994)    OH    AIA 1965-
Schaefer, Robert Jules    KS    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1981.
Schaefer, Robert M.    CA    AIA 1963-
Schaefer, Wellington Jarvis    IL    AIA 1925-1928
Schafer, Flynn, van Dijk & Dalton, Grimm, Johnson see Flynn, Dalton, van Dijk & Partners (firm)    OH
Schaefer, Merrell & Pendleton (firm)    NM
Schaefer, Schirmer & Eflin (firm)    KS
Schaefer & Wirth (firm)    CA
Schaefering, David C.    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schaeffer, Archie N. (d. 1963)    IL    AIA 1926-
Schaeffer, John Herbert (d. 1995)    LA    AIA 1968-
Schaeffer, Ralph A.    PA    AIA 1955-
Schaeffer, Walter Gustav (d. 1947)    OH    AIA 1923-1935; 1944-
Walter G. Schaeffer (firm)    OH
Schaeffer, Wilson & Evans see Evans Associates (firm)    IL
Schaeffler, Joseph C. (d. 1962)    NY    AIA 1917-1941; 1945-
Schaening, Donald N.    MI    AIA 1970-
Schaevitz, Saunder    NY; NJ    AIA 1965-
Schafer, Allen Francis    CA    AIA 1978-
Schafer, Alvin Frederick    PA    AIA 1956-
Schafer, Curtis Clingan (d. 1987)    AZ    AIA 1961-
Schafer, David R.    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schafer, Edward G.    MN    AIA 1972-
Schafer, Gilbert Pierson (d. 1996)    OH    AIA 1927-
Schafer, Herbert A.    NY    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schafer, Howard Frederick, Jr.    OH    AIA 1967-
Schafer, Irvin Bruce    IL    AIA 1976-
Schafer, Flynn & Assocs. (firm)    OH
Schaffer, Benjamin    NY    AIA 1977-
Schaffer, Edwin    NY    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schaffer, George Alexander (d. 1999)    CA; HI; DC    AIA 1950-
Schaffer, Jack Norton    TN    AIA 1976-
Schaffer, Martin Bennett    IL    AIA 1958-1978
Schaffer, Richard Francis    FL    AIA 1977-
Schaffner, Arnold Shoyle    IL
Schafran, Joseph    NY    AIA 1946-
Schagen, John P.    CA    AIA 1958-
Schaible, Ernest (d. 1989)    IN    AIA 1944-
Schalk, Louis (d. 1974)    CA    AIA 1945-
Schaller, J. Michael    PA    AIA 1958-1961
Schaller, Michael see Schaller, J. Michael    PA    AIA 1958-1961
Schaller, Ray N. (d. 1962)    PA    AIA 1953-
Schaller, Tim C.    KS    AIA 1978-
Schallock, Donald Alan    CO    AIA 1978-
Schamesohn, Eduardo Lew    CA    AIA 1968-1971
Schamu, Walter G.    MD    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1994.
Schaper, John Martin    MO    AIA 1945-1954
Schapiro, Jaime    FL    AIA 1975-
Schappa, Joseph Francis, Jr.    MA; OH    AIA 1967-1970; 1972-
Schappaugh, Ronald    NY    AIA 1976-
Scharff, Eduard Lynton, Jr.    AR    AIA 1976-
Scharfspitz, Ronald Julien    NJ    AIA 1976-
Scharhag, Herman Alexander    MO    AIA 1954-
Scharm, J. H.    IN    AIA 1887-1895; FAIA 1889.
Scharnberg, Hans Ulrich (1927-2014)    DC    AIA 1964-
Scharnberg, Joan see Stogis, Joan F.    DC; MD    AIA 1978-
Scharpf, Elmer Louis (d. 1963)    WI    AIA 1946-
Schary, Harry Alexander (d. 1947)    CA    AIA 1945-
Schastey, George Alfred (1869-1933)    CA
Schatz, Alan William    OH    AIA 1965-1976
Schatz, George Frederick (1906-1977)    OH    AIA 1953-; FAIA 1967.
Schatz Associated Architects (firm)    OH
Schatzman, Paula Francine (until 1955) see Holmes, Paula Schatzman    OH    AIA 1952-
Schaub, L. J.    IL    WAA 1884; AIA 1889-1899; FAIA 1889.
Schaub, Susan Podufaly see Podufaly, Susan    NY    Assoc. AIA 1976-1981; AIA 1981-
Schauder, Charles Thomas (d. 1992)    Oh    AIA 1962-
Schauder & Martin (firm)    OH
Schauer, Glen R.    AZ; DC    AIA 1965-1973
Schauer, Hal Leonard    TX    Assoc. AIA 1974-
Schauer, William R.    AL    AIA 1975-1976
Schaumberg, Edward George (1892-1975)    NE    AIA 1922-1971
Schaumberg & Freeman (firm)    NE
Schaut, Joseph A.    PA    AIA 1953-1965
Schay & Holzer (firm)    Panama
Schechter, Morris (d. 1997)    MO; HI    AIA 1961-
Scheckerman, Joel E.    IL    AIA 1971-
Schecter, Jack H.    CT    AIA 1958-
Scheel, Curt Culver    FL    AIA 1955-1963
Scheel & Logan (firm)    FL
Scheele, David Samuel    CA    AIA 1969-1971
Scheeler, Ferdinand Ray (d. 2006)    IL    AIA 1975-
Scheeler, James Arthur    IL; DC    AIA 1960-; FAIA 1974.
Scheeler, Jim see Scheeler, James Arthur    IL; DC    AIA 1960-; FAIA 1974.
Scheer, Leonard (d. 2004)    NY; CA    AIA 1945-
Scheer, Patrick Edward    CA    AIA 1976-
Scheeren, James Kenneth (d. 1963)    PA    AIA 1958-
Scheeren, Robert Tillman    PA    AIA 1961-
James K. & Robert T. Scheeren (firm)    PA
Scheetz, William Cramp, Jr.    PA    AIA 1946-
Schefcik, Frank J. (d. 1954)    NY    AIA 1945-
Scheffer, George    FL    Assoc. AIA 1974-1977; AIA 1978-
Scheffer, Henry Paul (d. 1993)    NY    AIA 1957-
Scheffler, George LeRoy    NY    AIA 1945-
Scheffler, John C. see Roach, Philip Henry, Jr.    LA    AIA 1955-1959
Scheibe, Wayne Russell    OR    AIA 1977-
Scheibel, Morris W. (d. 1976)    OH    AIA 1917-
Morris W. Scheibel (firm)    OH
Morris W. Scheibel & Wilbert H. Shaffer (firm)    OH
Scheibenreif, Rudy    IL    AIA 1962-
Scheick, William Hunt    IL; DC; SC    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1965.
Scheid, Robert M., Jr. (d. 1971)    NJ    AIA 1926-
Scheide, Lester Beach (d. 1953)    CT    AIA 1946-
Scheideman, John Mead (d. 1989)    CA    AIA 1958-1962; 1963-
Scheidemantel, William John    IL    AIA 1964-
Scheidemantel & Treitler Architects (firm)    IL
Scheiene, Arthur L.    WA    AIA 1978-
Scheife, Richard William    WI    AIA 1958-1970
Schein, Arthur H.    MA    AIA 1960-
Schein, Sumner (d. 2001)    MA    AIA 1968-
Schein, William    NY    AIA 1948-1951
Sumner Schein (firm)    MA
Scheiner, James M. (d. 1966)    NY    AIA 1924-
Scheiner, Samuel (d. 1993)    NY    AIA 1944-
Scheiner & Swit (firm)    NY
Scheingarten, Milton Lyon    NJ    AIA 1947-
Scheirer, David see Scheirer, R. David, III    AL    AIA 1978-
Scheirer, R. David, III    AL    AIA 1978-
Schelderup, Gunnar    HI    AIA 1947-1951
Schele, David Martin    AL    AIA 1975-
Schell, Charles Christian, Jr.    AL    AIA 1953-
Schell, Paul Kenneth (1906-1958)    PA; NY    AIA 1940-
Schell, Richard M. (d. 1924)    NY    AIA 1912-
Schell, William Jack    TX    AIA 1962-1971
Schellberg, Willis Earl    IA    AIA 1958-
Schellentrager, William Ernest    OH    AIA 1967-1969
Schellkopf, Sigmund W.    NY    AIA 1946-1957
Schenck, Albert F. (d. 1931)    PA    AIA 1927-
Schenck, Anna Pendleton (d. 1915)    NY
Schenck, Gordon Lockwood    NY    AIA 1961-1974
Schenck, Harry Irvin (d. 1956)    OH    AIA 1908-1939; 1941-; FAIA 1954.
Schenck, Melvin J.    CA    AIA 1978-
Schenck, William Cortland, Jr.    TX    AIA 1973-
Schenke, Raymond Edward    NY    AIA 1967-
Schenkel, James J.    IN    AIA 1962-
Schenkel & Lawrence see Schenkel, Shultz and Hodge (firm)    IN
Schenkel, Shultz and Hodge (firm)    IN
Schenkel, Schultz & Huddle, Inc. see Schenkel, Shultz and Hodge (firm)    IN
Schenker, Lewis Michael    NJ    AIA 1968-
Schenker, Martin Craig    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schenker, Sidney    NJ    AIA 1959-
Schenker & Schenker (firm)    NJ
Schennum, Robert A.    FL    AIA 1975-
Schenz, Royden Tindle    OH    AIA 1970-
Scherba, Darryl William    OH    AIA 1976-
Scherer, Francis R. (d. 1964)    NY    AIA 1927-
Scherer, Richard Raymond    NY    AIA 1956-
Scherer, Robert A.    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schermerhorn, C. E. (d. 1925)    PA    AIA 1902-
Scherr, Alan R.    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Scherr, Paul Harold    PA    AIA 1945-1970
Scherrer, Adolf (d. 1925)    IN    AIA 1887-; FAIA 1889.
Scherschel, Frank J. (d. 1997)    IL    AIA 1967-
Schettig, Allan see Schettig, J. Allan    PA    AIA 1978-
Schettig, J. Allan    PA    AIA 1978-
Schettino, James    CT    AIA 1974-
Scheuermann, Franz Peter    VT    AIA 1965-
Scheuermann, Milton George, Jr.    LA    AIA 1959-1962
Scheuermann, Richard Howard    NV    AIA 1971-1972
Scheuffler, Carl A.    MI    AIA 1946-
Scheuringer, Charles A. (d. 1970)    PA    AIA 1929-
Schiano, Salvatore N.    NY    AIA 1947-1951
Schick, Frederic A.    MD    AIA 1964-1971
Schickedanz, Leroy Donald    MA; NJ; CO    AIA 1965-
Schickel, William (1850-1907)    NY    AIA 1894-; FAIA 1894.
Schickele, Hans George Richard (d. 2001)    CA    AIA 1947-
Schickler, Leonard    PA    AIA 1968-
Schickli, Edward Jacob, Jr.    KY    AIA 1954-
Schidlowski, Joseph Carl Thomas    OH    AIA 1970-1973
Schieffer, Paul William    TX    AIA 1976-
Schierer, Joseph Philip (d. 1999)    LA    AIA 1939-
Schierle, Gotthilf Goetz    CA    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1993.
Schieron, Walter    CA    AIA 1973-
Schieve, Paul Raymond, Sr.    NJ    AIA 1972-
Schiewe, Edward A.    IL    AIA 1944-
Schiff, Charles Harrington    WA    AIA 1960-
Schiff, Gerald Ira    NY    AIA 1971-
Schiff, John Charles    NY    AIA 1969-1976
Schiffelbein, Patricia K. C.    VA; DC    AIA 1972-
Schiffelbein, Wayne L.    VA    AIA 1974-
Schiffer, Joseph Charles    CT    AIA 1977-
Schiffer, Joseph James    MA    AIA 1967-1973
Schiffman, Warren Louis    NY    AIA 1965-
Schildknecht, Rainer Franz    IL    AIA 1976-
Schildknecht, Robert Brainerd (1906-1977)    OH    AIA 1941-1963
Schill, Robert James    IL    AIA 1967-
Schiller, Arthur A. (1910-2007)    NY    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1964.
Schiller, Arthur R. (1925-2009)    CA    AIA 1962-1970
Schiller, Donald Alan    IL    AIA 1950-
Schiller, Hans J.    CA    AIA 1985-; FAIA 1996.
Schiller, Lewis R.    IL; MO    AIA 1978-
Schiller, Samuel Allen    AZ; OH    AIA 1971-
Schiller, Valentine J. (d. 2003)    MD    AIA 1956-
Schiller & Frank (firm)    IL
Schilling, Edward A. (d. 1952)    MI    AIA 1942-
Schilling, Edward Allen    IL    AIA 1978-
Schilling, Jerome Lawrence (d. 1994)    FL    AIA 1952-
Schilling, Louis Norman    FL    AIA 1971-1972
Schilling, Oscar Arthur    TX    AIA 1968-1971
Schilling, Robert William    CA    AIA 1959-
Schilling, Walter (d. 1975)    CT    AIA 1944-
Schilling & Goldbecker (firm)    CT
Schillinger, Charles Frederick (d. 1999)    NJ; FL    AIA 1965-
Schimeneck, William G.    PA    AIA 1969-
Schimenti, Mariano see Schimenti, Michael (d. 1987)    NY    AIA 1953-
Schimenti, Michael (d. 1987)    NY    AIA 1953-
Schimke, Robert Wallace    MN    AIA 1955-1967
Schimmelpfennig, Ruiz & Gonzalez (firm)    PR
Schimpf, William J.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schindler, Howard Yser    PA    AIA 1964-1972
Schindler, James F.    NY    AIA 1949-
Schindler, R. M. (Rudolph M.) (1887-1953)    CA
R. M. Schindler (firm)    CA
Schinhofen, Raymond J.    PA    AIA 1968-1973
Schioler, Ole Torben (d. 2005)    OH    AIA 1965-
Schipporeit, George Dean    IL    AIA 1967-1974
Schirmer, Berthold W.    NY    Assoc. AIA 1976-
Schirmer, Henry William, Jr.    KS    AIA 1955-; FAIA 1981.
Schirmer, Robert F. (d. 1946)    NY; CO; DC; IA    AIA 1922-
Schirmer, William Edward (1889-1957)    CA    AIA 1945-
William Edward Schirmer (firm)    CA
Schirtzinger, James H.    OH    AIA 1974-
Schlachter, Carl Daniel (d. 1950)    NJ    AIA 1948-
Schlacks, Henry J. (d. 1938)    IL    AIA 1917-
Schladermundt, Peter    NY    AIA 1945-1973
Schlaebitz, William Donald    NE    AIA 1956-
Schlaeger, Roman    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schlaepfer, Frederick John (d. 1965)    CA    AIA 1963-
Schlanger, Benjamin (d. 1971)    NY    AIA 1947-1951; 1962-
Schlatter, Gerald R.    WA    AIA 1972-
Schlechten, David A.    MT    AIA 1978-
Schleef, Eric    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schlegel, Don P. (1926-2019)    NM    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1983.
Schlegel, Wayne L.    OH    AIA 1970-
Schlegman, Sheldon A.    IL    AIA 1974-
Schleicher, Lloyd G. (d. 1984)    KY    AIA 1960-
Schleicher, Steven D. (d. 1992)    NY    AIA 1968-1976; 1978-
Schleif, Norman W., Jr.    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schleifer, Albert Usher    NJ    AIA 1972-
Schleiger, Richard Reuben    NE    AIA 1964-1973
Schleman, Sydne (1903-1977)    NY    AIA 1951-
Schlendorf, Milton Allen    NJ; FL; NY    AIA 1923-1935
Schlenker, Errol Rickland    ND    AIA 1978-
Schlepphorst, Larry J.    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schlesinger, B. Frank (Bernard Frank)    NJ    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1970.
Schlesinger, Bernard Frank see Schlesinger, B. Frank (Bernard Frank)    NJ    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1970.
Schlesinger, David Henry    CA    AIA 1956-1962
Schlesinger, Frank see Schlesinger, B. Frank (Bernard Frank)    NJ    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1970.
Schlesinger, Shari    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schleuning, Jon Richen    CA    AIA 1969-1970; FAIA 1984.
Schley, Cyril Edward (d. 1968)    MI    AIA 1922-1931; 1942-
Schley, Michael Kent    TX    AIA 1978-
Schley, Perce G. (1891-1980)    WI    AIA 1921-
Schleyer, John Murray    RI    AIA 1971-1975
Schlicher, Clement (d. 1993)    PA    AIA 1944-
Schlichting, Gordon Arthur (d. 1984)    MN    AIA 1945-
Schlick, E. Ray    CA    AIA 1958-
Schlick, John Joseph    NY    AIA 1957-1972
Schlick, Ray see Schlick, E. Ray    CA    AIA 1958-
Schlicting, Alan Walter (d. 1985)    PA    AIA 1968-
Schlie, Gerald Edwin    WA    AIA 1978-
Schlientz, Randall H.    CA    AIA 1966-
Schlink, Terrance Joseph    MN    AIA 1969-
Schlitt, John Joseph, Jr.    FL    AIA 1969-
Schlochtemeyer, Edward, Sr. (1893-1952)    OH
Schloemann, Carl F. (1898-1942)    MO    AIA 1935-
Schloh, Everett Gary    CA    AIA 1976-
Schloss, James Edmund    IL    AIA 1978-
Schlosser, Harold Leo    MD    AIA 1977-
Schlosser, Joseph Jerome (1889-)    MD    AIA 1947-1959
Schlosser, Joseph Leo    GA    AIA 1963-
Schlosser & Miller, Inc. (firm)    GA
Schlossman, John Isaac    IL    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1979.
Schlossman, Norman J.    IL    AIA 1935-; FAIA 1951.
Schlott, Arthur Albert, Jr.    TN    AIA 1968-
Schlott, Norman & Cain (firm)    TN
Schlotter, Frank J.    IN    AIA 1895-1907; FAIA 1895.
Schlotterlein, Fred William    FL    AIA 1966-
Schlueter, James Philip    WI    AIA 1969-
Schluntz, Roger L.    DC    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1996.
Schmall, Samuel    IL    AIA 1959-
Schmaltz, Edward F. (d. 1966)    WI    AIA 1966-
Schmaltz, Roy E.    IL    AIA 1953-1976
Schmalz, Warner Henry    CA    AIA 1978-
Schmandt, Charles Kenneth    CA    AIA 1966-1977; 1978-
Charles K. Schmandt Architects (firm)    CA
Schmautz, Harry (d. 1990)    MT    AIA 1957-
Schmeeckle, Willis Max    CA    AIA 1970-
Schmeer, Millard Homer, Jr. (d. 1980)    OR    AIA 1945-
Schmeer, Harrington, Bana, Hagestad, Architects & Planners (firm)    OR
Schmenk, Thomas Ralph    IN    AIA 1976-
Schmerber, Karl Louis    OR    AIA 1950-1966
Schmerl, Robert H.    NY    AIA 1962-1975
Schmertz, Mildred Floyd    NY    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1977.
Schmertz, Robert Watson (d. 1975)    PA    AIA 1932-; FAIA 1960.
Schmertz & Erwin (firm)    PA
Schmid, Joseph Anton    PA    AIA 1941-1953
Schmid, Reinhold F.    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schmid, Richard G. (d. 1937)    IL    AIA 1915-
Schmidlin, Emil A. (d. 1988)    NJ    AIA 1949-
Schmidt, Alfred    NY; CT    AIA 1968-1973
Schmidt, Allen J.    SD    AIA 1976-
Schmidt, Arthur O. A. (d. 1997)    MI    AIA 1946-
Schmidt, Billy Eugene    KS    AIA 1957-
Schmidt, Dennis    MO    AIA 1977-
Schmidt, Elmer Henry    OH    AIA 1950-1967
Schmidt, Ernest Henry (d. 1971)    MN    AIA 1950-
Schmidt, Erwin Carl (d. 1976)    MO    AIA 1947-
Schmidt, Frank George, Jr.    FL    AIA 1963-
Schmidt, Frederick B.    IL    AIA 1922-1931
Schmidt, Henry William    TX    AIA 1966-
Schmidt, Herman, Jr.    NE    AIA 1972-
Schmidt, Howard William (d. 1992)    TX    AIA 1956-
Schmidt, J. Mark    IA    AIA 1977-
Schmidt, Jack R.    MO    AIA 1974-
Schmidt, Jerald Jon    ID    AIA 1976-
Schmidt, Jeremiah (d. 1973)    TX    AIA 1930-1935; 1954-
Schmidt, John Louis    IL; CA    AIA 1961-
Schmidt, Kathryn Egger    CA    AIA 1976-
Schmidt, Lorentz (1884-1952)    KS    AIA 1921-1931; 1938-; FAIA 1951.
Schmidt, Louis David (d. 1968)    WV    AIA 1938-
Schmidt, Louis Joseph    WV    AIA 1947-1969
Schmidt, Mark see Schmidt, J. Mark    IA    AIA 1977-
Schmidt, Mott B. (d. 1977)    NY    AIA 1920-1942; 1946-; FAIA 1939.
Schmidt, Oscar    NJ    AIA 1923-1929
Schmidt, Paul A.    WA    AIA 1976-
Schmidt, Paul Bernard    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schmidt, Richard A.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schmidt, Richard Ernst (1865-1958)    IL    AIA 1902-; FAIA 1906.
Schmidt, Richard Karl    MI    AIA 1969-1975
Schmidt, Richard Otto    WA    AIA 1961-
Schmidt, Robert Edmund    WV    AIA 1958-1976
Schmidt, Ronald Hans    NJ; NY    AIA 1967-
Schmidt, Sylvester George    MO    AIA 1944-
Schmidt, Thomas Howard    MI    AIA 1968-
Schmidt, Thomas W.    PA    AIA 1974-
Schmidt, Todd W. (d. 1997)    OH    AIA 1975-
Schmidt, Van Lee    CA    AIA 1952-1962
Schmidt, Walter A.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schmidt, Wayne A.    MD    AIA 1978-
Schmidt, Wayne S.    IN    AIA 1973-; FAIA 1985.
Schmidt, Wayne William (d. 1985)    MI; OH    AIA 1968-
Schmidt, Winston Albert (d. 1977)    KS    AIA 1961-
Schmidt-Elam, Inc. (firm)    MO
Schmidt, Garden & Erikson (firm)    IL
Schmidt, Garden & Erikson (firm)    IL
Schmidt, Garden, and Martin (firm)    IL
Howard Schmidt & Associates (firm)    TX
L. D. Schmidt & Son (firm)    WV
Lorentz Schmidt, McVay & Peddie (firm)    KS
Schmidt, Perlsee & Black (firm)    MO
Schmidt & Stuart (firm)    TX
Schmidt, Thiel & Co. (firm)    MI
Van Lee Schmidt, Architect and Engineer (firm)    CA
Schmidtke, John Calvin, Jr.    IL    AIA 1966-
Schmidtke & Layer (firm)    IL
Schmidts, Carl R. (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1944-
Schmidts & Hardman (firm)    CA
Schmiedeke, Denis Charles    MI    AIA 1961-
Schmiedeke & Storrer (firm)    MI
Schmiedel, John Albert    CA    AIA 1969-
Schmill, Karl G. (1886-1967)    NY    AIA 1921-1935; 1940-1945; 1949-
Schmitt, Carl J. (d. 1969)    PA    AIA 1943-
Schmitt, Carl J., Jr.    PA    AIA 1961-
Schmitt, Charles Thomas    MA    AIA 1974-
Schmitt, Christian see Schmitt, R. Christian (Robert Christian)    SC; NC; MA    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1999.
Schmitt, Douglas Edward    FL    AIA 1976-
Schmitt, Edward A.    OH    AIA 1976-
Schmitt, Eugene C.    WI    AIA 1970-
Schmitt, Ewald    DC    AIA 1899-1915
Schmitt, F. Thomas (Francis Thomas)    NY    AIA 1971-1972; 1978-
Schmitt, Francis Thomas see Schmitt, F. Thomas (Francis Thomas)    NY    AIA 1971-1972; 1978-
Schmitt, James Donald John    NY    AIA 1966-
Schmitt, R. Christian (Robert Christian)    SC; NC; MA    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1999.
Schmitt, Robert Christian see Schmitt, R. Christian (Robert Christian)    SC; NC; MA    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1999.
Schmitt, Sylvester John    WI    AIA 1944-1970
Schmitt, Thomas see Schmitt, F. Thomas (Francis Thomas)    NY    AIA 1971-1972; 1978-
Schmitt, Walter J.    IA    AIA 1978-
Schmitt, William T.    OK    AIA 1936-1956
Carl J. Schmitt & Son (firm)    PA
Schmitter, Paul Frederick    WI    AIA 1968-1971
Schmitz, Andrew J., III    NY    Assoc. AIA 1974-1977; AIA 1977-
Schmitz, Herbert Dale (d. 1966)    MI    AIA 1962-
Schmitz, Paul Joseph    PA    AIA 1966-
Schmitz, Peter David    OR    AIA 1966-
Schmocker, Erdmann    IL    AIA 1976-
Schmolle, William Leonce (1866-1955)    NY; CA    AIA 1948-
Schmuelling, Carl    OH    AIA 1936-1965
Carl Schmuelling (firm)    OH
Schnaittacher, Sylvain (d. 1926)    CA    AIA 1905-
Schnall, Judson E. (1909-1971)    NY    AIA 1949-
Judson E. Schnall, Architect, Robert C. Schnall, Engineer (firm)    NY
Schneberger, James William    MI    AIA 1976-
Schneberger, John G.    NY    AIA 1955-1958
Schnedl, Edwin Floyd (d. 2000)    NC; DC; VA    AIA 1954-
Schnedl, Richard Burke    NC    AIA 1961-
Schnedl & Schnedl (firm)    NC
Schneeberger, Nelson Charles (d. 1986)    MO    AIA 1955-
Schneider, Andrew L. (d. 1967)    LA    AIA 1946-
Schneider, Bill J.    OK    AIA 1963-
Schneider, Charles S. (d. 1932)    OH    AIA 1912-; FAIA 1926.
Schneider, Erwin Paul Peter    CA    AIA 1973-
Schneider, F. Kingsley, Jr.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schneider, Frank Philip    CA    AIA 1958-
Schneider, Frederick see Schneider, G. Frederick    OH    AIA 1962-1973
Schneider, G. Frederick    OH    AIA 1962-1973
Schneider, George Gustav (d. 1990)    WI    AIA 1944-
Schneider, Glenn W.    MI    AIA 1956-1963
Schneider, Guy Harry    GA    AIA 1962-
Schneider, Harry Dunlap (d. 1994)    NY    AIA 1968-
Schneider, Herbert William    AZ    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1976.
Schneider, J. Michael (d. 1981)    PA    AIA 1977-
Schneider, John T. (d. 1977)    OR    AIA 1935-1951; 1958-
Schneider, Karl Rudolph (1892-1945)    IL    AIA 1945-
Schneider, Kenneth George, Jr.    TN    AIA 1961-
Schneider, Kingsley see Schneider, F. Kingsley, Jr.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schneider, Larry Michael    FL    Assoc. AIA 1976-1977; AIA 1977-
Schneider, Louis F.    MI    AIA 1955-1971
Schneider, Maximillian (d. 1958)    NJ    AIA 1942-
Schneider, Michael see Schneider, J. Michael (d. 1981)    PA    AIA 1977-
Schneider, Otto    CT    AIA 1971-1975
Schneider, Reinhard    OH    AIA 1977-
Schneider, Reuben S.    FL    AIA 1964-
Schneider, Roy J. (d. 1985)    FL    AIA 1958-
Schneider, Sherman    NY    AIA 1960-
Schneider, T. F.    DC    AIA 1887-1908; FAIA 1889.
Schneider, Terry F.    OH    AIA 1974-
Schneider, William Casper (1895-1954)    WI    AIA 1935-
Schneider & Berman (firm)    CA
Walter S. Schneider (firm)    NY
Schneidman, Samuel K.    PA    AIA 1926-1929; 1954-
Schnell, Dale H.    CA    AIA 1978-
Schnell, Donald E.    KY    AIA 1960-
Schnell, Thomas Owen    OH    AIA 1972-
Schnepp, Keith Thomas    IL    AIA 1970-
Schnetsky, H. P. (d. 1916)    WI    AIA 1912-1915
Schniedermeyer, Arthur F.    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schniewind, Elmar O.    NY    AIA 1955-1964
Schnorf, Allen Clifford (d. 1984)    MO    AIA 1974-
Schnur, James C. (1913-2000)    IL    AIA 1977-
Schober, Leonard Max    WI    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1982.
Schober, Max W. (1879-1965)    WI    AIA 1919-
Schober, Robert A.    KS    AIA 1949-1963
Schock, Kenneth Burton    OH    AIA 1948-1957
Schockley, Clinton P. (d. 1927)    IA    AIA 1921-1927
Schoeffler, Robert Leo    LA    AIA 1970-
Schoell, Donald Louis    CA    AIA 1960-
Schoell & Geritz (firm)    CA
Schoell, Geritz, Paul & Allard, Inc. (firm)    CA
Schoeman, Thomas John    NM    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schoen, Clarence Alfred (d. 1991)    MI    AIA 1954-
Schoen, Lee (d. 2001)    NY    AIA 1944-
Schoen, Richard    CA    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1983.
Schoenadel, J. Kim    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schoenadel, Kim see Schoenadel, J. Kim    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schoenberg, Alfred W. E. (d. 1967)    NY    AIA 1937-1943; 1947-
Schoenberner-Hutchins-Assocs. Inc. (firm)    GA
Schoenbrod, Roy Merker    IL    AIA 1948-1956; 1964-1969
Schoenegge, Alan Alexander (d. 1999)    NY; MA    AIA 1967-1973
Schoenfeld, William M. (d. 2003)    CA; IL; AZ    AIA 1966-
Schoenfelder, James Larry    IA    AIA 1975-
Schoenfeldt, Gary W.    CA    AIA 1973-
Schoenhardt, Richard Eugene    NY; CT    AIA 1961-
Schoening, Herman A.    CA    AIA 1948-1956
Schoening, John August (d. 1968)    SD    AIA 1951-
Schoenleber, George Leonard    OR    AIA 1969-
Schoenwald, George    NY
Schoenwald, Paul Richard    CA    AIA 1956-
Schoephoerster, Lawrence James    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schoepke, Donald Malvin    WI    AIA 1950-
Schoepke, Wayne Edward    WI    AIA 1968-1973
Schoeppe, Edward (1890-1943)    PA    AIA 1928-1937
Schoerger, Albert Eugene (d. 1969)    MI    AIA 1945-
Schoettley, Frederick J.    MI    AIA 1948-
Schofield, Charles L., II    NC    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Schofield, Clinton A.    NY    AIA 1947-1969
Schofield, Donald Wayne    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978; AIA 1978-
Schofield, George Munson (d. 2004)    NY    AIA 1947-
Schofield, George W.    KY
Schofield, John Henry (d. 1988)    CA    AIA 1972-
Schofield, Paul Armstead    MT    AIA 1953-
Schofield, Robert Hayden    NY    AIA 1966-
George M. Schofield, John M. Colgan (firm)    NY
Schofield & Colgan (firm)    NY
Scholer, Emerson C. (d. 1979)    AZ    AIA 1946-
Scholer, Frederick    NE; CA    AIA 1922-1929
Scholer, Walter (d. 1975)    IN    AIA 1927-; FAIA 1960.
Scholer, Walter, Jr.    IN    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1967.
Scholer & Fuller (firm)    AZ
Walter Scholer & Assocs. (firm)    IN
Scholfield, Lindsay & Liebig see Lindsay Liebig Roche (firm)    CT
Scholl, Adolph Paul    OH    AIA 1942-1947
Scholl, Jack Ronald    PA    AIA 1972-
Scholl, Lloyd Willis (d. 1989)    IN    AIA 1947-1978
Scholl, Louis Walter    NY    AIA 1955-
Scholl, Milton R.    TX    AIA 1921-1939
Scholtz, Roman    IA    AIA 1966-
Scholz, Glen Herbert    WI    AIA 1963-
Scholz, Gordon P.    NE    AIA 1978-
Scholz, Wilbur Robert (d. 1966)    MI    AIA 1958-
Scholze, Helmut Walter    NY    AIA 1974-
Schonbachler, Loran Denis    IL    AIA 1970-
Schonberg, Stephen Alan (d. 2002)    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978; AIA 1978-
Schonder, John F.    PA    AIA 1973-
Schoneberger, George H., Jr.    AZ    AIA 1968-
Schonwald, Eugene (d. 1988)    NY    AIA 1970-
Schooley, John P. (d. 1966)    OH    AIA 1942-
Schooley, John P., Jr.    OH    AIA 1966-; FAIA 1995.
Schooley Cornelius Assocs. (firm)    OH
Schoon, Victor B.    CA    AIA 1962-1970
Schoonover, Gerald Ozem    PA    AIA 1945-1950
Schopfer, E. Kevin    NY    AIA 1978-
Schopfer, Gordon Pohl    NY    AIA 1948-
Schopfer, Kevin see Schopfer, E. Kevin    NY    AIA 1978-
Schopman, Howard F. (d. 2005)    CA    AIA 1976-
Schoppet, Richard Allen    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schorr, Barnett Paul    WA    AIA 1972-; FAIA 1991.
Schorr, Sheldon    CA; HI    AIA 1965; 1969-1974
Schotanus, J. John, Jr. (1911-1994)    CA; AZ    AIA 1958-
Schott, John R.    OH    AIA 1972-1976
Schotte, Armin    PA    AIA 1921-1926
Schotter, William A. (d. 1980)    NY    AIA 1978-
Schowalter, Leo J. (d. 1975)    MI    AIA 1944-
Schoy, Fred Victor    IL    AIA 1949-1953
Schrader, Charles Frederick    CA    AIA 1971-; FAIA 1991.
Schrader, William Dewey, Jr.    CA    AIA 1969-
Schramm, Eugene C.    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schramm, H. Kenneth (Herman Kenneth)    MD    AIA 1946-1968
Schramm, Herman Kenneth see Schramm, H. Kenneth (Herman Kenneth)    MD    AIA 1946-1968
Schramm, Kenneth see Schramm, H. Kenneth (Herman Kenneth)    MD    AIA 1946-1968
Schramm, Peter Gerard    IL    AIA 1977-1978
Schramm, Richard A.    MI    AIA 1973-
Schrand, Eugene Frank (d. 1980)    OH    AIA 1944-
Schrang, Edmund John (1907-2000)    WI    AIA 1948-1949; 1959-
Schraplau, Robert C.    TX    AIA 1974-
Schreck, Richard Franklin    VA    AIA 1969-
Schreiber, Arthur Henry (d. 2005)    AZ    AIA 1974-
Schreiber, Charles Henry    AZ
Schreiber, Ernest F.    NE    AIA 1921-1926
Schreiber, Eugene A.    NJ    AIA 1970-1974; 1978-
Schreiber, George F. (b. 1875)    OK; IN; IL    AIA 1926-1931; 1944-1950
Schreiber, George Fredric, Jr. (1911-2011)    CA    AIA 1951-1955
Schreiber, George Frederick see Schreiber, George Fredric, Jr. (1911-2011)    CA    AIA 1951-1955
Schreiber, Richard Henry    OH    AIA 1966-
Schreiber, Signismund Oscar    MO    AIA 1967-1975
Schreiber, Little & Assocs. (firm)    OH
Charles & Arthur Schreiber (firm)    AZ; HI
Schreier, E. Philip (Edwin Philip) (1904-1985)    DC    AIA 1935-
Schreier, Edwin Philip see Schreier, E. Philip (Edwin Philip) (1904-1985)    DC    AIA 1935-
Schreier, Philip see Schreier, E. Philip (Edwin Philip) (1904-1985)    DC    AIA 1935-
Schreiner, Peter    NY
Schreiter, George Carl    CA    AIA 1958-
Schroder, Burnos Leslie    CA    AIA 1956-1974
Schroder, Howard (1891-1974)    CA    AIA 1954-1957
Schroder, Olive L.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schroeder, Clarence William    IL    AIA 1961-1968
Schroeder, Douglas Fredrick    IL    AIA 1969-; FAIA 1981.
Schroeder, Edwin Alfred    TX    AIA 1948-1963
Schroeder, Ernest R.    NV    AIA 1975-
Schroeder, Fran E. (d. 1989)    IN    AIA 1942-1972
Schroeder, Grayson Louis    WI    AIA 1961-
Schroeder, Harold F., Jr.    MN
Schroeder, Harry    MN    AIA 1978-
Schroeder, Harry Arthur, Jr.    WI    AIA 1957-
Schroeder, Howard Charles    WI    AIA 1964-
Schroeder, Howard Edward    WI    AIA 1953-1964
Schroeder, J. Langdon (d. 1949)    NY; NJ    AIA 1908-
Schroeder, Jeffrey    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schroeder, Jerry M.    CA    AIA 1976-
Schroeder, Joseph F.    IL    AIA 1967-
Schroeder, Kenneth Albert    IL    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1991.
Schroeder, Langdon see Schroeder, J. Langdon (d. 1949)    NY; NJ    AIA 1908-
Schroeder, Larry Joseph (d. 1997)    MT    AIA 1957-
Schroeder, Leonard John    CA    AIA 1966-
Schroeder, Peter William    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schroeder, Richard Herman    NJ    AIA 1976-
Schroeder, Rick D.    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schroeder, Robert Louis    LA    AIA 1975-
Schroeder, William L.    MN    AIA 1978-
Schroepfer, Albert    CA    AIA 1916-1917
Schropfer, Reinhart William (d. 1989)    WY    AIA 1951-
Schroter, Charles Michael    MD    AIA 1941-1948
Schrowang, Augustus Richard, Jr.    NY; FL    AIA 1968-1972
Schruben, John H.    IL; DC; SC    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1972.
Schruers, Edwin Judson (d. 1999)    CA    AIA 1960-
Schubart, Henry, Jr.    CA    AIA 1952-
Schubart & Friedman (firm)    CA
Schubeck, Michael Joseph    MI    AIA 1973-1974
Schubert, Carl W. (d. 1988)    WI    AIA 1947-
Schubert, Charles Edward    TX    AIA 1978-
Schubert, Constantine (1858-1925)    NY    AIA 1916-
Schubert, J. Constantine see Schubert, Constantine (1858-1925)    NY    AIA 1916-
Schubert, Richard    MD; KY    AIA 1955-1968
Schubert, William Carl    IN    AIA 1957-
Carl W. Schubert & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    WI
Schubert, Sorenson & Assocs., Inc. see Carl W. Schubert & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    WI
Schuberth, William, Jr. (1846-?)    IL;OH
Schuchardt, Brian Christian    NY    AIA 1967-1969
Schuchardt, William H. (d. 1958)    WI; NY; CA    AIA 1910-; FAIA 1915.
Schuck, Ferdnand Francis    MN    AIA 1970-1973
Schueman, Fred Henry (d. 1951)    IL    AIA 1948-
Schuett, George Arthur Douglas (d. 2002)    WI    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1977.
Schuette, Kenneth A., Jr.    IN    AIA 1974-
Schuette, Kurt Paul (d. 1988)    OR    AIA 1952-
Schuetz, Richard Joseph    MO; KS    AIA 1961-
Schuh, Herman A., Jr. (d. 1968)    PA    AIA 1945-
Schuhle, Harold Walter    MA    AIA 1969-1972
Schulak, Bernard Louis (d. 1997)    MI    AIA 1966-
Schuldt, Arthur J., Jr.    LA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schuler, Harold Walter    MI    AIA 1971-1976
Schulke, Paul    NY    AIA 1952-1971
Schulman, Solomon Vincent    NY    AIA 1952-1966
Schulte, Edward J. (1890-1975)    OH    AIA 1929-
Schulte, Ewald B.    OH    AIA 1973-
Schulte, James Ray    MD    AIA 1973-1975; 1978-
Schulte, John A.    Mo    AIA 1974-
Schulten, Bernard William    KY    AIA 1945-1951
Schultheiss, Arthur H.    OK    AIA 1975-
Schultz, George E., Jr.    OR    AIA 1967-
Schultz, Glen Alan    PA    AIA 1974-
Schultz, James E.    OK    AIA 1965-
Schultz, Joel Sidney    FL    AIA 1977-
Schultz, John Joseph    CA    AIA 1964-1966; 1974-
Schultz, Lawrance Theodore    AK    AIA 1965-1969
Schultz, Melvin Frederick (d. 1993)    FL    AIA 1964-
Schultz, Raymond J.    SC    AIA 1974-
Schultz, Robert F.    IL    AIA 1978-
Schultz, Robert Joseph (d. 1977)    IN    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1974.
Schultz, Robert Kenneth    PA    AIA 1968-
Schultz, Roger Loren    OR    AIA 1971-
Schultz, Terry Allen    IL    AIA 1974-
Schultz, Theodore F.    NY    AIA 1968-
Schultz, Walter Bradshaw    FL    AIA 1944-
Schultze, Leonard (1877-1951)    NY    AIA 1929-; FAIA 1948.
Schultze, Richard    TX    AIA 1955-
Schultze, Walter Lewis (d. 1965)    PA    AIA 1944-
Schultze, Werner Franz    NY    AIA 1970-
William H. Schulzke (firm)    IL
Schulwitz, Carl Gustave    MI    AIA 1944-1955
Schulwitz, Nik Carl    MI    AIA 1973-
Schulz, Bradley D.    AZ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schulz, Francis Arthur (d. 2000)    AZ    AIA 1971-
Schulz, Frederick    IN; OH    AIA 1967-
Schulz, George L. W. (d. 1995)    MI    AIA 1941-
Schulz, Paul (1888-1959)    NY    AIA 1942-
Schulz, Uwe H. H.    HI    AIA 1974-
Schulze, Carl Elliot (d. 1956)    IL    AIA 1947-
Schulze, David Donald    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schulze, Henry A.    CA    AIA 1901-1914
Schulze, Paul (1828-1897)    DC
Schulzinger, Maurice    Oh    AIA 1965-
Schulzke, William H. (d. 1946)    IL    AIA 1916-
Schumacher, A. J.    MA    AIA 1948-1958
Schumacher, Clyde J.    SD; NC; OH    AIA 1920-1923; 1926-1931
Schumacher, Ramon (d. 1975)    MO    AIA 1921-1922; 1930-1935; 1945-
Schumacher, Ramon, Jr.    MO    AIA 1967-1976
Schumacher, Robert LeBeau (d. 2006)    MA    AIA 1960-
Schumacher, Ross see membership file for Barton, Harry (1876-1937)     NC
Schumacher, Steven A.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schumacher, Victor R.    CA    AIA 1977-
Schumacher, William Henry (d. 1961)    OK; FL    AIA 1917-1918; 1925-1930; 1945-
Schumaker, Frank A., Jr.    OR    AIA 1959-1970
Schuman Lichtenstein & Claman (firm)    NY
Schumann, Ferdinand F. (d. 1956)    PA    AIA 1949-
Schumm, Otto John    NJ    AIA 1965-1974
Schumpert, David Robert, Jr. (d. 1987)    SC    AIA 1974-
Schunk, Michael Wm.    OR    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Schunkewitz, Albert    NY    AIA 1971-
Schupp, Benedette B. see Moore, Benedette S.    AL    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Schuppel, William Henry    CA    AIA 1963-
Schurko, John (d. 2006)    PA    AIA 1956-
Schurman, Charles E.    MI    AIA 1975-
Schurman, David Higgins    MA    AIA 1968-1974
Schurman, John (d. 1961)    MI    AIA 1942-
Schureman, David S. (1856-?)    OH
Schuss, Howard J.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schuster, Arthur Marion    OH    AIA 1972-1975
Schuster, Gerhard W.    PA    AIA 1961-
Schuster, H. Richard (d. 2004)    FL    AIA 1971-
Schuster, Richard see Schuster, H. Richard (d. 2004)    FL    AIA 1971-
Schuster, Steven Dale    NC    AIA 1978-
Schuster, William Craig    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schuster, William John    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schuszler, Aloysius (d. 1966)    NY; MD    AIA 1943-
Schute, Leon Anthony (d. 1976)    NC    AIA 1959-
Schutt, Burton Alexander (1906-1954)    CA    AIA 1950-
Schutt, John Edward    CA    AIA 1968-
Schutt, Robert N.    MO    AIA 1976-
Frank Schutt & Assocs. (firm)    IN
Schutte, Laurent John    WI    AIA 1963-
Schutte, Roger Lee    NE    AIA 1970-
Schutte-Mochon Inc. (firm)    WI
Schutts, Jack Arthur    TX    AIA 1959-
Schutz, Robert Hutchins, Jr.    CT    AIA 1947-1970
Schutz, Samuel    NY    AIA 1973-
Schutz & Goodwin (firm)    CT
Schutzel, Michael    NY; NJ    AIA 1966-
Schuyler, Don B. (d. 1972)    AL    AIA 1938-
Schuyler, Peter J.    WI    AIA 1974-
Don Buel Schuyler, Architect (firm)    AL
Schwab, Fred    LA    AIA 1967-1971
Schwab, George Fred    OH    AIA 1976-
Schwab, George Van Fossen see Schwab, Van Fossen    MD    AIA 1950-; FAIA 1969.
Schwab, Harvey A. (d. 1956)    PA    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1952.
Schwab, Raymond John    IL    AIA 1939-1962
Schwab, Ronald Delmont    FL    AIA 1967-
Schwab, Russell Edward    KY    AIA 1946-1948
Schwab, Stephen Ray    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schwab, Van Fossen    MD    AIA 1950-; FAIA 1969.
Schwab, Walter Henry, Jr.    GA    AIA 1969-
Schwab, Jewell & Wolf (firm)    MD
Schwab & Twitty (firm)    FL
Schwabe, Edward E. (d. 1892)    OH    AIA 1892-; FAIA 1892.
Schwacke, John Strubing (d. 1935)    PA    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1934.
Schwager, Lester H.    CA    AIA 1956-1967; 1968-1969
Schwake, Henry Hollman    CA; ID    AIA 1971-
Schwall, Laurence William (d. 1996)    IL    AIA 1947-
Schwam, Gerald F.    PA    AIA 1957-
Schwam, Ira Douglas (d. 1959)    NY    AIA 1949-
Schwan, George H. (d. 1928)    PA    AIA 1921-
Schwantes, Jeff C.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schwartz, Albert A. (d. 1951)    CA    AIA 1949-
Schwartz, Alexis Newman, Jr.    MD    AIA 1973-
Schwartz, Arthur Warren (d. 1998)    WI; TX; HI    AIA 1965-
Schwartz, Arthur Warton    NJ    AIA 1973-
Schwartz, Carl    NY    AIA 1966-1973
Schwartz, Fred D.    MI; CA    AIA 1943-1946
Schwartz, Harold L. (d. 1961)    PA    AIA 1942-
Schwartz, Irving D. (d. 2007)    IL    AIA 1970-
Schwartz, John Carl (d. 1985)    MT    AIA 1956-
Schwartz, John G.    NY    AIA 1963-1964
Schwartz, John R.    MI; WA    AIA 1974-
Schwartz, Kenneth A.    NY; CT    AIA 1976-
Schwartz, Kenneth Emery    CA    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1979.
Schwartz, Lewis I.    OH    AIA 1970-
Schwartz, Martin    NY    AIA 1963-1976
Schwartz, Marvin Irwin    FL; NY    AIA 1961-
Schwartz, Michael    MI    AIA 1974-1975
Schwartz, Michael D.    NY    AIA 1962-1971
Schwartz, Milton    PA    AIA 1950-1968
Schwartz, Milton M. (1925-1997)    IL    AIA 1965-
Schwartz, Milton Mayer (1924-2007)    IL    AIA 1961-
Schwartz, Morris    PA    AIA 1965-
Schwartz, Morris Frank, III    TN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schwartz, Oscar
Schwartz, Raymond F.    NY    AIA 1961-
Schwartz, Robert Earl (1928-2010)    MI    AIA 1961-1964; 1970-1972
Schwartz, Robert Edward    CT    AIA 1958-1975; 1977-
Schwartz, Stephen S.    OH    AIA 1974-
Schwartz, Stephen Warren    NJ    AIA 1971-
Schwartz, Warren Richard    MA    AIA 1976-; FAIA 1995.
Milton M. Schwartz & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    IL
Milton Schwartz & Burton L. Samuels, Inc., Architects & Planners (firm)    IL
Schwartzkopf, Lynn William    KS    Assoc. AIA 1973-
Schwartzman, Alan    NY    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1976.
Schwartzman, Daniel (d. 1977)    NY    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1960.
Schwartzman, Joseph Albert    NY    AIA 1970-1974
Daniel Schwartzman & Assocs. (firm)    NY
Schwarz, Aaron    NY    AIA 1952-1963
Schwarz, Arthur Frederick, Jr. (d. 1971)    MO    AIA 1947-
Schwarz, Carl    CA    AIA 1956-1966
Schwarz, George Joseph    NY    AIA 1956-1972
Schwarz, Henry Edward (d. 1966)    LA    AIA 1925-1935; 1948-
Schwarz, Karl Richard    IN; CO    AIA 1942-1965
Schwarz, Karl Wilhelm    AR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Schwarz, Kenneth    MA    AIA 1975-
Schwarz, Richard Ray    IN    AIA 1977-1981
Schwarz, Richard J. (d. 1996)    MN    AIA 1971-
Schwarz, Robert P., Jr.    DC    AIA 1973-
Schwarz & Henmi (firm)    MO
Schwarz & Van Hoefen (firm)    MO
Schwarzbart, Arnold    TN    AIA 1973-
Schwarzmann, Herman J. (1846-1891)    NY    AIA 1876-1880; FAIA 1876.
Schwebel, Carl Dana    IL    AIA 1969-
Schwegler, Bruce R.    OR    AIA 1978-
Schweickart, Lowell Gray (d. 1993)    VA    AIA 1963-
Schweiger, Barry J.    CA    AIA 1974-1976
Schweigert, Marvin Gerhardt    CA    AIA 1964-1968
Schweikher & Elting (firm)    IL
Schweikher, Paul (1903-1997)    IL; CT; PA; AZ    AIA 1939-1951; 1961-1967
Schweinfurth, A. C. (1864-1900)    NY
Schweinfurth, Charles F. (1856-1919)    OH    WAA 1885; AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Schweinfurth, Julius A. (d. 1931)    MA    AIA 1901-; FAIA 1925.
Schweitzer, Frederick Joseph (d. 1986)    WI; AZ    AIA 1946-
Schweitzer, Gerald J.    CA    AIA 1977-
Schweitzer, Stefan Paul    HI    AIA 1977-
Frederick Joseph Schweitzer, Architect (firm)    WI
Schweizer, Albert Charles (d. 1949)    NY; DC; CT    AIA 1930-1936; 1941-
Schweizer, Hans    FL    AIA 1974-
Schweizer, Mark, Jr.    FL    AIA 1968-
Schweizer, Nils Mark (1925-1988)    FL    AIA 1961-; FAIA 1972.
Schweizer Assocs. (firm)    FL
Nils M. Schweizer & Associates (firm)    FL
Schweninger, Bruce Merrill    OH    AIA 1958-
Schwenkmeyer, Carl Henry (d. 1981)    MI    AIA 1944-
Schwenn, Donald Burnett    AZ    AIA 1963-
Schwerd, David    NY; NJ    AIA 1965-
Schwerin, Henry W. (d. 1958)    PA    AIA 1947-
Schwerzler, Urban G.    OH    AIA 1942-
Schwimmer, Philip A.    CA    AIA 1976-
Schwinck, Esther (d. 1969)    MI    AIA 1944-
Schwindt, Joseph Thomas, Jr.    NJ    AIA 1967-1974
Schwing, Charles Edward    LA    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1977.
Schwinn, Robert James    NY    AIA 1961-
Schwoch, Gerald A.    WI    AIA 1978-
Scialdone, Jerry John    OH    AIA 1967-1972
Scialla, Robert John    NY; NJ    AIA 1972-
Sciamas, Fernando    FL    AIA 1974-1976
Sciandra, Richard Salvatore    NY; FL    AIA 1972-1974; 1976-
Scibelli, Louis A.    MA    AIA 1964-1970
The Firm of Scimenti, Swackhamer & Perantoni (firm)    NJ
Scipione, Libero Charles    PA    AIA 1958-1976
Sclarsic, Willy    MA    AIA 1978-
Sclater, Alan David    CA; IL    AIA 1971-; FAIA 1998.
Scobey, Roy Leon    TN    AIA 1975-
Scofidio, Ricardo Merrill    NY    AIA 1965-1970
Scofield, Edward Kamp    CT    AIA 1970-
Scofield, Levi T. (1842-1917)    OH    AIA 1870-; FAIA 1870.
Scofield, Terrence A.    ID    AIA 1971-
Scoggin, Harry Lynn    IL; TX    AIA 1967-
Scoggins, Harvey see Scoggins, J. Harvey (1929-2013)    TX    AIA 1963-1992
Scoggins, J. Harvey (1929-2013)    TX    AIA 1963-1992
Scoggins, Jimmie James see Scoggins, J. Harvey (1929-2013)    TX    AIA 1963-1992
Scogin, B. Mack, Jr.    GA    AIA 1977-
Scogin, Mack see Scogin, B. Mack, Jr.    GA    AIA 1977-
Scolnik, Willard    NY    AIA 1963-1974
Scoma, Joseph (d. 2003)    CA    AIA 1948-
Sconzo, Thomas A.    WA    AIA 1978-
Scoones, Howard Harold (d. 1994)    MT    AIA 1964-
Scopes, William H. (d. 1964)    NY    AIA 1909-
Scott, Albert Duane    TX    AIA 1963-
Scott, Anthony Graham    TX    AIA 1945-1954
Scott, Arthur see Scott, J. Arthur (James Arthur) (d. 2002)    OH; FL; IL; CO    AIA 1947-1971; 1978-
Scott, Arthur H. (d. 1931)    MI; Canada    WAA 1887; AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Scott, Arthur Merle (d. 2003)    KS    AIA 1946-
Scott, Aubrey Estrada, Jr.    AR    AIA 1959-
Scott, Barrie Haley    MO    AIA 1967-1970; 1978-
Scott, Bruce Mendenhall    MA    AIA 1972-1974
Scott, Campbell Alden (d. 1986)    MO; OK; CO    AIA 1946-
Scott, Campbell Alden, Jr.    MO    AIA 1966-1970
Scott, Carl Walter (d. 1959)    UT    AIA 1943-
Scott, Charles David (d. 2007)    OH    AIA 1956-
Scott, David McClure    WA    AIA 1961-; FAIA 1974.
Scott, David Winfield    CT    AIA 1967-
Scott, Dorothy Chandler    NY    AIA 1954-1960
Scott, Earle Edwin (d. 1977)    CA    AIA 1962-
Scott, Elmira Sauberan see Smyrl, Elmira Sauberan    TX    AIA 1944-1955
Scott, Fitzhugh (d. 1957)    WI; DC    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1948.
Scott, Fitzhugh, Jr. (d. 2003)    WI; CO    AIA 1940-
Scott, Floyd R., Jr. (d. 1995)    NJ    AIA 1962-
Scott, Forrest Norman    CA    AIA 1966-
Scott, Francis J.    KY    AIA 1975-
Scott, Franklin Goddard (d. 1987)    OH    AIA 1942-
Scott, Frederick E.    CA    AIA 1976-
Scott, George    GA    AIA 1974-1975
Scott, George Stephen    MO    AIA 1973-
Scott, Gerald G. (d. 2004)    OR    AIA 1944-
Scott, Gregory John    PA    AIA 1978-
Scott, Irvin Leslie (d. 1952)    NY    AIA 1942-
Scott, J. Arthur (James Arthur) (d. 2002)    OH; FL; IL; CO    AIA 1947-1971; 1978-
Scott, Jack Hanner    FL    AIA 1969-
Scott, Jack L.    OK    AIA 1956-
Scott, James Arthur see Scott, J. Arthur (James Arthur) (d. 2002)    OH; FL; IL; CO    AIA 1947-1971; 1978-
Scott, John (d. 1928)    MI    WAA 1887; AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Scott, John Joseph    MA    AIA 1977-
Scott, John Linn (d. 1970)    TX    AIA 1942-1961; 1965-
Scott, John Marshall (d. 2006)    WA    AIA 1968-
Scott, John William    KS    AIA 1973-
Scott, Joseph    CO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Scott, Joseph C.    IL    AIA 1956-1959; 1968-1976
Scott, Kenneth McCoy (1925-1980)    NC    AIA 1954-
Scott, Lavoné Dickensheets see Andrews, Lavoné Dickensheets (1912-2002)    TX    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1977.
Scott, Milton W. (1872-1933)    TX    AIA 1915-
Scott, Norman Dean    CA    AIA 1963-1968
Scott, Phil L., Jr.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1974-1977; AIA 1978-
Scott, Philip Douglas    GA    AIA 1972-
Scott, Raymond Hill, Jr.    TN    AIA 1968-
Scott, Richard C.    NM    AIA 1978-
Scott, Richard Cecil    IN    AIA 1969-
Scott, Robert A. (d. 2002)    MA    AIA 1974-
Scott, Robert Harper    OH    AIA 1942-1943; 1965-1974
Scott, Ruth Acres    NY    AIA 1961-1975
Scott, Samuel    MA    AIA 1978-
Scott, Wallace Woodrow    AR    AIA 1969-
Scott, Wallie Eugene, Jr.    TX    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1972.
Scott, Walter (d. 1992)    NY    AIA 1971-
Scott, Warren W.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Scott, William Albert    NY    AIA 1973-
Scott, William Haines, III    MD; VA; DC    Assoc. AIA 1972-1977; AIA 1977-
Scott, William Patrick, III    NY    AIA 1975-
Scott, William Wilcox    MN    AIA 1969-; FAIA 1984.
Scott & Beecher see Scott & Louie (firm)    UT
Jack L. Scott & Associates (firm)    OK
Scott, Kluth, Schaefer & Assocs. (firm)    OH
Scott & Louie (firm)    UT
Scott, Louie & Browning (firm)    UT
Scott & Payne (firm)    OR
Scott, Peabody Assoc. (firm)    MN; SD
Scott-Thompson Architects, Inc. (firm)    MO
Scottoline, Frank Joseph    PA    AIA 1967-1975
Scoular, David Nichols    TX    AIA 1974-
Scovil, James Argersinger (1916-1993)    NC    AIA 1964-
Scoville, David Bradford (d. 1967)    FL    AIA 1946-
Scoville, Paul E.    NY    AIA 1978-
Scoville, Samuel Armstrong (d. 1964)    NY    AIA 1947-
Scowcroft, E. Edward (d. 1988)    MT    AIA 1947-
Scowcroft, Edward see Scowcroft, E. Edward (d. 1988)    MT    AIA 1947-
Scribbins, John A. (b. 1880)    IL    AIA 1942-1958
Scribner, Louie Lorraine    VA    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1965.
Scribner, Neal Leon    CA    AIA 1972-
Scribner, Willard Mason    VA    Assoc. AIA 1974-1976; AIA 1976-
Scrimenti, Adolph Robert    NJ    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1967.
Scrimenti, Swackhamer & Perantoni (firm)    NJ
Scripture, Charles Morgan (d. 1962)    MI    AIA 1944-
Scrocco, Daniel J. (1892-1969)    NJ    AIA 1965-
Scroggs, Philander Pearsall (d. 1960)    GA    AIA 1925-1931; 1952-
Scroggs & Ewing (firm)    GA
Scrogin, Richard Alan    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Scruggs, John Mark    TX    AIA 1978-
Scruggs, Monte H.    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Scrymgeour, George Kinnaird (d. 1975)    MI    AIA 1942-
Scudder, William Jennings    TX    AIA 1965-
Scudder & Wadsworth (firm)    TX
Scudiero, Joseph S. (d. 2002)    TX    AIA 1962-
Scully, John William    MO    AIA 1972-
Scurlock, Charles Wilburn    MI    AIA 1962-1977
Scutaro, Salvatore    NY    AIA 1961-1975
Scutt, Der    NY    AIA 1963-; FAIA 1992.