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Staab, William DuPont    NJ    AIA 1946-1971
Staab, William F. (d. 1957)    NJ    AIA 1921-
Staab & Immen (firm)    NJ
Staab & Torrance (firm)    NJ
Staats, Carl G. (1871-1928)    TX    AIA 1907-1926
Staats, H. Philip (Henry Philip) (d. 1977)    CT; SC    AIA 1930-
Staats, Henry Philip see Staats, H. Philip (Henry Philip) (d. 1977)    CT; SC    AIA 1930-
Staats, Jeffrey Ladd    MA; RI    AIA 1977-
Staats, John William    MS    AIA 1953-
Staats, Paul Stanley    KS    AIA 1965-
Staats, Philip see Staats, H. Philip (Henry Philip) (d. 1977)    CT; SC    AIA 1930-
Staber, William O.    NY    AIA 1945-1968
Stabler, Arthur Lea    PA    AIA 1964-
Stabler, Kaye Evert    OH; IN    AIA 1971-
Stacey, Richard John    NJ    AIA 1965-1972
Stachowiak, Stephen James (d. 1957)    MI    AIA 1944-
Stephen J. Stachowiak (firm)    MI
Stachurski, Stephen Walter (d. 1974)    NY    AIA 1950-
Stack, John B.    MD
Stackhouse, Dorothy L.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stackhouse, H. Rex    PA    AIA 1921-1931
Stackhouse, Rex see Stackhouse, H. Rex    PA    AIA 1921-1931
Stacks, Kenneth Duane    AR    AIA 1978-
Stacom, John W.    NY    AIA 1974-
Stacy, Dennis William    IA    AIA 1975-; FAIA 1998.
Stacy, Jerry Donald    SC; NC    AIA 1961-
Stacy, John Knox, Jr.    GA    AIA 1954-1957
Stacy, Richard J.    CA    AIA 1978-
Stacy, Richard Joe    NE    AIA 1973-
Stacy-Judd, Robert B. (1884-1975)    CA    AIA 1928-
Stadden, Warren Carl (d. 1995)    NJ    AIA 1965-
Stadel, Deborah J.    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stadelman, Richard (d. 1969)    NV; CA    AIA 1945-1958; 1959-
Stadler, Allan Edward    TX; CT    AIA 1969-
Stadler, Henry    NJ    AIA 1975-
Stadler, James Franklin    MI    AIA 1965-1971
Stadsvold, Byron Dean    IA    AIA 1969-
Stadsvold, Cyril Velde    OR    AIA 1964-
Staehli, Alfred M.    OR    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1992.
Stafford, Christopher Brooke    WA    AIA 1972-
Stafford, Donald Charles    CA    AIA 1969-
Stafford, Doyle L.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stafford, George Gordon see Stafford, Gordon (George Gordon) (d. 1989)    CA    AIA 1944-
Stafford, Gordon (George Gordon) (d. 1989)    CA    AIA 1944-
Stafford, John    CA    AIA 1973-
Stafford, John Edward (d. 1996)    OR    AIA 1953-
Stafford, John Edward    CA    AIA 1977-
Stafford, Thomas Andrew    TX    AIA 1967-1970
Gordon Stafford - Architect (firm)    CA
Stafford, King & Assocs. (firm)    CA
Stafford, Morin & Longwood (firm)    OR
Stageberg, James Edgar    MN    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1977.
Stageberg Archit. see Hodne-Stageberg Partners, Inc. (firm)    MN; NY
Stagg, Richard Thomas    FL    AIA 1965-
Stagge, Isaac     OH; KY
Staggs, Charles Adrian    KY    AIA 1965-1973
Staggs, Lyndall D.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Stagliano, Francis Michael    CA    AIA 1968-1972
Stagmaier, Kurt    TN    AIA 1978-
Stahl, Charles Fredric    TX    AIA 1963-
Stahl, Earl Miller    LA    AIA 1968-
Stahl, Frederick Arthur    MA    AIA 1962-1976; FAIA 1973.
Stahl, Harold Albert (1910-1987)    IL    AIA 1948-1956; 1957-1970
Stahl, John C., Jr. (1876-1951)    MI    AIA 1916-1931; 1944-
Stahl, John Langston (d. 1988)    OR    AIA 1968-
Stahl, Richard Payton (d. 2003)    MO    AIA 1948-; FAIA 1996.
Stahl, Ronald Harold (d. 2005)    IL    AIA 1951-
Stahl, Thomas Harmon (d. 1996)    MN    AIA 1965-
Stahl Associates (Division of Stahl-Bennett Inc.) (firm)    MA; NY
Stahl-Wolf-Peterson, Inc. (firm)    MN
Stahm, Miles Earl    AZ    AIA 1968-
Staiger, Edward Raymond    OH    AIA 1967-1976
Staikos, Nicholas D.    DE    AIA 1977-
Stainback, Raymond Franklin, Jr.    GA    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1982.
Stainback, Willard Edward (d. 1965)    VA    AIA 1946-
Stainback & Scribner (firm)    VA
Stainton, David Merriman    VT
Stair, Robert A. (d. 1964)    PA    AIA 1922-
Stakely, James Owen    GA; SC; FL    AIA 1953-1957
Staker, Loren Jean    OH    AIA 1952-1976
Stalder, Iris Wirsell (d. 1996)    NE    AIA 1960-
Staley, Helen Ross    MD    AIA 1955-1968
Staley, Theron Conrad    TX    AIA 1970-
Staley, Thomas Bascom    VA    AIA 1950-1953
Stalker, Lloyd E. (d. 1981)    ID    AIA 1952-
Stallsmith & Fernandez (firm)    OH
Stalter, William Butler    TX    AIA 1961-
Stambaugh, Norman Fletcher (d. 1986)    GA    AIA 1944-
Stamnes, Viole S.    CA    AIA 1976-
Stanage, Joseph L.    MI    AIA 1955-1958
Stancioff, Peter Paul    DC; MA    AIA 1962-
Stancliff, Arthur Dale, Jr. (d. 2002)    CA    AIA 1967-
Stanclift, James R.    CA    AIA 1971-1976
Standage, Cynthia F.    AZ    AIA 1977-
Standart, Charles M.    NY    AIA 1963-1968
Standefer, Harold Russell    AR    AIA 1969-
Standerwick, Raymond E., Jr.    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Standhardt, Frank Moscow (d. 1978)    NM    AIA 1945-
Standish, Joseph Doheny    MO    AIA 1954-
Standish, Welles Adams, II    CT    AIA 1965-
Standuhar, George P.    IL    AIA 1901-
Stanek, Frank Arlen    WA    AIA 1973-
Stanfield, Cecil Emmette    OK    AIA 1956-1967; 1970-
Stanfield, Clifford S.    CA    AIA 1961-1962; 1971-1972
Stanfield, Larry Arden    TN    AIA 1977-
Stanfield, Imel & Walton (firm)    OK
Stanfill, Charles Tilman    TN    AIA 1963-
Stange, James Henry    NE    AIA 1961-
Stangel, Carl P.    NE    AIA 1950-1962
Stangenes, Nils Otto    IL    AIA 1978-
Stanger, Hugh Leonhard    CA    AIA 1969-1974
Stanghellini, Edward Albert    FL    AIA 1975-
Stanhope, A. Burton (Allan Burton) (d. 1957)    DE    AIA 1932-
Stanhope, Allan Burton see Stanhope, A. Burton (Allan Burton) (d. 1957)    DE    AIA 1932-
Stanhope, Burton see Stanhope, A. Burton (Allan Burton) (d. 1957)    DE    AIA 1932-
Stanhope, Leon E. (d. 1956)    IL    AIA 1905-1931; 1946-
Stanhope & Manning, Architects (firm)    DE
Stanich, John Robert    CA    AIA 1970-
Stanich, Simon G.    OR    AIA 1967-
Staniford, Joseph Warren (d. 1988)    CA    AIA 1959-1963; 1970-
Stanish, Donald Alex    PA    AIA 1973-
Staniunas, John Charles    MA    AIA 1963-
Staniunas, Joseph Paul    MA    AIA 1966-
Stanius, Donald Edward    MN    AIA 1961-
Stanius, Rickard A.    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stanius, Ronald E.    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stanke, Dennis C.    IL    AIA 1978-
Stanley, Donald Ray    KS    AIA 1978-
Stanley, Duffy Brock    TX    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1999.
Stanley, Edgar A. (d. 1944)    OH; FL    AIA 1917-
Stanley, Francis Edgar    NM    AIA 1953-
Stanley, Gary Lee    SD    AIA 1973-
Stanley, Joseph Hopkins, III    AR    AIA 1977-
Stanley, Richard Owen    MA    AIA 1966-
Stanley, Robert P., Jr.    PA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stanley, Tad Allan    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stanley, Thomas Barrett    NY    AIA 1969-
Stanley, Thomas Edward, II (1917-2001)    TX    AIA 1955-
Stanley, Thomas Eugene, Jr. (1930-2008)    GA; SC    AIA 1961-1996
Stanley, William J., II    GA    AIA 1975-
Stanley, William Jay    CA    AIA 1947-1956; 1970-
Stanley Consultants (firm)    IA; DC; IL; OH; IN; Switzerland; Africa; South America; Caribbean
Stanley Engineering Co. see Stanley Consultants (firm)    IA; DC; IL; OH; IN; Switzerland; Africa; South America; Caribbean
Francis E. Stanley & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    NM
Thomas E. Stanley (firm)    TX; NY
Stanley & Wright see Francis E. Stanley & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    NM
Stanley-Brown, Rudolph (1889 ?- 1944)    OH; DC    AIA 1921-1941
Stanmore, J. Leonard (1930-2011)    OH; DC; MN    AIA 1959-1972; 1976-1998
Stanmore, James Leonard, Sr. see Stanmore, J. Leonard (1930-2011)    OH; DC; MN    AIA 1959-1972; 1976-1998
Stanmyre, Charles Edward    VA    AIA 1976-
Stann, John Francis    MD    AIA 1953-1973
Stann & Hilleary (firm)    MD
Stansberry, Alfred Charles, Jr.    VA    AIA 1971-1975
Stansbury, A. Jackson    TX    AIA 1961-
Stansbury, Jackson see Stansbury, A. Jackson    TX    AIA 1961-
Stansel, John William    AZ    AIA 1971-
Stansell, Donald Montgomery    AL    AIA 1977-
Stansell, Emory Hines    FL    AIA 1967-1968
Stansfeld, Jane Mary    TX    AIA 1978-
Stansfield, Jack C.    WA    AIA 1967-
Stansfield, Lyle Howard (d. 1978)    MN    AIA 1955-
Stanton, A. Glenn (Arthur Glenn) (d. 1969)    OR    AIA 1926-; FAIA 1949.
Stanton, Arthur Glenn see Stanton, A. Glenn (Arthur Glenn) (d. 1969)    OR    AIA 1926-; FAIA 1949.
Stanton, Charles Willard    NY; CA    AIA 1965-1974
Stanton, Frank (Franklin Cox) (d. 1972)    WA; MI; OR    AIA 1927-1929; 1944-
Stanton, Frederick (d. 1978)    IL    AIA 1929-1935; 1944-
Stanton, Glenn see Stanton, A. Glenn (Arthur Glenn) (d. 1969)    OR    AIA 1926-; FAIA 1949.
Stanton, Henry Francis (d. 1953)    MI    AIA 1922-; FAIA 1944.
Stanton, J. E. (Jesse Earl) (1887-1971)    CA    AIA 1923-1935; 1949-
Stanton, Jesse Earl see Stanton, J. E. (Jesse Earl) (1887-1971)    CA    AIA 1923-1935; 1949-
Stanton, John Joseph (1894-1980)    NY; OR    AIA 1946-
Stanton, Michael John    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-1981; AIA 1981-; FAIA 1991.
Stanton, Robert    CA    AIA 1935-; FAIA 1972.
Stanton, Samuel M.    MI
Stanton, Scott    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stanton, Theodore L., III    TN    AIA 1974-
Stanton, Walter Judson (d. 1997)    FL    AIA 1963-
Stanton, William C. (1995-1942)    PA    AIA 1921-1938
Stanton, William Macy    PA    AIA 1921-1931
Stanton, Boles, Maguire & Church (firm)    OR
Office of Glenn Stanton Architect (firm)    OR
Henry F. Stanton (firm)    MI
Stanton & Hillier (firm)    MI
Stanton, Keeble & Rhoda see Robert Stanton (firm)    CA
Robert Stanton (firm)    CA
Stanton & Rockwell (firm)    IL
Stanton & Stockwell (firm)    CA
Stapert, Raymond Milo (d. 1984)    MI    AIA 1942-
Stapert, Pratt, Bulthuis & Sprau, Inc. (firm)    MI
Staples, Charles Richard    MD    AIA 1967-1974
Stapleton, Charles Paul    MI    AIA 1961-
Stapleton, Paul V. (d. 1993)    PA    AIA 1957-
Stapleton, Thomas    CT    AIA 1943-1951
Stapleton, Tobias Tyler    MT    AIA 1978-
Paul V. Stapleton Associates (firm)    PA
Starbuck, Fred L.    NY; IL    AIA 1924-1941
Starbuck, Robert Francis (1913-1973)    OR    AIA 1968-
Starck, William Charles    MA    AIA 1975-
Starin, Arthur N. (1889-1971)    NY; NJ    AIA 1925-1942
Starin, Harold St. Clair (d. 1985)    MN    AIA 1946-
Harold S. Starin & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    MN
Stark, Charles Henry, Jr.    OH    AIA 1943-
Stark, Charles Henry, III    OH    AIA 1968-
Stark, Christopher J.    MI    AIA 1976-
Stark, D. Kent (Donald Kent)    IL
Stark, Donald H. (d. 2002)    OH; WV    AIA 1956-
Stark, Gerald F.    WA    AIA 1970-
Stark, Jack Norman    OH    AIA 1963-
Stark, Kent see Stark, D. Kent (Donald Kent)    IL
Stark, Loyd Duane    FL    AIA 1971-
Stark, Morris Arthur    CA    AIA 1958-1967
Stark, Paul Martin    MA    AIA 1969-1973
Stark, Richard Laverne    HI; CA    AIA 1969-
Stark, Roy Harry    WI    AIA 1968-
Stark, Royaden F.    CA    AIA 1968-
Stark, Royal Edwin    NJ    AIA 1977-
Stark, Terry J.    IL    AIA 1977-
Starke, Eugene Carl    MI    AIA 1955-1975
Starkman, Maxwell (1921-2003)    CA    AIA 1956-
Starkovich, James P.    CA    AIA 1977-
Starkovich, Robert LeRoy    AZ    AIA 1960-1975
Starks, Leonard F. (1890-1986)    CA    AIA 1928-
Starks, Myron Eugene    NY    AIA 1963-
Starks, Jozens & Nacht (firm)    CA
Starks, Jozens, Nacht & Lewis (firm)    CA
Starkweather, Merritt H. (1891-1972)    AZ    AIA 1932-1935; 1937-; FAIA 1968.
Starkweather, N. G. (Norris Garshom) (1818-1885)    PA; MD; DC; NY    AIA 1882-
Starkweather & Cain (firm)    AZ
Starling, R. Scott    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Starling, Scott see Starling, R. Scott    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Starnes, Earl M.    FL    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1973.
Starnes, John T., Jr.    LA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Starnes, Jon Harris    TX    AIA 1965-
Starnes, Lawrence David    TX    AIA 1968-1970; 1974-
Starnes & Rentscher (firm)    FL
Starnes, Rentscher & Assocs. (firm)    FL
Staron, Joseph M. (d. 1986)    NY    AIA 1961-
Starr, Arthur P. (1893-1976)    DC    AIA 1953-1959
Starr, Bernard Eugene (d. 1971)    PA    AIA 1940-
Starr, Edward LuRoy    AZ; CO    AIA 1967-
Starr, Eugene E.    OK    AIA 1970-
Starr, Frank Charles (d. 1951)    IL; DC; MA    AIA 1934-
Starr, Grover Lee    CA    AIA 1959-
Starr, Jack Glaser    VA    AIA 1966-1972
Starr, Richard Robert    KS    AIA 1955-
Starr, Robert F.    FL    AIA 1972-1974
Starr, Wilbur Dupas    LA    AIA 1957-1961; 1970-1976
Starratt, C. Clinton    MA    AIA 1965-1975
Starratt, Clinton see Starratt, C. Clinton    MA    AIA 1965-1975
Starratt, Kendall Pallard    FL    AIA 1957-1961; 1969-1971
Starratt & Asklof (firm)    FL
Starrett, Goldwin (1874-1918)    NY    AIA 1915-
Starrett, Theodore    NY    AIA 1930-1940
Start, Cedric Hubbell    VT; NY; FL    AIA 1931-
Cedric Start & Donald Moeller (firm)    FL
Staruch, Herbert see Staruch, M. Herbert    Nj    AIA 1970-
Staruch, M. Herbert    Nj    AIA 1970-
Stasney, Joseph Charles    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stastny, Donald Joseph    OR    AIA 1976-; FAIA 1997.
Staszko, Edward Vincent (d. 1989)    ND    AIA 1955-
Staten, George Cowden, Jr.    TX    AIA 1962-
Staten, John Peter    NY; WA    AIA 1965-1972
Stathes, S. Thomas (d. 2006)    MD    AIA 1955-
Stathes, Thomas see Stathes, S. Thomas (d. 2006)    MD    AIA 1955-
Staton, Conny Bruce (d. 2000)    AR    AIA 1974-
Staton, Edwin Ross    CA    AIA 1962-1965
Staton, Robert Anderson    VA    AIA 1978-
Staub, Augustus Joseph, III    MS    AIA 1965-
Staub, Guy Martin    LA    AIA 1962-1975
Staub, John F. (1892-1981)    NY; TX    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1941.
Staub, John Thomas    IL    AIA 1976-1977
Staub, Rather & Howze (firm)    TX
Stauber, Leo V.    OR    AIA 1976-
Stauber, Robert Frederick    IL    AIA 1953-1962
Stauder, Arthur E., Sr. (d. 1978)    MO    AIA 1963-
Stauder, Arthur E., Jr.    MO    AIA 1975-
Stauder, Robert E.    CA    AIA 1978-
Staudt, Otto A. (d. 1971)    NY    AIA 1948-
Stauffer, D. McN.    PA    AIA 1872-1874
Stauffer, Randolph Jay    PA    AIA 1965-
Stauffer, Richard C. (d. 1999)    MD    AIA 1962-
Stauffer, Thomas A.    OH    AIA 1978-
Staunton, William Field, Jr. (1894-1977)    CA    AIA 1922-
Stautz, Carl Henry    TX    AIA 1946-1974
Stavi, Jacqueline    DC    AIA 1978-
Stavole, Anthony Angelo    OH    AIA 1971-1972
Stavoy, James G.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
St. Clair, Aubrey F. (1889-1968)    CA    AIA 1945-
St. Clair, Charles Jack    OR    AIA 1974-1976
St. Clair, Charles Truman    CO; IL    AIA 1938-1952
St. Clair, Frederick Granville (d. 1987)    KY    AIA 1966-
St. Clair, Orvel Dean, III    CA    AIA 1978-
St. Clair, S. Winthrop    MA    AIA 1920-1941
St. Clair, Winthrop see St. Clair, S. Winthrop    MA    AIA 1920-1941
St. Cyr, Joseph L.    MI    AIA 1955-
St. Denis, Dale    CA    AIA 1971-
Stead, Manning F.    DC; MD    AIA 1923-1934
Stead, Robert (d. 1943)    DC; PA    AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Stearnes, Charles Robert (d. 2004)    MO    AIA 1971-
Stearns, Carl David    NY    AIA 1978-
Stearns, Chandler (b. 1889)    MA; NY    AIA 1921-1940
Stearns, Claud Richard    TX    AIA 1974-
Stearns, Donald Walter    MI    AIA 1956-1973
Stearns, Frank Abbott (d. 1922)    MA    AIA 1921-
Stearns, Frederic Baldwin    MA    AIA 1926-1941
Stearns, George R. (d. 1938)    PA    AIA 1901-
Stearns, John G. C. (John Goddard) (1843-1917)    MA    AIA 1894-; FAIA 1894.
Stearns, John Goddard see Stearns, John G. C. (John Goddard) (1843-1917)    MA    AIA 1894-; FAIA 1894.
Stearns, Robert C. (d. 1972)    OR    AIA 1962-
Stearns & Mention, Architects & Planners (firm)    OR
Stebbins, Darrel Calvin    WA    AIA 1963-1969
Stebbins, Edward S. (d. 1934)    MN    AIA 1921-1931
Stebbins, Kenneth R.    MN    AIA 1978-
Stebbins, Richard Gregory    FL    AIA 1967-
Steber, Thomas Paul (d. 1981)    AL    AIA 1962-
Stebinger, Thomas Benjamin    CA    AIA 1961-
Stec, John Charles    NC    AIA 1973-
Stechow, Olaf    NJ    AIA 1970-
Stechschulte, Russell Francis    CA    AIA 1968-1972
Steck, William Lloyd    MA; OH    AIA 1967-
Stecker, George L.    WA    AIA 1978-
Stecker, Russell Lee (d. 2007)    CT    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1971.
Stedman, Claude Wilmot (d. 1962)    OH; MN    AIA 1921-
Stedman, H. Morgan (Henry Morgan) (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1975.
Stedman, Henry Morgan see Stedman, H. Morgan (Henry Morgan) (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1975.
Stedman, Morgan see Stedman, H. Morgan (Henry Morgan) (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1975.
Stedman & Williams (firm)    CA
Steed, James Edgar    OH    AIA 1958-
Steed, Hammond & Assocs. (firm)    OH
Steel, Larry Eugene    CO    AIA 1970-
Steel, Philip S.    PA    AIA 1965-1973; 1975-
Steele, Allan Cushman (d. 1986)    MA    AIA 1947-
Steele, Charles Eugene, Jr.    MO    AIA 1963-
Steele, Clarence Hart, Jr. (d. 1984)    KS    AIA 1974-
Steele, D. Mark    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steele, Douglas see Steele, R. Douglas (d. 1954)    PA    AIA 1937-
Steele, Gary Clark    CA    AIA 1978-
Steele, George S.    NY; CT    AIA 1937-1942
Steele, George W.    AL
Steele, James McLeod, Jr.    PA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steele, John Elba    KS    AIA 1977-
Steele, Joseph Lesher (d. 1966)    PA    AIA 1934-
Steele, Mark see Steele, D. Mark    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steele, Mark Wellington    MI    AIA 1969-1975; 1979-
Steele, Michael T.    MI    AIA 1969-
Steele, Nancy    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steele, R. Douglas (d. 1954)    PA    AIA 1937-
Steele, Rezin D. (d. 1937)    TX    AIA 1916-
Steele, Theodore Lakin (d. 1995)    IN    AIA 1945-
Steele, Wallace Stanley (d. 1985)    SD    AIA 1955-
Steele, William Alvin    CA    AIA 1956-
Steele, William L. (1895-1949)    IA; NE    AIA 1913-; FAIA 1918.
Steele, William L., Jr. (1907-1989)    NE    AIA 1947-1974; 1977-
Steele, Sandham & Weinstein Co. (firm)    NE
Theodore L. Steele (firm)    IN
Steele & Van Dyk (firm)    CA
Steelman, Edgar Jones, Jr.    NJ    AIA 1963-
Steelman, George Somers    SD    AIA 1961-1965
Steelsmith, Henry G.    AZ    AIA 1975-
Steely, William Travis    TX    AIA 1967-
Steen, Thomas C.    IL    AIA 1974-
Steenhof, Norman    IL; CO    AIA 1962-
Stees, Hubert Sheldon (d. 1984)    DE    AIA 1944-
Steese, Edward    NY    AIA 1930-
Steever, Andrew Didama    NC    AIA 1969-
Stef, John Daniel    PA    AIA 1962-1965
Stefanski, Jack J. (d. 1991)    MO    AIA 1978-
Stefanski, James A.    IL    AIA 1978-
Stefany, John Edgar    FL    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1976.
Steffan, Jerry L.    ND    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steffen, Kenneth James    IA    AIA 1960-
Steffen, Lyman H.    CA    AIA 1974-
Steffen, Ray O.    WI    AIA 1947-
Steffen & Steffen (firm)    WI
Steffen Stoltz (firm)    IA
Steffens, Fritz (d. 1964)    NY; CT; DC    AIA 1935-
Steffens, Gary Michael    TX; AZ    AIA 1973-
Steffens, Gustav see Steffens, J. H. Gustav (d. 1977)    MI    AIA 1920-1931; 1942-
Steffens, J. H. Gustav (d. 1977)    MI    AIA 1920-1931; 1942-
Steffens, Lawrence J.    MO    AIA 1947-
Steffensen, Paul    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steffes, Claude Joseph (d. 1947)    WI    AIA 1946-
Steffey, Michael see Steffey, W. Michael    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steffey, W. Michael    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steffgen, Lloyd Alexander    CA    AIA 1946-1961
Steffian, Edwin Theodore (d. 1974)    MA    AIA 1936-1943; 1946-; FAIA 1969.
Steffian, John Ames    MA    AIA 1976-
Steffian, Peter    MA    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1988.
Steffian, Steffian & Bradley, Inc. (firm)    MA
Stefoniak, Edward Thomas    TX    AIA 1966-1974; 1978-
Stegall, Beryl Clark    TX    AIA 1972-1974
Stegall, Joel Emmette, Jr.    NC    AIA 1964-
Stegen, David H.    CA    AIA 1974-1976
Steger, Charles William, Jr.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1972-1975; 1977-; AIA 1976-; FAIA 1990.
Stegman, H. Herbert (d. 1996)    CA    AIA 1948-
Stegman, Herbert see Stegman, H. Herbert (d. 1996)    CA    AIA 1948-
Stegmiller, George J. (d. 1988)    OH    AIA 1945-
Stegmueller, Karl Robert    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stegner, Clifford M. (1877-?)    OH; KY
Stegner, Le Edward    MN    AIA 1955-
Stegner-Hendrickson-McNutt (firm)    MN
Stegner, Hendrickson, McNutt & Sullivan (firm)    MN
Stehlik, Jaroslav Frank (d. 1989)    CA    AIA 1973-
Stehling, Jack (1930-1996)    TX    AIA 1965-1973; 1975-1985; 1992-1993
Stehling, John Arthur see Stehling, Jack (1930-1996)    TX    AIA 1965-1973; 1975-1985; 1992-1993
Stehr, James A.    CA    AIA 1974-
Steidel, Paul John (d. 2006)    NY    AIA 1962-
Steidl, Douglas L.    OH    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1999.
Steif, B. Leo (d. 1953)    IL    AIA 1926-
Steif, Leo see Steif, B. Leo (d. 1953)    IL    AIA 1926-
Steigelman, Thomas Frederick    VA    AIA 1948-1962
Steigerwald, Peter N.    OH    AIA 1972-
Steigerwalt, Warren Franklin (d. 1994)    CA    AIA 1973-
Steigman, Philip (b. 1893)    NY    AIA 1946-1949
Steilberg, Walter T. (1887-1974)    CA
Stein, Arthur L., Jr.    MA    AIA 1966-
Stein, Benjamin Charles, Jr.    VT    AIA 1956-
Stein, Benjamin H.    MI    AIA 1945-1948
Stein, Bernard    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stein, Carl    NY    AIA 1973-; FAIA 1985.
Stein, Clarence S. (1883-1975)    NY    AIA 1920-; FAIA 1934.
Stein, Francis R. (d. 1967)    NJ    AIA 1957-
Stein, George Edward    WY    AIA 1956-
Stein, Israel Herman    TX; NC; MI; TN; DC    AIA 1963-
Stein, Jack Stewart (d. 2000)    IL; MI; AZ    AIA 1939-
Stein, Johann Peter    PA    AIA 1972-1974
Stein, John Oliver    VA    AIA 1964-
Stein, Joseph (1916-1977)    CT    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1969.
Stein, Joseph Allen (1912-2001)    CA; India    AIA 1965-1968
Stein, Julius    NY    AIA 1962-1974
Stein, Leo Isadore    MI    AIA 1960-
Stein, Lester Maurice, Jr.    PA    AIA 1961-
Stein, Martin D.    NY    AIA 1971-1972
Stein, Morris H.    MI    AIA 1971-
Stein, Richard George (1916-1990)    NY    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1969.
Stein, Robert Martin    TX    AIA 1949-1954
Stein, Stanley Murray    AZ    AIA 1967-
Stein, William Howard    IL    AIA 1969-
Joseph Stein & Assocs. (firm)    CT
Julius Stein & Henry K. Wong (firm)    NY
Steinau, Allan see Steinau, E. Allan (Edgar Allan), Jr.    CA    AIA 1958-
Steinau, E. Allan (Edgar Allan), Jr.    CA    AIA 1958-
Steinau, Edgar Allan, Jr. see Steinau, E. Allan (Edgar Allan), Jr.    CA    AIA 1958-
Steinback, Gustave Erwin    NY    AIA 1917-1931
Gustave E. Steinback (firm)    CT
Steinbaugh, Charles W.    NE    AIA 1918-1927
Steinbaugh, Donald F.    TN    AIA 1947-
Steinbaugh, Harwood & Rodgers (firm)    TN
Steinbeck, Gregory D.    AR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steinbeigle, Raymond Lloyd    AZ    AIA 1964-
Steinberg, Arthur David (d. 2003)    TX    AIA 1966-
Steinberg, Edward Perry (d. 1975)    IL    AIA 1945-
Steinberg, Goodwin B.    IL    AIA 1953-; FAIA 1982.
Steinberg, Robert Tabin    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-1981; AIA 1981-; FAIA 1996.
Steinberg, Steven I.    NY    AIA 1977-
Steinberg, Vivian Joseph    NY    AIA 1971-
Goodwin B. Steinberg Assocs. (firm)    CA
Steinbomer, Henry (1902-1964)    TX    AIA 1949-
Steinbright, Dixon see Steinbright, L. Dixon    HI    AIA 1971-
Steinbright, L. Dixon    HI    AIA 1971-
Steinbrueck, Leonard H.    CA    AIA 1961-
Steinbrueck, Victor    WA; MI; OR    AIA 1948-1972; FAIA 1963.
Steiner, Alexander (d. 1992)    NJ    AIA 1950-
Steiner, Carlton Arthur    CA    AIA 1945-1954
Steiner, Charles F., Jr. (d. 1960)    PA; OH    AIA 1944-
Steiner, David Charles    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steiner, Thomas    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steiner, William E., II    OH    AIA 1972-
Steinert, Daniel J.    MI    AIA 1970-1975; 1978-
Steinfeld, Thomas E.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Steinglass, Ralph    NY    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1992.
Steinhardt, Henry (d. 2001)    NY; WA    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1979.
Steinhardt, Howard Milton    NY    AIA 1963-
Steinhart, Arden C. (d. 2001)    WA    AIA 1957-
Steinhart, Theriault & Anderson (firm)    WA
Steinharter, Walter Louis    NY    AIA 1962-1975
Steinhaus, Frederick C. (d. 1991)    WI    AIA 1946-
Steinhauser, Ralph Louis    KY; FL    AIA 1973-1975
Steinhorn, Morris Harry    MD    AIA 1956-1973
Steinichen, John (d. 1998)    GA    AIA 1952-
Steinkamp, Bernard F. (1876-1943)    OH    AIA 1921-1940
Steinkamp, John B. (1827-1890)    OH
Steinkamp, Joseph G. (1868-1948)    OH    AIA 1902-
Steinkamp, Robert George    OH    AIA 1964-1968; 1969-1972
Steinkamp & Nordloh (firm)    OH
Steinle, Charles A. (d. 1930)    NY    AIA 1912-
Steinman, Arthur Craig    CA    AIA 1968-
Steinman, Douglas Emmett (d. 1974)    TX    AIA 1926-
Steinman, Douglas Emmett, Jr. (d. 2000)    TX    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1972.
Douglas E. Steinman (firm)    TX
Steinman & Golemon see Douglas E. Steinman (firm)    TX
Steinman, Gordy & Huffhines (firm)    TX
Steinmann, Eugen Kurt    CA    AIA 1965-
Steinmann, John W.    WI; WA    AIA 1952-
Steinmann, Milton Bode (1899-1987)    NY    AIA 1949-
Steinmann, Cain & White (firm)    NY
Steinmark, Arthur N. (d. 1988)    PA    AIA 1922-1938; 1944-
Steinmesch, Harriet Mae (1893-1979)    CA
Steinmetz, Robert C.    CT    AIA 1969-
Steinschulte, Thilo (d. 2003)    LA    AIA 1963-
Steitz, Howard (d. 1951)    NY    AIA 1929-1942; 1945-
Steketee, Chris (1890-1965)    MI    AIA 1944-
Steller, Joseph D.    MA    AIA 1976-
Stellyes, Cecil George    ID    AIA 1975-
Stelter, Willis Lee    MN    AIA 1966-
Stem, A. H. (Allen H.) (1856-1931)    IN; MN    AIA 1918-
Stembridge, William E.    GA    AIA 1974-1976
Stempien, Chester Robert    MI    AIA 1967-
Stemplowsky, Johnston Paul (d. 1974)    MI    AIA 1963-
Stenavich, William J.    WI    AIA 1964-
Stenberg, Michael D.    TX    AIA 1977-
Stenerson, Maurice    MN    AIA 1978-
Stenglein, William C.    MI    AIA 1962-1971
Stenhouse, Douglas Simms    DC; CA    AIA 1961-
Stenhouse, James Alan (d. 2001)    NC    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1976.
Stenhouse, John Warren (1904-1984)    DC    AIA 1944-
Stenhouse, Walter Robert    VA    AIA 1965-
Stenmark, Svante Bertil    RI    AIA 1965-1974
Stenson, Marvin Leroy (d. 2003)    IA    AIA 1961-
Stenson & Warm, Inc. (firm)    IA
Stenstrop, Ernest    IL    AIA 1967-
Steo, Emil N.    NY    AIA 1969-
Stepanian, Stephen A. (1911-2007)    CA    AIA 1944-
Stephan, Frank K.    UT    AIA 1972-
Stephan, Martin Vincent (d. 1984)    IL    AIA 1974-
Stephan, Robert Lionel    LA    AIA 1958-1968
Stephans, Daniels James    WI    AIA 1978-
Stephanski, C. William    VA    AIA 1967-1971
Stephanski, William see Stephanski, C. William    VA    AIA 1967-1971
Stephany, Carl Richard (d. 1973)    NY; MA    AIA 1935-
Stephen, David, Jr. (d. 1967)    MO    AIA 1916-
Stephen, Davidson see Stephen, J. Davidson (James Davidson) (d. 1980)    NY    AIA 1934-
Stephen, Fred B. (d. 1978)    WA    AIA 1921-1931; 1944-
Stephen, J. Davidson (James Davidson) (d. 1980)    NY    AIA 1934-
Stephen, James    WA    AIA 1902-1919
Stephen, James Davidson see Stephen, J. Davidson (James Davidson) (d. 1980)    NY    AIA 1934-
Stephen, Thomas (d. 1953)    NJ    AIA 1901-
Stephen, Wallace A.    CA    AIA 1937-1940
Stephens, Arthur O.    CA    AIA 1969-1977
Stephens, Burett H. (1872-1956)    IL; NC    AIA 1947-
Stephens, C. Morrison (Claude Morrison)    CA    AIA 1955-1966; 1968-1970
Stephens, Charles F.    TX    AIA 1974-
Stephens, Claude Morrison see Stephens, C. Morrison (Claude Morrison)    CA    AIA 1955-1966; 1968-1970
Stephens, Dale Hamilton    IN    AIA 1975-
Stephens, Donald Joseph (1918-2001)    NY    AIA 1948-; FAIA 1976.
Stephens, Douglas Lee    MI    AIA 1974-
Stephens, Doyle Edwin    TX    AIA 1966-
Stephens, Earl Cooper (d. 2004)    WV    AIA 1960-
Stephens, Edgar John    PA    AIA 1964-1970
Stephens, George M.    GA    AIA 1965-1970
Stephens, George William    MS    AIA 1974-1976
Stephens, H. Jack, Jr.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stephens, Harry Thornton (d. 1948)    NJ    AIA 1902-; FAIA 1926.
Stephens, Jack see Stephens, H. Jack, Jr.    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stephens, Jack Michael    PA    AIA 1966-1969
Stephens, James B.    MT    AIA 1967-
Stephens, John C. (d. 1945)    MO    AIA 1928-
Stephens, Llewellyn R.    PA    AIA 1977-
Stephens, Morrison see Stephens, C. Morrison (Claude Morrison)    CA    AIA 1955-1966; 1968-1970
Stephens, Ralph deWitt    NY    AIA 1945-
Stephens, Robert H. (1925-2022)    NC    AIA 1951-
Stephens, Robert Woodward    GA    AIA 1954-1969
Stephens, Thomas (d. 2007)    IL    AIA 1965-
Stephens, Tony J.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stephens, Tracy R. (d. 2003)    WV    AIA 1948-
Stephens, William Addison    GA    AIA 1962-
Stephens, Willis Little (d. 2002)    FL    AIA 1947-
Albert S. J. Stephens (firm)    DC
Robert H. Stephens & Aldo B. Cardelli (firm)    NC
Stephens & Cardelli (firm)    NC
Donald J. Stephens Assocs. (firm)    NY
Burett H. Stephens & Robert H. Stephens see Robert H. Stephens & Aldo B. Cardelli (firm)    NC
Stephens, Walsh, Emmons, Stauffer & Shanks (firm)    AZ
Stephenson, Andrew Hugh (1924-2011)    CA    AIA 1961-1968
Stephenson, Arthur Lee    CA    AIA 1963-
Stephenson, Charles Burr    CT    AIA 1974-1976
Stephenson, Coda Arnold, Jr.    TX    AIA 1971-
Stephenson, Frederick James    KS    AIA 1972-
Stephenson, James Henry (d. 1989)    MD    AIA 1948-
Stephenson, Jay    CA    AIA 1978-
Stephenson, Jon Junius    RI    AIA 1972-1976
Stephenson, Marvin Schutte    WI; NY    AIA 1921-
Stephenson, Robert S. (1858-1929)    NY; CT    AIA 1902-
Stephenson, William John (d. 1961)    PA    AIA 1948-
Stephenson, William Robert (1912-2007)    CA    AIA 1953-
Stepner, Michael Jay    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-1980; AIA 1980-; FAIA 1992.
Stepnoski, Frank J. (1880-1952)    WI    AIA 1922-
Stepnoski, Sylvester J. (1910-1988)    WI    AIA 1946-1971
Steranko, John    PA    AIA 1962-1973
Sterba, Joseph Michael    PA    AIA 1978-
Stere, Donald Roy    FL    AIA 1977-
Sterk, Robert Joseph    WI    AIA 1968-1972
Sterling, Ernest A.    MA    AIA 1955-1963
Sterling, Howard see Sterling, P. Howard (d. 1950)    PA    AIA 1924-
Sterling, James Stuart    CA; MD    AIA 1965-
Sterling, P. Howard (1889-1950)    PA    AIA 1924-
Sterling, Robert, Jr.    CO    AIA 1968-1973
Sterling, Tom    TX    AIA 1978-
Sterling, William Alan    FL    Assoc. AIA 1974-1976; AIA 1976-
Sterling & Wolfe, Architects see Lawrence & Anthony Wolfe (firm)    PA
Stern, Adiel Martin    PA    AIA 1942-1948
Stern, Donald E.    NJ    AIA 1969-
Stern, E. George    VA    AIA 1946-1951
Stern, Eugene John (d. 1964)    AR    AIA 1917-1935; 1938-
Stern, George see Stern, E. George    VA    AIA 1946-1951
Stern, George I.    NY    AIA 1970-1974
Stern, J. Martin, Jr. see Stern, Martin, Jr.    CA    AIA 1947-
Stern, Lawrence Stanley    NJ    AIA 1964-1975; 1978-
Stern, Leon (d. 1931)    NY    AIA 1900-; FAIA 1925.
Stern, Martin, Jr.    CA    AIA 1947-
Stern, Monroe    NY    AIA 1924-1935
Stern, Philip N. (1878-1960)    VA    AIA 1913-
Stern, Robert A. M.    NY    AIA 1972-; FAIA 1984.
Stern, William F.    TX    AIA 1977-; FAIA 1997.
Sternbach, Paul    CT    AIA 1947-1958
Sternbach & Rheaume (firm)    CT
Sternberg, Eugene D. (d. 2005)    NY; CO    AIA 1947-
Sternberg, Frederick C. (d. 2006)    MO    AIA 1943-
Sternberg, Quentin    NY    AIA 1978-
Sterner, Frederick J.    NY; CO    AIA 1900-1925
Sternfeld, Harry (d. 1977)    PA    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1951.
Stertz, George Norman    MN    AIA 1967-
Stetler, Aaron LeRoy (d. 1954)    PA    AIA 1946-
Stetler, Henry A.    PA    AIA 1922-1929
Stetler, Jesse Luke    PA    AIA 1942-
Stetman, Joe L., Jr.    CA    AIA 1953-1968
Stetser, Dana George    PA    AIA 1956-
Stetson, Donald Warren    AK    AIA 1966-
Stetson, John    FL    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1963.
John Stetson & Associates (firm)    FL
Stetson-Spina-Davis & Assocs. (firm)    FL
Steuer, George Johannes (d. 1969)    CA    AIA 1950-
Steuerwald, Robert Warren    WI    AIA 1960-
Steveley, Kim R.    IA    AIA 1973-
Stevener, Thomas William    MO    AIA 1978-
Stevens, Arthur Dennis    IL    AIA 1966-
Stevens, Arthur K., Jr.    VA    AIA 1978-
Stevens, Brevoort see Stevens, H. F. Brevoort    IL    AIA 1916
Stevens, Burt V. (d. 1995)    OH    AIA 1950-
Stevens, Donald E.    OH    AIA 1968-1976; 1978-
Stevens, Donald Philip    TX; NM    AIA 1948-
Stevens, Dwight Elton (d. 1971)    OK    AIA 1946-
Stevens, Edmund William, Jr.    NY; MA    AIA 1965-
Stevens, Edward F. (d. 1946)    MA    AIA 1905-; FAIA 1923.
Stevens, Elwin    NY    AIA 1961-1971
Stevens, Ernest Dorsey (d. 1964)    DC    AIA 1952-
Stevens, G. John    MI    AIA 1966-
Stevens, H. F. Brevoort    IL    AIA 1916
Stevens, Harry K.    OR    AIA 1954-1960
Stevens, Henry Bryan    PA
Stevens, Henry Carrington (d. 2007)    PA    AIA 1971-
Stevens, Hollis Jack, Jr.    DC; CA    AIA 1970-1972
Stevens, J. D.    NY    AIA 1873; FAIA 1873.
Stevens, J. Walter (1856-1937)    MN    AIA 1893-1916; FAIA 1893.
Stevens, James R., III    MS; TN    AIA 1932-1939
Stevens, John see Stevens, G. John    MI    AIA 1966-
Stevens, John Calvin (1855-1940)    ME    AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Stevens, John Calvin, II (d. 1991)    ME    AIA 1941-
Stevens, John H.    OH    AIA 1955-
Stevens, John Howard (d. 1958)    ME    AIA 1925-
Stevens, John Pierce    FL    AIA 1957-
Stevens, Joseph Randle, Jr.    MS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevens, Joyce Smith    AK; CA    AIA 1961-1973; 1974-
Stevens, Louis (d. 1961)    PA    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1927.
Stevens, Lyman (d. 2002)    KY    AIA 1969-
Stevens, Michael    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevens, Myles Clay    CA    AIA 1977-
Stevens, Paul Stratton    ME    AIA 1970-
Stevens, Percy    PA    AIA 1945-1954
Stevens, Peter S.    MA    AIA 1973-
Stevens, Preston Standish    GA    AIA 1924-; FAIA 1958.
Stevens, Preston Standish, Jr.    GA    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1976.
Stevens, Raymond Alan    IL    AIA 1978-
Stevens, Raymond D.    CO    AIA 1978-
Stevens, Richard Allen    NY    AIA 1955-1974
Stevens, Richard DeLyle    MT    AIA 1968-
Stevens, Robert E., Jr. (d. 1972)    TX    AIA 1965-
Stevens, Robert Gifford    NY    AIA 1970-
Stevens, Robert James    OH    AIA 1966-1973
Stevens, Robert T.    PA    AIA 1964-
Stevens, Robert William (1896-1961)    IN    AIA 1944-
Stevens, Robert William (1919-1988)    CA    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1979.
Stevens, Robert William, Jr.    IN    AIA 1964-
Stevens, Rod    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevens, Ronald P.    CA    AIA 1974-
Stevens, Samuel Abbot Cordingley    MA    AIA 1966-
Stevens, Shepherd    CT    AIA 1923-1946
Stevens, Walter see Stevens, J. Walter    MN    AIA 1893-1916; FAIA 1893.
Stevens, Wayne Townsend    IA    AIA 1958-1973
Stevens, Will A. (1863-1921)    IL; Canada; IN    AIA 1918-
Stevens, William D.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevens, William Hall    NY    AIA 1971-
Stevens Architects (firm)    ME
Stevens & Bertin (firm)    NY
Stevens, Bertin & O'Connell (firm)    NY
Robert W. Stevens, Architect, and George W. Broderick, Associate (firm)    IN
Stevens, Broderick & Stevens (firm)    IN
Stevens & Calender (firm)    CA
Stevens, Thompson & Runyan (firm)    OR
Stevens & Walton, Inc. (firm)    FL
Stevens & Wilkinson (firm)    GA
Stevens, Young & Irby (firm)    OK
Stevens-Zellmer Assocs. (firm)    CA
Stevenson, Clifford John, Jr.    PA    AIA 1978-
Stevenson, Frank W. (d. 1968)    CA    AIA 1927-
Stevenson, Frank Walter, Jr. (d. 1987)    CA    AIA 1967-
Stevenson, Fred Luther    KS; MO    AIA 1950-1955
Stevenson, H. M.    MA    AIA 1877-1878
Stevenson, Harvey    NY    AIA 1930-; FAIA 1950.
Stevenson, James M.    IL    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1997.
Stevenson, James McMillin    NC    AIA 1972-
Stevenson, Joel M., Jr.    WY    Assoc. AIA 1975-
Stevenson, John Charles, Jr.    CA    AIA 1961-
Stevenson, Joseph Henry    TX    AIA 1972-
Stevenson, Kenneth C.    UT    AIA 1967-1969
Stevenson, Kenneth C.    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevenson, Mike J.    MT    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stevenson, William A.    MI    AIA 1978-
Harvey Stevenson (firm)    NY
Steward, Cecil see Steward, W. Cecil (Weldon Cecil)    TX; NE    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1983.
Steward, Harold D. (d. 1989)    FL    AIA 1935-
Steward, W. Cecil (Weldon Cecil)    TX; NE    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1983.
Steward, Weldon Cecil see Steward, W. Cecil (Weldon Cecil)    TX; NE    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1983.
Steward-Skinner-Associates, Architects-Engineers, Inc. (firm)    FL
Stewardson, Emlyn L. (1863-1936)    PA    AIA 1906-; FAIA 1916.
Stewardson, James (d. 1957)    NY; England    AIA 1922-
Stewardson, John (1858-1896)    PA
Stewart, A. Alan (d. 1945)    MI    AIA 1941-
Stewart, Alan see Stewart, A. Alan (d. 1945)    MI    AIA 1941-
Stewart, Albert Courtney, Jr. see Stewart, Courtney, Jr.    FL    AIA 1940-
Stewart, Allen Jack    NV    AIA 1961-
Stewart, Allen Robert    CA    AIA 1976-
Stewart, Billy D.    MI    AIA 1963-
Stewart, Charles Parnell (d. 2006)    CA    AIA 1961-
Stewart, Clifford Douglas (d. 1993)    MA    AIA 1965-
Stewart, Colin C., IV    CO    AIA 1970-1974
Stewart, Courtney, Jr.    FL    AIA 1940-
Stewart, D. Fuller    PA    AIA 1948-1956
Stewart, Dan Robert    TX; MD    AIA 1967-
Stewart, Daniel P.    CA    AIA 1973-
Stewart, Donald Eugene    NC    AIA 1957-
Stewart, Donald Fraser    IL    AIA 1961-1971
Stewart, Donald J.    WA; OR    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1962.
Stewart, Earl Edward    IA    AIA 1965-1971
Stewart, Emery C., Jr.    MI    AIA 1975-
Stewart, Emmett Elton    CA    AIA 1963-1965
Stewart, Fuller see Stewart, D. Fuller    PA    AIA 1948-1956
Stewart, George Edward    NY
Stewart, Harold Eugene    OK; NM    AIA 1957-
Stewart, Harold John (d. 1996)    IA    AIA 1952-
Stewart, Harold Ray    OH    AIA 1974-
Stewart, Harry Gordon (1892-1976)    PA; NC    AIA 1929-
Stewart, Howard H.    GA    AIA 1974-
Stewart, Hubert Emerson    WA
Stewart, Jack Graham (d. 1991)    NY    AIA 1947-
Stewart, James Benton    FL    AIA 1966-
Stewart, James Briton    CA; VA    AIA 1956-1965; 1970-1975
Stewart, James Camp    GA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stewart, James Campbell    NC    AIA 1970-
Stewart, James H.    TX    AIA 1975-
Stewart, James Robertson    OH    AIA 1929-1930
Stewart, James Rockwell    CA    AIA 1977-
Stewart, Jerry Walter    TX    AIA 1968-
Stewart, John    PA    AIA 1871-1877
Stewart, John, Jr.    NY    AIA 1969-
Stewart, John C. (d. 1989)    GA    AIA 1977-
Stewart, John Cyril    TN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stewart, John Malcolm    NE    AIA 1978-
Stewart, John Michael    WA    AIA 1969-
Stewart, Joseph Adger    KY    AIA 1972-
Stewart, Joseph Lemley    CA
Stewart, Mark Alan    TX    AIA 1978-
Stewart, Paul P. (d. 1979)    DC; VA; FL    AIA 1939-
Stewart, Robert Welton (d. 1994)    VA    AIA 1969-
Stewart, Ronald Roy    VA; OR    AIA 1977-
Stewart, Stanley Potter    PA    AIA 1923-1937
Stewart, William    KY    AIA 1870-1872; FAIA 1870.
Stewart, William A.    DC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stewart, William Addison    FL; TX; AL    AIA 1948-1960; 1965-
Stewart, William C.    NY    AIA 1964-1975
Stewart, William Frank    WY    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Stewart, William Michael    TN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stewart, William W.    MO    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1995.
Stewart, Zach Redington    CA    AIA 1963-1966
Donald J. Stewart (firm)    WA, OR
Stewart & Green, Architects, Inc. (firm)    MO
Stewart & Richardson (firm)    OR
Stewart-Robison-Laffan (firm)    IA
Courtney Stewart, Raymond M. Rood, Assoc. (firm)    FL
St. Florian, Friedrich    MA    AIA 1974-; FAIA 2008.
St. George, August    MI    AIA 1969-
St. Germain, Roger Charles, Jr.    PA    AIA 1968-1971
Stice, Gordon Lee    CA    AIA 1968-1978
Stichler, Charles Buford    IN    AIA 1977-
Stichler, Ronald Albert    AZ    AIA 1978-
Stick, Howard see Stick, T. Howard F.    PA    AIA 1973-
Stick, T. Howard F.    PA    AIA 1973-
Stickel, Frederick Gordon    MI    AIA 1952-; FAIA 1971.
Stickel, William H.    PA    AIA 1963-1970
Stickle, G. Wesley (d. 1966)    PA; OH; FL    AIA 1921-
Stickle, Robert W. (d. 2007)    OH    AIA 1946-
Stickle, Wesley see Stickle, G. Wesley (d. 1966)    PA; OH; FL    AIA 1921-
Stickle and Associates (firm)    OH
Stickley, Robert M., III    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stickney, Arthur J. (d. 1966)    NY    AIA 1928-1935; 1958-
Stickney, Charles Duce    CA    AIA 1964-
Stickney, Fred. W. (1853-1918)    MA    AIA 1900-
Stickney, William White (b. 1883)    CO; CA    AIA 1921-1927
Stickney & Konoff (firm)    NY
Stidolph, Ernest John    FL    AIA 1950-1967
Stieber, Conrad Harold    CA    AIA 1961-
Stiegemeyer, Oliver William    MO
Stieglitz, David T.    NY    AIA 1973-1975
Stiehl, Claude Albon    HI    AIA 1934-1942
Stiene, Frank J.    NJ    AIA 1976-
Stievater, Richard John    NY    AIA 1970-
Stievater, Robert H.    NY    AIA 1962-1971
Stiff, Roy Lee    MO    AIA 1953-
Stiffler, David Lawrence (d. 1983)    MI    AIA 1959-
Stiffler, Ewing see Stiffler, R. Ewing (Robert Ewing)    CO; CA    AIA 1926-
Stiffler, R. Ewing (Robert Ewing)    CO; CA    AIA 1926-
Stiffler, Robert Ewing see Stiffler, R. Ewing (Robert Ewing)    CO; CA    AIA 1926-
Stiger, Bill L.    OK    AIA 1977-
Stiggins, Hill    FL    AIA 1955-
Stika, William A.    LA    AIA 1970-
Stiko, Per (d. 1976)    CA    AIA 1967-
Stiles, Clarence L.    IL    WAA 1884; AIA 1889-1902; FAIA 1889.
Stiles, Florence Ward    MA; DE    AIA 1943-
Stiles, Jack Leroy    AR    AIA 1967-
Stiles, Marvin E.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1974-
Stiles, Marvin Loraine (d. 1987)    TX    AIA 1956-
Stiles, Wilson    AR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stiles & Jarrard (firm)    AR
Stiles, Roberts & Messersmith (firm)    TX
Still, Dennis Henry    MD    AIA 1973-
Still, Frank L.    CA    AIA 1975-1976
Still, Patricia A.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stiller, James Mathew    LA    AIA 1967-1974
Stillions, Clarence Arthur    TX    AIA 1970-
Stillman, Leo (1903-1989)    NY; FL    AIA 1945-
Stillman, Michael (d. 1967)    NJ    AIA 1931-
Stillson, Anthony John    PA    AIA 1966-1967
Stillwaugh, Donald Murray    IL    AIA 1955-
Stillwell, Earle Albert    DC    AIA 1967-
Stillwell, Erle G. (d. 1978)    NC    AIA 1916-; FAIA 1942.
Stillwell, James Dean    VA    AIA 1965-
Stilwell, Robert Lawrence (1935-2014)    MN; IL; NY; FL    AIA 1969-1973; 1988-
Stilwell, Victor Elbert, Jr. (d. 2002)    LA    AIA 1969-
Stimmel, Stephen John    IA    AIA 1978-
Stimmel, William Edwin    CA; AZ; HI    AIA 1960-1974
Stimmel & Cobb (firm)    CA
Stimpson, Earl Bristol (d. 1948)    PA    AIA 1941-
Stimson, Vas Salisbury    WA    AIA 1923-1926; 1944-1946
Stine, David L. (1857-1941)    OH    AIA 1884-1905; 1920-; FAIA 1885.
Stine, Donald R.    MS    AIA 1977-
Stine, Paul D.    RI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stine, Robert Walter    MI    AIA 1970-
Stinnett, Arba Henry    CO    AIA 1976-
Stinnett, William Robert    CA    AIA 1948-1955
Stinson, Gorrell Robert (1904-1987)    NC    AIA 1945-
Stinson, Nolan Lawrence, Jr.    MO    AIA 1952-
Stinson, Robert Allen (d. 2000)    TX    AIA 1963-
Stinson-Hall-Hines, Assocs. (firm)    NC
Stinson, Hines & Assocs. (firm)    NC
Stinson & Summers (firm)    TX
Stipe, Richard Howard    DC    AIA 1971-1974
Stippich, Glenn Robert    NE    AIA 1961-
Stirling, James F.    MI    AIA 1944-1947
Stirling, Louis West    LA    AIA 1958-
Stirton, Malcolm Roderick (d. 1989)    MI    AIA 1937-
Stith, Joseph Earl (1900-1965)    OH    AIA 1946-1960
Stitt, Edwin McKee (d. 1968)    OH    AIA 1942-
Stitt, Myron Monfort    OH    AIA 1975-
Stitzel, Richard Eugene    KS    AIA 1960-1969
Stitzel & Thoma (firm)    KS
St. Jean, Joseph Alfred    PA    AIA 1959-1972; 1973-1976; 1978-
St. John, James E.    CO    AIA 1967-
Stock, Joseph J.    OH    AIA 1928-1935
Stock, Phillip Joseph, Jr.    CT    AIA 1955-
Stock, Steven J.    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stockbarger, Richard Henry    IL    AIA 1962-
Stockdale, Raymond Alfred    CA    AIA 1943-
Stockdale, Reed F.    OH    AIA 1927-
Stockemer, John Joseph (d. 2007)    CA    AIA 1961-
Stockham, Thomas Buchanan (d. 1948)    PA    AIA 1945-
Stockhem, Jean-Pierre A.    TN    AIA 1974-
Stockly, Ayres Holmes    DE; ME    AIA 1964-
Stockly & Leahy Assocs., Inc. (firm)    ME
Stockman, Clifford Ralph    OK    AIA 1978-
Stockmar, Albert H.    AL; LA    AIA 1930-1935
Stockmar, Henry Wolfgang, III    VA    AIA 1956-1967
Stockton, Christopher Anthony    CA    AIA 1968-
Stockton, Robert Bruce    CA    AIA 1976-
Stockton, Walter T.    IL    AIA 1924-
Stockum, George W.    OH    AIA 1978-
Stockwell, Russel Loring    CA    AIA 1968-
Stockwell, Sherwood Beach    CA    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1979.
Stockwell, William Francis (d. 1981)    CA    AIA 1966-
Stoddard, Albert Hal (d. 1994)    Oh    AIA 1972-
Stoddard, George W. (d. 1967)    WA    AIA 1927-
Stoddard, Richard Daly    CA    AIA 1956-
Stoddard & Huggard (firm)    WA
Stoddart, William Lee (d. 1940)    NY    AIA 1925-
Stodghill, Thomas Whitfield, Jr.    LA    AIA 1963-
Stoeber, Jerome    IL    AIA 1978-
Stoecker, Andrew G. (d. 1975)    IL    AIA 1946-
Stoecker, Robert H.    CA    AIA 1977-
Stoeltje, Joe Edward    TX    AIA 1967-1969; 1970-
Stoerkel, Thomas Keller    OH    AIA 1968-1975
Stoermer, Niels    CA; HI    AIA 1967-
Stoetzel, Ralph E. (Ralph Edward) (1892-1970)    IL    AIA 1924-
Stoetzel, Ralph S. (Ralph Spencer) (1917-1996)    IL    AIA 1952-1978
Ralph Stoetzel, Architect (firm)    IL
Stoffle, Merton Wayne    LA    AIA 1948-
Stoffle, William Wayne    LA    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Stogis, Joan F.    DC; MD    AIA 1978-
Stohl, Paul Eugene    MN    AIA 1966-1968
Stohldreier, William C. (d. 1954)    NY    AIA 1937-
Stohlman, Thomas Joseph (d. 2001)    DC    AIA 1956-
Stojowski, Henry Jordan    NY    AIA 1958-1966
Stoker, Leslie Arthur    UT    AIA 1969-
Stokes, Allen Frederick    NY    AIA 1954-1961
Stokes, Clifford William    PA    AIA 1959-1962
Stokes, I. N. Phelps (1867-1944)    NY    AIA 1912-1925
Stokes, James Randell    FL    AIA 1968-
Stokes, Louie Eldon    GA    AIA 1977-
Stokes, Martha O.    MA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stokes, Phelps see Stokes, I. N. Phelps (1867-1944)    NY    AIA 1912-1925
Stokka, Milton Eugene (d. 1981)    ND    AIA 1976-
Stokoe, James Stafford    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stolba, Leonard Bidwell    MA    AIA 1967-
Stoll, Donald Edwin    TN    AIA 1958-1975
Stoll, Robert James (d. 2006)    NY    AIA 1950-
Stoller, Claude    CA    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1968.
Stoller, Ezra (1914-2004)     NY
Stolpe, Duane    MN    AIA 1978-
Stolte, Sidney Lloyd (d. 1978)    MN    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1962.
Stolte, Theodore Allen (d. 2000)    CA    AIA 1961-
Stoltz, Stephen Manley    IA    AIA 1960-
Stoltze, Gustave (d. 1899)    WI    WAA 1885; AIA 1889-; FAIA 1889.
Stolze, Alvin Keshner    IL    AIA 1956-
Stomka, Daniel Edgar    NY    Assoc. AIA 1972-1973; AIA 1973-1976
Stone, Alfred (1834-1908)    RI    AIA 1870-; FAIA 1876.
Stone, Alfred Albert    CA    AIA 1963-1977
Stone, Arthur E.    TX    AIA 1971-1976; 1978-
Stone, Arthur Kyle    TX    AIA 1935-1938; 1944-1951
Stone, Bruce J.    OK    AIA 1976-
Stone, Douglas Dacre (d. 1969)    CA    AIA 1943-
Stone, Duane Deane    CA    AIA 1969-
Stone, Edward Durell (1902-1978)    NY    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1958.
Stone, Frank Folsom (d. 1952)    VA    AIA 1947-
Stone, Frank McCary (d. 1966) see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone, Fred C.    TN; TX    AIA 1920-1925; 1931-1935; 1949-1963
Stone, Gerald Eugene Nathan    TX    AIA 1967-
Stone, Grover C. (1883-1966) see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone, Guy see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone, Harris Botwinik    CT    AIA 1965-1972
Stone, Harry Watson (d. 1992)    PA    AIA 1944-
Stone, Henry William    NY    AIA 1955-
Stone, Herbert Marshall    IA    AIA 1968-
Stone, Howard Leland    NY    AIA 1930-1937
Stone, Ivan Lial    ID    AIA 1961-1964; 1969-1974; 1976-
Stone, Jacob, Jr.    MN    AIA 1913-1925
Stone, James Hicks    AR
Stone, John Edward    TX    AIA 1974-
Stone, Katherine Gibbs see Gibbs, Katherine (1907-1991)    DC; OR    AIA 1946-1959; 1975; 1983-
Stone, Michael L.    OR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stone, Richard Howard    NY    AIA 1971-
Stone, Robert B.    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stone, Robert Dunlop (d. 1978)    OK    AIA 1949-
Stone, Robert Faires (d. 2000)    NC    AIA 1956-
Stone, S. Terrence    KS; MO    AIA 1971-
Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone, Sam Payne    LA    AIA 1934-1948
Stone, Sidney Mason    CT
Stone, Tabor Rodger (d. 1986)    TX    AIA 1976-
Stone, Terrence see Stone, S. Terrence    KS; MO    AIA 1971-
Stone, Vernon Francis    KS    AIA 1957-
Stone, William Addison (d. 1976)    MI    AIA 1932-
Stone, William F., Jr.    MD    AIA 1939-
Stone, William Henry    MI    AIA 1944-1948
Stone, William J.    CA    AIA 1944-1948
Stone Brothers (firm) see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone Brothers and Crosby (firm) see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Stone Brothers & E. F. Fuhrmann (firm)    LA
Edward Durrell Stone & Assocs. (firm)    NY; IL; CA
Stone, Marraccini & Patterson (firm)    CA
Stone, Smith & Parent (firm)    MI
Stone & Thompson see Thompson & Payne (firm)    VA
Stone, Thompson & Payne see Thompson & Payne (firm)    VA
William A. Stone (firm)    MI
Stonehill, John Jay    NY    AIA 1969-1970
Stoneman, Richard Murray    CA    AIA 1974-
Stoner, Anthony R.    CA    AIA 1952-
Stoner, Harold Delmar    CA    AIA 1973-
Stoner, Harold Gordon (d. 1972)    CA    AIA 1946-
Stoner, Michael Watson    MD    AIA 1973-
Stonorov, Oskar (1905-1970)    PA; NJ    AIA 1938-; FAIA 1959.
Stonorov & Haws (firm)    PA
Stookey, Roy Wayland    KS    AIA 1945-1955
Stoopenkoff, Lavr Alexis    CA    AIA 1968-1975
Stoops, William L.    PA    AIA 1957-1977
Stophlet, Manfred M. (1876-1939)    OH    AIA 1914-
Stophlet, Mark B. (1881-1949)    OH    AIA 1937-
Stoppel, Roger Theodore    MI    AIA 1961-1975
Stopper, Eugene Alexander (d. 1951)    PA    AIA 1929-
Eugene A. Stopper (firm)    PA
Storaasli, Steven J.    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Storek, Richard Wencil    Tunisia; CA    AIA 1970-
Storey, Ellsworth P. (1879-1960)    WA    AIA 1915-1931
Storey, George Bernard    CA    AIA 1970; 1973-1975
Storey, John J. (d. 1963)    IL    AIA 1949-
Stork, C. Robert (d. 1964)    CT    AIA 1962-
Stork, Lyrinda C.    RI    AIA 1975-
Stork, Robert see Stork, C. Robert (d. 1964)    CT    AIA 1962-
Stork, Robert Caughman    SC    AIA 1950-1954
Stork, William, Jr.    SC    AIA 1946-1963
Stork & Lyles, Architects (firm)    SC
Storkovich, Dora Alyce (d. 1992)    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Storland, Wilbert M.    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Storm, Alan Le    VA    AIA 1977-
Storm, Arthur L. (d. 1936)    NY    AIA 1923-
Storm, Edward W.    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Storm, Elroy H.    WI    AIA 1978-
Storm, James Philip    CA    AIA 1957-1973
Storment, Kenneth D.    WA    AIA 1944-
Stormoen, Gene Allen    MN    AIA 1969-1971
Storrer, Bradley Ray (d. 2004)    MI; IL; SC; MS    AIA 1958-
Storrs, George Dwight, Jr.    FL    AIA 1960-
Storrs, John Whitmore, Jr.    OR    AIA 1961-1964
Storrs, Lewis Austin (d. 1997)    CA    AIA 1952-
Storrs, Wayne A.    IL    AIA 1969-1977
Lewis A. Storrs (firm)    CA
Story, Howard Tattnall (d. 2004)    AZ    AIA 1966-1973
Story, Robert Pinguey (d. 1997)    OH    AIA 1978-
Stoshitch, Savo M. (1914-1994)    CA    AIA 1946-
Stott, Charles Herbert (1905-1956)    PA    AIA 1949-
Stott, Frederick S.    NE; CA    AIA 1921-1931
Stott, Robert Doulton (d. 1965)    NY    AIA 1952-
Stottler-Stagg & Assocs. (firm)    FL; MD
Stotz, Charles Morse    PA    AIA 1927-; FAIA 1956.
Stotz, Edward (d. 1948)    PA    AIA 1899-; FAIA 1913.
Stotz, Hess & MacLachlan (firm)    PA
Charles M. & Edward Stotz, Jr. see Stotz, Hess & MacLachlan (firm)    PA
Charles M. & Edward Stotz, Jr. (firm)    PA
Stouffer, Ernest Lawrence (d. 1988)    IL    AIA 1924-
Stouffer, Henry J.    IL
Stouffer, Scott Emery    IA    AIA 1966-
Ernest L. Stouffer (firm)    IL
Stough, Craig Alan    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stough, Robert Edwin    OH    AIA 1956-
Stoughton, Charles W. (d. 1945)    NY    AIA 1911-
Stoughton, Teresa M.    PA    AIA 1961-1970
Stousland, Charles Eugene    OH    AIA 1954-
Stout, Adrian Phillip (d. 2007)    NC    AIA 1954-
Stout, Henry Voorhees    LA    AIA 1978-
Stout, Howard A. (d. 1959)    NJ    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1944.
Stout, Howard A., Jr. (d. 1987)    NJ    AIA 1942-
Stout, Joel Burr, Jr. (d. 1990)    NM; AZ    AIA 1970-
Stout, Joseph Maxwell, Jr.    MI    AIA 1968-
Stout, Myron K.    NM; AZ    AIA 1974-1978
Stout, Penrose V. (d. 1934)    NY    AIA 1929-
Stout, Wallace Redmond    WA    AIA 1958-1965
Stout & Coltrane (firm)    NC
Howard A. Stout, Architect (firm)    NJ
Stoutamire, Joseph Daniel, Jr.    VA    AIA 1967-1974
Stoutenberg, Theodore John    CT    AIA 1970-1972
Stovall, David L.    MN    AIA 1978-
Stovall, John Thomas    MD    AIA 1973-
Stovall, Thomas H.    TX    AIA 1968-
Stovall, William Robert, Jr.    MD    AIA 1971-
Stover, Alan Bruce    DC    AIA 1975-
Stover, Carl Ernest (d. 1987)    NY    AIA 1945-
Stover, Charles Coane (d. 1984)    NJ    AIA 1960-
Stover, Claire Donald    OK    AIA 1959-1961
Stover, Don Elliot (d. 1973)    CA    AIA 1957-
Stover, Douglas Lee    AZ    AIA 1978-
Stover, Roger    NY    AIA 1971-1973
Stow, Gordon Holmes (d. 2007)    MI    AIA 1948-
Stow, Robert Clyde    MI    AIA 1975-
Stowe, Ellwood E. (1881-1972)    TX    AIA 1924-1931
Stowe, George see Stowe, Ellwood E. (1881-1972)    TX    AIA 1924-1931
Stowe, Neal Phillip    UT    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1993.
Stowe, Robert Lee    TX    AIA 1977-
Stowe, William Aloysius    OH    AIA 1954-1969; 1978-
Stowell, H. Thurber (Harold Thurber), Jr.    IL    AIA 1952-; FAIA 1979.
Stowell, Harold Thurber, Jr. see Stowell, H. Thurber (Harold Thurber), Jr.    IL    AIA 1952-; FAIA 1979.
Stowell, Kenneth Kingsley (1894-1969)    GA; NY    AIA 1927-
Stowell, Robert R.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stowell, Thurber see Stowell, H. Thurber (Harold Thurber), Jr.    IL    AIA 1952-; FAIA 1979.
Stowell, Walton Danforth    MD    AIA 1970-
Stowers, Dan F., Jr.    AR    AIA 1968-
Stowers, Dan Fredrick (d. 1971)    AR    AIA 1952-
Stowers, Richard Alan    CA    AIA 1966-
Stoy, Ralph B.    MI    AIA 1977-
Stoye, Carl Bolivar    NY    AIA 1954-
Carl B. Stoye & Assocs. (firm)    NY
Stoyke, Eugene Ferdinand Henry (d. 1993)    IL    AIA 1949-1963; 1967-
Strabone, Conrad F.    PA    AIA 1976-
Stracener, Hilton Lionel    TX    AIA 1959-1976
Stracher, Donald Gerald    NY    AIA 1973-
Stracher & Borrowman (firm)    NY
Strachocki, Jeremi J.    CA    AIA 1967-1975
Strack, Elizabeth Meredith    GA    AIA 1978-
Strack, James Edward    GA    AIA 1978-
Strader, Robert James, Jr.    NM    AIA 1973-
Strader, Theodore C.    DC    AIA 1974-
Stradling, Richard H. (d. 1984)    WA    AIA 1955-
Strahle, Rolf G.    LA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Straight, Eugene DeGolyer (d. 1969)    MI    AIA 1942-
Straight, Jack Ray    OK    AIA 1977-
Strain, Everett L.    CO    AIA 1975-
Strain, William Joseph (1907-1971)    IN    AIA 1954-
Straka, James L. (d. 1993)    IA    AIA 1975-
Straka, Ronald Albert    OH    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1977.
Straka, Terry Joseph    MI    AIA 1974-
Stranahan, Glen Brink    NM    AIA 1945-1960
Stranahan, Howard Warren, Jr. see Stranahan, Warren (d. 1976)    CA    AIA 1960-
Stranahan, Warren (d. 1976)    CA    AIA 1960-
Strand, Robert Charles    MT    AIA 1971-
Strandberg, Carl Bert (d. 1949)    IL    AIA 1946-
Strandjord, Ronald Millard    IN    AIA 1962-
Strang, Allen John    WI    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1967.
Strang, John R.    VA    AIA 1957-
Strang & Childers (firm)    VA
Strang, Childers & Downham (firm)    VA
Strang Partners, Inc. (firm)    WI
Strange, John Edward    NY    AIA 1969-
Strange, Robert Cannon    CO    AIA 1964-
Strange, William Thomas, Jr. (d. 1979)    TX; CA    AIA 1942-
Strange, Inslee & Senefeld (firm)    CA
Strange-Boston, Donald Lachlan    VA    AIA 1964-
Strasenburgh, John Beaver    NJ    AIA 1965-1968
Strasheim, Del R.    NE    AIA 1974-
Strasmyer, Robert H.    OH    AIA 1978-
Strass, Robert Newgard    WI    AIA 1972-1976
Strassman, Roger Lee    MD    AIA 1967-
Strat, Thomas    MI    AIA 1970-
Stratford, Charles Merle    GA    AIA 1953-1960
Stratford, Daniel Rowe    PA    AIA 1969-
Stratton, Charles H. (d. 1946)    DC    AIA 1921-
Stratton, Edward B.    MA    AIA 1924-1935
Stratton, Gerald Brown    TN    AIA 1962-
Stratton, Hubert Thornhill (d. 1987)    VA    AIA 1961-
Stratton, S. V.    NY    AIA 1882-1895; FAIA 1889.
Stratton, Stanley    CA    AIA 1974-
Stratton, Thomas Goode    IL    AIA 1965-
Stratton, William Buck (d. 1938)    MI    AIA 1900-; FAIA 1910.
Straub, Calvin C.    CA; AZ    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1969.
Straub, Frank A. (d. 2004)    MI    AIA 1958-; FAIA 1983.
Straub, Van Dine, Assocs. (firm)    MI
Straube, Joseph William    TX    AIA 1974-
Strauch, Donald E.    CO    AIA 1977-
Strauch, Moritz F.    IL
Straughn, Alvin Ernest    FL    AIA 1964-
Straus, David A.    OR    AIA 1975-
Straus, Stewart Gordon    OR    AIA 1975-
Strauss, Allan B. (d. 1990)    NY    AIA 1976-
Strauss, Alvin Max (d. 1958)    IN    AIA 1942-
Strauss, Carl Albert (1912-2002)    OH    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1964.
Strauss, Frederick Gustavus (d. 1979)    MI    AIA 1944-
Strauss, Frederick Harold (d. 1984)    MI    AIA 1958-
Strauss, Herman S.    IN    AIA 1959-
Strauss, Lewis B.    TX    AIA 1978-
Strauss, Lucille    NY    AIA 1968-
Strauss, Peter Lee    NY    AIA 1971-1975
Strauss, Sidney L. (d. 1947)    NY    AIA 1941-
Strauss, Theodore Laurence    NY    AIA 1962-1977
A. M. Strauss (firm)    IN
A. M. Strauss & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    IN
Strauss Assocs., Inc. (firm)    IN
Stravs, Carl B. (d. 1977)    MN    AIA 1916-
Strawn, James Cecil (1901-1981)    CA    AIA 1947-1956
Strayer, Richard Dean (d. 1987)    OH    AIA 1967-
Streat, William Alfred, Jr. (1920-1994)    NC    AIA 1961-
Strebi, Robert    NJ    AIA 1966-
Streeb, Leonard J.    MS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Street, Albert Reid    CA    AIA 1956-1976
Street, Edward Hunt (d. 1994)    TN    AIA 1968-
Street, Fletcher see Street, J. Fletcher    PA    AIA 1921-1935
Street, J. Fletcher    PA    AIA 1921-1935
Street, John R., Jr.    GA    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1979.
Street, Robert F.    WA    AIA 1966-
Street, Robert Hunt    TN    AIA 1955-
Street, Samuel    IL    AIA 1876-1877
Street, Thomas Grinter (d. 1946)    TN    AIA 1940-
Street & Lundgren (firm)    WA
Streeter, Daniel Denison    NY; WA    AIA 1922-
Streeter, Melvin Edward (d. 2007)    WA    AIA 1971-
Streeter, Stephen P., III    CA    AIA 1978-
Streeton, George H.    NY    AIA 1916-1919
Streett, Bruce see Streett, J. Bruce    AR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Streett, J. Bruce    AR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strehlow, Gerald Robert    IL    AIA 1965-
Streich, Kenneth Herman    IA    AIA 1972-1978
Streissguth, Daniel Michener    WA    AIA 1965-1975; 1978-
Streitman, Nathan    NJ    AIA 1964-
Strekalovsky, Vcevold Otis    MA    AIA 1969-
Strelitz, Robert Le Van (d. 1995)    DC    AIA 1946-
Strelka, Tobolski & Strelka (firm)    IL
Strenk, Edward J.    LA    AIA 1965-
Streufert, Norman Paul    IL; AZ    AIA 1975-
Strick, Richard W.    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strick, Walter Paul    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stricker, Milton    WA    AIA 1967-
Strickfaden, Roy James    MI    AIA 1960-1975
Strickland, Charles Rutan    MA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1963.
Strickland, Delmar Louis    OH    AIA 1966-
Strickland, J. F., Jr.    TX    AIA 1959-1972
Strickland, Jack J.    CA    AIA 1954-1965; 1973-
Strickland, Joe Francis (d. 1994)    CA    AIA 1966-
Strickland, Lee Maxwell    PA    Assoc. AIA 1973-1974; AIA 1974-
Strickland, Robert Alan    AL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strickland, Sidney Talbot (d. 1954)    MA; NY    AIA 1921-
Strickland, William (1788-1854)    PA
Strickland, Willis Charles (d. 1995)    AL    AIA 1959-
Strickland, Brigham & Eldredge (firm)    MA
Strickland & Roberts (firm)    AL
Strickler, David C.    TX    AIA 1974-
Stricklin, Joe E., Jr.    MS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strider, James Dwight    OK    AIA 1978-
Striebinger, Frederic William (1870-1941)    OH    AIA 1905-1935
Strieby, Charles Wilson    KS; MI    AIA 1946-1973; 1978-
Stringer, David Gerald    CA; TX    AIA 1965-
Stringer, Lee Albert    GA    AIA 1969-
Stringham, Richard B.    UT    AIA 1959-
Stringham, Roland I. (d. 1954)    CA    AIA 1927-
Stripling, James Aaron (d. 1980)    FL    AIA 1942-1963; 1969-
Strippelman, William    IL    WAA 1884; AIA 1889-1909; FAIA 1889.
Strite, Billy Ray    ID    AIA 1975-
Stritzel, Frederick W. (d. 1995)    OH    AIA 1942-
Strizzi, David Joseph    PA    AIA 1966-1972
Strobel, Anna    MA    AIA 1961-
Strobel, John F., Jr. (d. 1956)    NY    AIA 1926-
Strock, Arthur van Zandt (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1978-; FAIA 1994.
Strode, H. B., Jr.    TX    AIA 1968-1975
Strode, Royall M.    TX
Stroebe, Francis G. (d. 2002)    MT    AIA 1953-
Stroessner, Donald Gene    TX    AIA 1976-
Stroh, John Frankish (d. 1999)    CA    AIA 1959-
Stroh, William R. (d. 2007)    MD    AIA 1978-
Strohbach, Susanne    NY    AIA 1974-
Strohm, Ronald A.    OH    AIA 1978-
Strohmeyer, Carll Foster (d. 1950)    MD    AIA 1950-
Strohmeyer, Charles (d. 1946)    NY    AIA 1946-
Stroik, David L.    WI    AIA 1977-
Strollo, Lawrence Anthony    VA    AIA 1968-1972
Strollo, Rebell Francis (d. 1997)    OH    AIA 1963-
Strombach, Victor H. (1887-1943)    NJ    AIA 1921-
Stromberg, Richard John    IL    AIA 1952-1960
Strommer, John A.    NY    AIA 1943-1964
Stromquist, Oscar G.    CO    AIA 1924-1935
Stromquist, Victor H. (d. 1959)    IL; TN; AR    AIA 1937-
Stromquist, Walter Swanson (d. 1980)    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1972.
Stromsland, Kenneth Peter    IL    AIA 1977-
Strona, Carl Loren    CA    AIA 1972-
Strong, Allen D.    CA    AIA 1978-
Strong, Anthony Charles (d. 1977)    PA    AIA 1962-
Strong, Carlton (d. 1931)    PA    AIA 1910-
Strong, Carter Bruce    MI    AIA 1956-
Strong, Charles Dunwoody (d. 1975)    CO    AIA 1969-
Strong, Charles R. (d. 1968)    OH    AIA 1926-
Strong, Donald Willis    NY    AIA 1970-1976
Strong, Douglas E.    MA    AIA 1960-
Strong, Edgar Lee    CA    AIA 1965-1966; 1971-1973
Strong, Harvey Gene    TN    AIA 1967-
Strong, Howard John (d. 2002)    NE    AIA 1954-
Strong, James W.    OH    AIA 1970-1977
Strong, James William    OH    AIA 1950-1954
Strong, Kenneth A.    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strong, Lyman (d. 2001)    OH    AIA 1950-
Strong, Terry J.    CO    AIA 1968-1973; 1974-
Strong, William R.    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strong & Drury (firm)    MI
Strong, Strong & Strong (firm)    OH
Stroom, Lowell Milton    DC    AIA 1967-1974
Stroop, H. Rodger (Henry Rodger)    IL; MI    AIA 1955-
Stroop, Henry Rodger see Stroop, H. Rodger (Henry Rodger)    IL; MI    AIA 1955-
Stroop, Rodger see Stroop, H. Rodger (Henry Rodger)    IL; MI    AIA 1955-
Stroth, Kenneth L.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strother, Dean MacGregor    OH    AIA 1969-1972; 1978-
Strothers, James William    PA    AIA 1965-1976
Strothoff, Charles F. (d. 1963)    CA    AIA 1944-
Strotkamp, Thomas B.    WA    AIA 1978-
Strott, William John, Jr.    PA    AIA 1964-1970
Strottman, Robert Edward    NE    AIA 1968-
Strotz, August K.    CA    AIA 1965-
Stroud, Jerry    AL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stroup, Harry B.    KS    AIA 1978-
Stroup, Jim R.    OR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strout, Harold K. (engineer) see Britsch & Munger (firm) OH
Struble, Wayne    OR    AIA 1956-
Struck, Carl F.    MN    WAA 1884; AIA 1889-1891; FAIA 1889.
Struck, Eugene J., Jr.    CA    AIA 1977-
Struebig, Adolph Louis    MO    AIA 1946-1950
Strum, Jerry S.    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Strunk, Earl Henry (d. 2002)    NY; FL    AIA 1947-
Strunk, Robert E.    PA    AIA 1978-
Struppmann, Herbert Charles (d. 1981)    NY    AIA 1952-
Struthers, William F.    PA    AIA 1901-1907; 1921-1931
Stryker, Edmond Milburn    KS    AIA 1968-1976
Stryker, John P.     OH
Stryker, Paul Virgil    OH    AIA 1944-1950
Stuart, Alexander    KY; AZ    AIA 1960-1966; 1972-1976
Stuart, Bertram Dudley (d. 1978)    WA    AIA 1944-
Stuart, George P.    MA    AIA 1947-1953
Stuart, John Sim    TX    AIA 1956-
Stuart, Karl Dane    NC    AIA 1966-
Stuart, Lee, Jr.    TX    AIA 1953-
Stuart, Lloyd Gordon    OH    AIA 1968-1976; 1977-
Stuart, Martin    CA    AIA 1968-1971
Stubbins, Hugh, Jr. (1912-2006)    MA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1960.
Stubbins, Hugh Asher, III    VT; MA    AIA 1973-1976; 1977-
Hugh Stubbins & Assocates (firm)    MA
Stubblefield, Joe Lee (d. 2007)    TX    AIA 1975-
Stubbs, Frank Ray    NM    AIA 1975-
Stubbs, Sidney W., Jr.    SC    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1990.
Stubbs, William King (d. 1986)    LA    AIA 1938-
Stubbs, William M.    OH    AIA 1978-
Stubee, Henry Aam (d. 1957)    TX    AIA 1944-
Stubee, Henry Dean    Tx    AIA 1964-1976
Stubel, Brenda Jean    TX    AIA 1973-
Stubenrauch, Edgar Albert (1894-1988)    WI    AIA 1942-
Stubenrauch Assoc., Inc. (firm)    WI
Edgar A. Stubenrauch and Associates (firm)    WI
Stuchell, Clair Alexander (d. 1968)    MI    AIA 1942-
Stuck, Elmer Axtell (d. 1978)    AR    AIA 1929-1935; 1949-
Stuck, Frier, Lane & Scott, Inc. (firm)    AR
Stuckey, D. Scott    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stuckey, Scott see Stuckey, D. Scott    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stuckman, Richard Hervey    MI    AIA 1958-
Stuckwish, Robert Bruce    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stucky, George David (d. 1997)    MI    AIA 1968-
Stucky, Gordon Keith    OK; KS    AIA 1972-
Studds, Eastman    NY; MA; AL    AIA 1937-1952
Studebaker, Ira John    CO    AIA 1976-
Studer, Frank Melbourne (d. 2001)    CA; TX    AIA 1956-
Study, Guy (d. 1959)    MO    AIA 1926-; FAIA 1940.
Study, Farrar & Majers (firm)    MO
Stueber, Raymond J.    Oh    AIA 1970-
Stueber, Theodore H.    TX    AIA 1954-
Stuebinger, Roy    HI    AIA 1976-
Stuermer, Adolph Dietrich    TX    AIA 1945-
Stuermer, Ray (d. 1981)    IL; IN    AIA 1948-
Stuhl, Jack Phillip    OR    AIA 1974-
Stuhldreher, Michael W.    PA    AIA 1968-
Stuhlmacher, David A.    WI    AIA 1978-
Stuhr, Robert Francis (1917-2003)    CA    AIA 1954-
Stuhr & Hicks (firm)    CA
Stuhr, Parkhurst, Appier see Parkhurst, Appier, Morolf-Assocs. (firm)    IL
William Stuhr, Architect (firm)    IL
Stulb, Henry Lowrey    GA    AIA 1944-
Stulen, Walter H.    PA    AIA 1924-1937
Stulinsky, John A.    NC    AIA 1974-
Stull, Donald Leroy (1937-2020)    MA    AIA 1967-1977; ?-; FAIA 1981.
Stull, Ned Ray (d. 1993)    NJ; NC    AIA 1960-
Stull Assocs. Inc. (firm)    MA
Stultz, Harold Burnell, Jr.    PA    AIA 1969-
Stultz, Harry Thomas, Jr.    VA; MI    AIA 1948-
Stumm, Robert J., Jr.    LA    AIA 1978-
Stump, Harold Andrew (1905-1996)    CA
Stumpp, Charles John (d. 1980)    NJ    AIA 1942-
Sturdevant, Thomas Kirkbride (d. 1922)    PA    AIA 1921-
Sturgeon, Frank Victor    CA    Assoc. AIA 1973-1976
Sturges, A. Burnside (Arthur Burnside)    OH, CA    AIA 1909-1918
Sturges, Howard Putnam (b. 1885)    IL    AIA 1921-1925
Sturges, Philemon Fowler, Jr.    RI    AIA 1964-
Sturges, Walter Knight (d. 1991)    NY    AIA 1946-
Sturgis, Alanson Hall (d. 1964)    MA    AIA 1922-1941; 1961-
Sturgis, Alfred William (d. 1970)    HI    AIA 1949-1951; 1965-
Sturgis, Clipston see Sturgis, R. Clipston (d. 1951)    MA; NH    AIA 1891-; FAIA 1891.
Sturgis, John H. (1834-1888)    MA    AIA 1864-; FAIA 1864.
Sturgis, John Joseph    CA    AIA 1962-
Sturgis, Norman Romney (d. 1947)    NY; MA    AIA 1923-
Sturgis, R. Clipston (d. 1951)    MA; NH    AIA 1891-; FAIA 1891.
Sturgis, Richard Norman    OR    AIA 1968-
Sturgis, Robert Shaw    MA    AIA 1955-; FAIA 1971.
Sturgis, Russell (1836-1909)    NY    AIA 1865-; FAIA 1865.
Sturgis Associates Inc. (firm)    MA
Norman R. Sturgis (firm)    NY
Sturm, Donald W.    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Sturm, Lawrence Edward    TX    AIA 1971-
Sturm, Meyer Joseph (1872-1954)    IL    AIA 1916-1939; 1947-
Meyer J. Sturm, Architect (firm)    IL
Sturniolo, Samuel T. (d. 1985)    OH    AIA 1977-
Sturr, Albert (d. 1937)    NY    AIA 1930-
Stutz, Louis F.    DC    AIA 1896-1902; FAIA 1896.
Stutzman, James R.    IN    AIA 1976-
Stuyck, Gerald P.    TX    AIA 1978-
Styffe, John N. (d. 1972)    NY    AIA 1950-
Styles, Hugh Borthwick (d. 2000)    CA    AIA 1973-
Styner, Jon C.    OR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Stypula, John Walter    CA    AIA 1969-