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Wobbe, Raymond C.    TX    AIA 1978-
Woehle, Fritz    AL    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1975.
Woehrl, Charles A., Jr. (d. 2005)    WI    AIA 1957-1976
Woelffer, Robert E.    WA    AIA 1977-
Woerner, Frank Joseph, Sr. (d. 1976)    TX    AIA 1921-
Woerner, Herman Frederick    MA    AIA 1965-
Woerner, J. Frederick, Jr. (d. 1988)    NY    AIA 1964-
Woerner, Peter Kurt    CT    AIA 1977-; FAIA 1992.
Woestemeyer, Otto Frederick (d. 1996)    TX    AIA 1947-
Wofford, Herbert Samuel    TX    AIA 1971-
Wofford, James A.    TX    AIA 1978-
Wofford, Theodore J.    MO    AIA 1962-
Wofford, William Russell    GA    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1978.
Wogan, Victor (1870-1953)    LA    AIA 1916-
Wogan, Bernard and de la Vergne (firm) see Toledano, Albert (1859-1923)    LA    WAA 1887; AIA 1889-1895; 1916-; FAIA 1889.
Wohl, Sigmund    NY    AIA 1975-
Wohlberg, J. Arthur (d. 1974)    FL    AIA 1951-
Wohlberg, John Bruce (d. 1965)    KS    AIA 1962-
Wohleb, Joseph H. (1887-1958)    WA    AIA 1924-
Wohleb, Robert Henry (d. 1966)    WA    AIA 1949-
Joseph H. Wohleb and Robert H. Wohleb (firm)    WA
Wohleb & Wohleb and Associates, Architects & Engineers (firm)    WA
Wohlmuth, Joseph Allen    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wohlmuth, Joseph H.    MD    AIA 1972-
Wohlsen, James Richard    PA    AIA 1948-1950
Woitek, Jurgen Paul    PA    AIA 1973-
Wojahn, Eric F.    OH    AIA 1942-1951
Wojahn, Gilbert Merrill    WA    AIA 1950-
Wojciechowski, Christopher Richard    CA    AIA 1967-
Wojewski, Jack A.    TX    AIA 1978-
Wojtulewicz, Boleslaw    NJ    AIA 1975-1978
Wolaver, William Harold    OK    AIA 1944-
Wolaver, William Harold, Jr.    OK    AIA 1964-1971
Wolcken, Frederic William    PA    AIA 1970-1974
Wölcken, Frederick William (1903-1976)    PA    AIA 1943-1950
Wolcott, John Winthrop (1895-1970)    MD    AIA 1948-
Wold, Clark Dolan    MN    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1972.
Wold, Hugo W.    MN
Wold, Lauren E.    MN    AIA 1978-
Wold, Robert Lee (1931-2000)    MI    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1985.
Wold Assocs. Inc. (firm)    MN
Wold & Bowers (firm)    MI
Wold, Bowers, DeShane & Covert, Architects, Engineers & Planners, Inc. (firm)    MI
Wolf, Albert Jacob, Jr. (1914-2004)    LA    AIA 1946-
Wolf, Alexander C. (1880-1966)    OH    AIA 1917-1930
Wolf, Carrol Ann    CA    AIA 1975-
Wolf, Harry Charles, III    NC    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1977.
Wolf, Harry Joe    TX    AIA 1978-
Wolf, Henry Charles    IN
Wolf, Herbert John, Jr.    TX    AIA 1967-1969
Wolf, J. Robert, Jr. (d. 1970)    MA    AIA 1962-
Wolf, Janice G.    NC    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Wolf, Joseph (d. 1914)    NY    AIA 1894-; FAIA 1894.
Wolf, Kenneth C.    CA    AIA 1977-
Wolf, Leonard (d. 1962)    IA    AIA 1940-; FAIA 1961.
Wolf, Lewis Edward    MD    AIA 1960-1965
Wolf, Otha    OK    AIA 1955-1967; 1968-1972
Wolf, Otto C. (1856-1916)    PA    AIA 1901-
Wolf, Richard    CA    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1982.
Wolf, Rollin L. (d. 2004)    PA    AIA 1942-
Wolf, Rudolph (1909-2005)    CA
Wolf, Stanley Morton    NY    AIA 1963-1974; 1978-
Wolf, William W. (1898-1983)    Austria; CA    AIA 1946-
Wolf & Hahn (firm)    PA
Wolf, Hendrix & Assocs. (firm)    PA
Wolfard, Harold Nelson (d. 1977)    CA    AIA 1945-
Wolfberg, David Allen    FL    AIA 1973-
Wolfcale, James Roy    IL; FL    AIA 1951-1955
Wolfe, Alice R.    IL    AIA 1977-
Wolfe, Anthony Lee    PA    AIA 1957-
Wolfe, Arthur (1903-1978)    CA    AIA 1946-1971
Wolfe, C. E.    CA
Wolfe, C. Thomas    CA    AIA 1957-1965
Wolfe, C. William (d. 1990)    NJ    AIA 1970-1976
Wolfe, Cameron Lee, Jr.    VA    AIA 1976-
Wolfe, Clifford Eugene    IL; NY    AIA 1954-
Wolfe, David William    NC    AIA 1976-
Wolfe, Earl Vinson (b. 1910, deceased)    FL    AIA 1942-1958
Wolfe, G. Morton (George Morton) (1885-1966)    NY    AIA 1944-
Wolfe, Gary A.    CA    AIA 1971-
Wolfe, George Madison (d. 1978)    PA    AIA 1959-
Wolfe, Harold D., Jr.    CA    AIA 1967-
Wolfe, Howard Clark    TX    AIA 1947-1965
Wolfe, James E.    CA    AIA 1881-1889; FAIA 1882.
Wolfe, John Kenneth    TN    AIA 1972-1975
Wolfe, Lawrence (d. 1953)    PA; VA    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1941.
Wolfe, Lawrence Clark    PA    AIA 1953-
Wolfe, Michael A.    OR    AIA 1978-
Wolfe, Morton see Wolfe, G. Morton (George Morton) (1885-1966)    NY    AIA 1944-
Wolfe, Myer Richard    KS    AIA 1949-1955
Wolfe, Sebastian Andrew    IL; TX; AZ    AIA 1967-
Wolfe, Spencer T. (d. 1999)    ID    AIA 1978-
Wolfe, Thomas Barnes (1860-1923)    PA    AIA 1913-
Wolfe, William Henry (d. 1925)    NJ    AIA 1921-
Lawrence & Anthony Wolfe (firm)    PA
Wolfe-Woods & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    CA
Wolfenbarger, Floyd O. (d. 1979)    KS    AIA 1939-; FAIA 1969.
F. O. Wolfenbarger & Assocs. (firm)    KS
Wolfenbarger & McCulley (firm)    KS
Wolff, Darrell Burton    OH    AIA 1977-
Wolff, F. Louis    FL    AIA 1956-
Wolff, George Melville    OR    AIA 1943-
Wolff, Louis Michael (d. 1977)    SC    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1967.
Wolff, Maurice    NY    AIA 1969-
Wolff, Paul Martin John    CA    AIA 1966-1968
Wolff, Richard T.    MI    AIA 1974-
Wolff & Hall (firm)    FL
Wolff & Phillips see Wolff & Zimmer (firm)    OR
Wolff & Zimmer (firm)    OR
Wolff, Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca, Ritter (firm)    OR
Wolfley, Chester Eldred    IL    AIA 1954-1960
Wolfley, Richard Franklin (d. 2002)    IL    AIA 1953-
Wolfman, Ernest    FL    AIA 1963-
Wolford, Boyd C.    PA    AIA 1970-1976
Wolford, Wayne Arlo    OH    AIA 1969-
Wolfson, George E. R.    CA    AIA 1974-
Wolfson, Lenard Hinds    IN    AIA 1973-1974
Wolfson, Max Joseph    IL    AIA 1949-1952
Wolgamood, Leo James (d. 1975)    NM; AZ    AIA 1946-
Wolgamood, Millington & Assocs. Co. (firm)    NM
Wolin, Richard Craig    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wolk, Michael H.    MI    AIA 1978-
Woll, Peter    NY    AIA 1976-
Wollenweber, Kenneth Herman    OR    AIA 1958-1970
Wollin, Earl F. (d. 1998)    NY    AIA 1946-
Wollon, James T., Jr.    MD    AIA 1971-
Wolner, Howard Henry    IN    AIA 1958-
Wolnitzek, Frederick W., III    KY    AIA 1976-
Wolstenholm, Robert W.    CA    AIA 1978-
Wolter, Donald D.    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wolters, David Carlton    TX    AIA 1978-
Wolters, Donald    CA    AIA 1964-
Wolters, Henry    KY    WAA 1884; AIA 1889-1895; FAIA 1889.
Wolters and Harrod (firm)    LA
Woltersdorf, Arthur F. (d. 1948)    IL    AIA 1901-; FAIA 1912.
Woltz, Robert P., Jr. (d. 1994)    TX    AIA 1938-
Wolverton, Donald Leland    CA    AIA 1958-
Womack, Albert Linwood (d. 1993)    VA    AIA 1955-
Womack, Charles Richard    TX    AIA 1977-
Womack, James Vaughan    TX    AIA 1957-1959
Womack, John Calvin    AR    AIA 1977-
Womack, John V.    TX    AIA 1978-
Womack, Stanley H.    PA    AIA 1977-
Womack, Willard LaMarr    TX    AIA 1973-
Womack, William Carl    GA    AIA 1965-
Womble, John Thomas    LA    AIA 1963-1972
Womelsdorf, William N. (d. 1988)    OH; DC; AL    AIA 1945-
William N. Womelsdorf (firm)    AL
Wonderlick, Dennis N.    IL    AIA 1969-
Wonderly, Ethel S. see Sklar, Ethel (1918-2012)    MO    AIA 1976-
Wong, Albert    CA    AIA 1959-
Wong, Alexander    CA    AIA 1976-
Wong, Anthony Hark-Ping (d. 1990)    WA    Assoc. AIA 1972-1973; AIA 1978-
Wong, Bill Christopher    OR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wong, Charles W.    CA    AIA 1957-
Wong, Daniel    CA    AIA 1976-
Wong, Dick Wing    CA    AIA 1973-
Wong, Edward    CA    AIA 1960-1965
Wong, Ernest Wan Chee    TX    AIA 1973-
Wong, Francis Michael Wai-Lin    HI    AIA 1976-; FAIA 1992.
Wong, Frank J.    CA    AIA 1961-
Wong, Franklin J.    HI    AIA 1974-
Wong, Gin Dan (1922-2017)    CA    AIA 1955-; FAIA 1966.
Wong, Harold    CA    AIA 1976-
Wong, Harold Thomas    CA    AIA 1962-
Wong, Harry J.    CA    AIA 1969-1970
Wong, Harvey W.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wong, Henry Keung    NY    AIA 1968-1973
Wong, Hong-Yuen    CA; Guam    AIA 1971-
Wong, Howard    TX    AIA 1965-
Wong, Howard Marn Yung    HI    AIA 1960-
Wong, Jackson Lunn    OR    AIA 1970-
Wong, Jam F.    CO    AIA 1977-
Wong, James P.    MI    AIA 1959-
Wong, Joe B. (1921-2011)    AZ    AIA 1956-1965; 1972-1978; 1980-
Wong, Joseph On-Woo    CA    AIA 1977-
Wong, Kellogg H.    NY    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1986.
Wong, Kwan Lam    CA    AIA 1978-
Wong, Pak-Cheung    Hong Kong    AIA 1978-
Wong, Paul Yin    CA    AIA 1956-1978
Wong, Pershing    NY    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1980.
Wong, Robert B.    CA    AIA 1957-
Wong, Robert Koon Lai    HI    AIA 1966-
Wong, Robert L. (d. 1998)    MD    AIA 1969-1973
Wong, Robert S.    NY    AIA 1970-1978
Wong, Robert Tuk Wo    HI    AIA 1960-
Wong, Robin    NY    AIA 1968-
Wong, Stanley Fung Sun    HI    AIA 1958-
Wong, Wallace    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wong, Warren C. T.    CA    AIA 1952-
Wong, Weng Chiew    MI    AIA 1965-
Wong, Wilfred Sau Hoong    CA    AIA 1962-
Wong, William    CA    AIA 1959-
Wong, William King To, Jr.    TX    AIA 1961-; FAIA 2000.
Wong, Worley K. (1912-1985)    CA    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1961.
Wong, Yau Chun (d. 1994)    IL    AIA 1962-; FAIA 1975.
Worley K. Wong, Ronald G. Brocchini & Assocs. (firm)    CA
Wong & Kami (firm)    CA
Wong & Threadgill see Wong & Tung & Assocs. (firm)    TX
Wong & Tung & Assocs. (firm)    TX
Wong & Wong (firm)    HI
Woo, Benjamin    WA    AIA 1964-
Woo, Carolina Ying Chi    NY    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1988.
Woo, Chiu-Yuen Gene    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woo, George    HI    AIA 1967-
Woo, Joe, Jr.    IL    AIA 1968-
Woo, Peter C.    CA    AIA 1965-1977
Woo, Tom    CA    AIA 1959-
Woo & Park (firm)    WA
Wood, Albert Gardner (1886-1973)    MI; NY    AIA 1919-1930; 1956-1970
Wood, Allen Price    SC    AIA 1972-
Wood, Avery Wayman, Jr.    SC    AIA 1957-
Wood, Barton Dixon (d. 1956)    MI    AIA 1944-
Wood, Carleton C. (d. 1956)    WV    AIA 1926-1935; 1949-
Wood, Carleton Cost, Jr. (d. 1998)    WV    AIA 1959-1970
Wood, Charles Anthony, Jr. (d. 1989)    NJ    AIA 1961-
Wood, Charles Raymond    TX    AIA 1963-
Wood, Charles S.    NY    AIA 1918-1930
Wood, Donald Gene    IN    AIA 1968-
Wood, Donald L.    OR    AIA 1977-
Wood, E. Kayden (Eugene Kayden), Jr.    MD; OH; FL    AIA 1971-
Wood, Earl Paton    NM    AIA 1967-
Wood, Edith Elmer (1871-1945)    DC
Wood, Edward J. (1863-1925)    WV    AIA 1922-
Wood, Edwin Freegard    MO    AIA 1955-
Wood, Eldon Fields (d. 2005)    VA    AIA 1959-
Wood, Emmet Cecil    NY    AIA 1946-1965
Wood, Eric Fisher (1889-1962)    PA    AIA 1922-1935; 1950-
Wood, Erskine, II    OR    AIA 1973-1976
Wood, Eugene Kayden, Jr. see Wood, E. Kayden (Eugene Kayden), Jr.    MD; OH; FL    AIA 1971-
Wood, Frederick William    SC    AIA 1970-
Wood, Gary Brent    MD    AIA 1974-
Wood, George E.    RI    AIA 1974-
Wood, Gordon Edward    MO    AIA 1973-
Wood, Harry Paul    CA; NV    AIA 1966-1970; 1978-
Wood, Hart (1880-1957)    HI    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1948.
Wood, Henry Austin, III    MA    AIA 1969-; FAIA 1993.
Wood, Henry Russell    NC    AIA 1966-1976
Wood, Herbert A.    CA    AIA 1968-1974
Wood, J. W.    TX    AIA 1970-1973
Wood, Jack (1921-2014)    TX    AIA 1963-
Wood, James E.    MA    AIA 1924-1929
Wood, James Royal    AR    AIA 1975-
Wood, James William    AR    AIA 1956-
Wood, John C.    UT    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wood, John Terry, Jr. (d. 2007)    NC    AIA 1958-
Wood, John Walter (d. 1958)    NY    AIA 1937-
Wood, John William, III    WV    Assoc. AIA 1976-
Wood, Joseph Nathan    VA    AIA 1973-
Wood, Kayden see Wood, E. Kayden (Eugene Kayden), Jr.    MD; OH; FL    AIA 1971-
Wood, Kenneth Shimer    IN; NY; IL    AIA 1962-
Wood, Leslie J.    MO    AIA 1969-
Wood, Maurice Allred    OK    AIA 1958-1961
Wood, Norton Ellsworth    CA; DC; MD; MA; RI; NJ    AIA 1921-1935
Wood, Paul Luther (d. 1984)    NY    AIA 1945-
Wood, Peter O.    CO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wood, Richard D.    NV    AIA 1978-
Wood, Richard G.    Guam; HI    AIA 1972-
Wood, Robert Donald    TX    AIA 1974-
Wood, Robert Emil (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1961-1971; 1976-
Wood, Robert Mowry    CA    AIA 1973-
Wood, Roscoe L. (d. 1985)    MD; CA    AIA 1947-
Wood, Rufus Dean    PA    AIA 1921-1937
Wood, Russell Jerome    MA; NY    AIA 1961-1977
Wood, Thomas H.    GA    AIA 1978-
Wood, Tinothy Daniel    NY    AIA 1976-
Wood, Waddy B. (1869-1944)    DC; VA    AIA 1908-; FAIA 1916.
Wood, Walter D. (d. 1986)    NY    AIA 1946-
Wood, William Albert (d. 1918)    PA    AIA Feb. 1918
Wood, William Charles    TX    AIA 1947-1958
Wood, William Eugene    OH    AIA 1958-1975
Wood, William R.    MN    AIA 1974-
Wood & Kock (firm)    OH
Wood & Simpson see Horace G. Simpson    CA
Wood, Weed & Associates see Weed & Kelley Inc. (firm)    HI
Woodall, Charles Edward    NC    AIA 1966-
Woodall, James Edward    AL    AIA 1964-1967
Woodall, Jefferson Cogdell    NC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woodard, Albert P. (d. 1970)    FL    AIA 1947-
Woodard, Barney Paul, Jr.    NC    AIA 1978-
Woodard, David Eric    CT    AIA 1971-
Woodard, Donald Spaulding (d. 1995)    OH    AIA 1965-
Woodard, Harrison Eugene (d. 1976)    TX    AIA 1967-
Woodard, Maynard Winthrop (d. 1985)    CA    AIA 1951-; FAIA 1962.
Woodard, Stewart C.    CA    AIA 1964-
Woodard, Thomas    TN    AIA 1967-
Woodbridge, Frederick James (d. 1974)    NY    AIA 1931-; FAIA 1950.
Woodbridge, John Marshall    CA    AIA 1960-; FAIA 1974.
Woodburn, Chester C. (d. 1960)    IA    AIA 1942-
Woodburn, William More (d. 1987)    IA    AIA 1954-
Woodburn & O'Neil (firm)    IA
Woodbury, Charles Johnson, II    CA    AIA 1953-1964
Woodbury, Julian Taliaferro (d. 1984)    GA; NJ    AIA 1940-
Woodcock, David G.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1975-; AIA ; FAIA 1992.
Woodcock, S. S.    MA    AIA 1870-1877
Wooddall, Raymond Lee, Jr.    GA    AIA 1967-
Woodfin, Charles Daniel    IN    AIA 1976-
Woodford, C. Day (Charles Day) (1910-1987)    CA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1963.
Woodford, Charles Day see Woodford, C. Day (Charles Day) (1910-1987)    CA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1963.
Woodford, Chenault    KY    AIA 1968-
Woodford, Day see Woodford, C. Day (Charles Day) (1910-1987)    CA    AIA 1947-; FAIA 1963.
Woodford, John Howard    CA    AIA 1972-
Woodford & Bernard (firm)    CA
Woodham, John Webster    AL    AIA 1967-
Woodhouse, Urban Udall (d. 1978)    MI    AIA 1950-
Woodhouse, William Eugene    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woodhurst, Robert Stanford, Jr. see Woodhurst, Stanford, Jr.    GA    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1992.
Woodhurst, Stanford, Jr.    GA    AIA 1949-; FAIA 1992.
Woodhurst & O'Brien (firm)    GA
Woodland, Gordon Crawford    PA    AIA 1953-1971
Woodling, Wendell Arnett    AZ    AIA 1976-
Woodlock, Frank William (d. 1970)    CT    AIA 1957-
Woodman, Arthur T.    KS    AIA 1972-
Woodman, George Douglas    MI    AIA 1977-
Woodman, Jack Elvyn (d. 2005)    WA    AIA 1969-
Woodman, Jonathan J.    MA    AIA 1975-1978
Woodman, Pierre    CA    AIA 1949-1955
Woodman, T. W. (Thomas Winfrey), Jr.    CA    AIA 1965-1974; 1975-
Woodman, Thomas J.    OH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woodman, Wilson Vernon (d. 1995)    CA    AIA 1958-
Jack Woodman & Associates (firm)    WA
Woodman, Van Doren, Reynolds, Architects & Planning Consultants (firm)    KS
Woodmansee, Jack T.    ID    AIA 1948-1957
Woodnutt, Charles E.    PA    AIA 1927-1930
Woodrich, Edwin Bernard    CA; CO    AIA 1957-
Woodroffe, Enrique A.    FL    AIA 1978-; FAIA 2000.
Woodroof, Albert C. (1895-1986)    NC    AIA 1957-1962
Woodroof, Albert Cecil, Jr. (1920-1991)    NC    AIA 1957-1977
Albert C. Woodroof (firm)    NC
Woodroof & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    NC
Woodroof & MacRae, Inc. see Woodroof & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    NC
Albert Woodroof-A. C. Woodroof, Jr. (firm)    NC
Woodrow, Charles G.    KS    AIA 1978-
Woodruff, Bliss    NH    AIA 1956-
Woodruff, Clyde H. (d. 1963)    TX    AIA 1948-
Woodruff, Eugene J.    UT    AIA 1975-
Woodruff, F. L. (engineer) see Project Architects and Engineers (firm)    OH
Woodruff, Frank P.    NJ    AIA 1945-
Woodruff, Franklin, Jr.    NC    AIA 1963-1976
Woodruff, Lewis Jay (d. 1964)    TX    AIA 1943-
Woodruff, Thomas Albert    NC; FL    AIA 1967-
Woods, Charles Casper    UT    AIA 1943-1958
Woods, Clayton Thomas    CA    AIA 1972-
Woods, Elliott (d. 1923)    DC    AIA 1921-
Woods, Everett D.    TN    AIA 1925-1931; 1936-
Woods, Francis Shields    NY    AIA 1952-1957
Woods, Frank Wyatt (1887-1962)    FL    AIA 1946-
Woods, Franklin D. R.    AL    AIA 1974-
Woods, Frederick C.    AL    AIA 1953-
Woods, Gordon G.    VT    AIA 1961-
Woods, Harlie Dalton, Jr.    KS    AIA 1955-
Woods, Harold G., Jr.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woods, James Darse    IN    AIA 1958-
Woods, Kenneth Reginald    IL    AIA 1958-
Woods, Lebbeus    NY
Woods, Lee Ralph    CA; WA    AIA 1974-
Woods, Richard M.    WI    AIA 1973-
Woods, Roger Shaw    UT    AIA 1942-1958
Woods, Wilbur Leonard    NY    AIA 1969-
Woods & Starr (firm)    KS
Woods & Woods (firm)    UT
Woodside, Harry Robert    TX    AIA 1946-1960
Woodson, Howard Dilworth (1876-1962)    DC
Woodson, Jack Alan    CA    AIA 1971-
Woodson, Roy L.    DC    AIA 1978-
Woodward, Clifford B. (1878-1932)    OH    AIA 1916-1920; 1926-1942
Woodward, Deane M.    ME    AIA 1959-
Woodward, Harold Edward (d. 1958)    SC; MD    AIA 1941-
Woodward, Lawrence A.    PA    AIA 1977-
Woodward, Mary Cooke    DC    AIA 1976-
Woodward, Paul de Yoe    VA    AIA 1948-1960
Woodward, Robert Louis    FL    AIA 1968-
Woodward, Ronald Edwin    NY    AIA 1962-
Woodward, Thomas Edward    TX    AIA 1963-; FAIA 1985.
Woodward, Willard M.    CA    AIA 1966-
Woodward, William Henry    LA    AIA 1951-1962
Woodward, Cape & Partners, Inc. see Envirodynamics, Inc. (firm)    TX
Woodward-Nichols (firm)    CA
Woodworth, J. B. (d. 1893)    MA    AIA ?-; FAIA 1890.
Woodworth, James Philip    TX; MO    AIA 1970-
Woodworth, James Wilsey    CO    AIA 1971-
Woodworth, Lilburn Lamley    MI    AIA 1944-1951
Woodworth, Robert Eugene, Jr.    IL    AIA 1977-
Woodworth, Robin E.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-1980; AIA 1980-
Woody, Charles Kenyon    MT    AIA 1978-
Woody, John A.    OR    AIA 1974-
Woody, Oran R.    NM    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Woody, Oscar Griffith (d. 1962)    IA; CO; NM; WY    AIA 1942-
Woody, William Lee    MO    AIA 1978-
Woodyatt, Ernest (d. 1922)    IL    AIA 1916-
Wooldridge, Coy Robert (d. 1984)    IL    AIA 1966-
Wooldridge, Donn    AZ    AIA 1970-
Wooldridge, Rex Hunter    TX    AIA 1974-
Woolett, William (d. 1874)    NY    AIA 1873-; FAIA 1873.
Wooley, J. Bedford (d. 1981)    PA    AIA 1945-
Woolf, Kenneth Howard    FL    AIA 1973-
Woolf, John Elgin (1908-1980)    CA
Woolf, Robert Koch (1923-2004)    CA
Woolfall, Graham Hartley    MD; WA    AIA 1948-1959; 1963-1965
Woolfe, Donald A.    CA    AIA 1978-
Woollen, Evans, III    IN    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1983.
Woollen, Joseph Michael    NC    Assoc. AIA 1978; AIA 1978-
Woollett, Joseph Lawrence    CA    AIA 1968-
Woollett, William (d. 1988)    CA    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1970.
Woollett, William Lee (d. 1955)    CA    AIA 1918-1931; 1949-
Woolley, Eben Byron    CT    AIA 1949-1976
Woolley, Herbert M.    MO    AIA 1945-1951; 1969-1977
Woolley, Nathan (d. 1993)    NJ; NY; UT    AIA 1958-1965; 1969-
Woolley, Taylor    UT    AIA 1921-1931
Woolridge, Alexander Hamilton (d. 1994)    TX    AIA 1959-1961; 1964-
Heathcote M. Woolsey (firm)    CT
Woolston, William K.    ME    AIA 1966-
Woolverton, Robert Dwight    FL    AIA 1973-
Woolwine, Harwood & Clark (firm)    TN
Woosley, Wayne Eugene    MT    AIA 1969-
Wooster, Shirley Oliver, Jr.    NC; FL    AIA 1965-
Wooten, A. Mitchell (d. 1940)    NC    AIA 1938-
Wooten, James Ronald    TX    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1993.
Wooten, Joseph B.    CA    AIA 1964-1970
Wooten, Stephen    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wooten & Bogard (firm)    TX
Wootters, Leon Blum (d. 1994)    TX    AIA 1952-
Worcester, Charles E.    MA    AIA 1974-
Worcester, Joseph (1836-1913)    CA
Worcester, Richard Lyman    VT    AIA 1967-1973
Worcester, Wakefield (d. 1965)    NY; CT    AIA 1926-
Word, Amos Jarman, III    MS; AL    AIA 1978-
Word, William Baker    MO    AIA 1968-1975
Worden, Lloyd Wilson    MI    AIA 1942-1948
Worden, Roy Allan (d. 1964)    IN    AIA 1942-
Work, John Preston    TX    AIA 1961-
Work, Robert G.    IL    AIA 1930-1954
Workman, James Scott    AR; OK    AIA 1967-1969; 1977-
Workman, Robert Richard    NC    AIA 1956-
Workman, William Herbert    TX    AIA 1964-1970; 1975-
Works, William Dabney    IL; IN    AIA 1922-1935; 1947-
Worland, Wilfrid Vollmer (d. 1999)    DC    AIA 1947-
Worley, Ben Frank    TX    AIA 1953-1956
Worley, Charles Samuel, Jr. (d. 1995)    VA    AIA 1948-
Worley, G. Wesley    KY    AIA 1974-
Worley, Leon Mondell (d. 1991)    OH; MO    AIA 1942-
Worley, Marvin George, Jr.    IL    AIA 1966-
Worley, Owen Russell, Jr.    TX    AIA 1977-
Worm, Fred    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wormann, Hans N. (d. 1993)    NY    AIA 1952-
Wormhoudt, Charles Townsend    CA    AIA 1956-
Wornum, Michael    CA    AIA 1958-1973; FAIA 1971.
Wornum & Perkins (firm)    CA
Worrall, Anton Wellingford    CA    AIA 1946-1954
Worrall, Gerald, II    TX    AIA 1965-
Worrall, Phillip W.    MD    AIA 1973-
Worrell, Jerry N.    OK    AIA 1976-
Worrell, Joe David, III    TX    AIA 1972-
Worrell, Vernon Leroy    WI    AIA 1976-
Worsley, John Clayton    CA    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1975.
Worsley & Rankin (firm)    CA
Worst, Frederick W. (d. 1917)    IL    AIA 1902-
Worstell, Jon J.    TX; CA    AIA 1975-
Worth, Jack Jefferson, III (d. 1999)    FL    AIA 1978-
Wortham, William F., Jr. (d. 1984)    TX    AIA 1964-
Worthen, Edwin Burrough, Jr. (d. 1976)    MA    AIA 1944-
Worthen, Wing, Seifert & Forbes (firm)    WA
Worthing, Paula    OK    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Worthing, Robert L.    OK    AIA 1978-
Worthington, Addison F. (1889-1975)    MD    AIA 1921-
Worthington, Addison Milton (1870-1959)    MI; IL; CA    AIA 1944-1949
Worthington, Carl A.    CO    AIA 1977-
Worthington, Earl C. (d. 1993)    IL; IN    AIA 1934-
Worthington, George (d. 1933)    MD    AIA 1901-
Worthington, J. Dean    CA    AIA 1971-
Worthington, John C.    PA    AIA 1893-1899; FAIA 1893.
Worthington, Wayne Alan (d. 1991)    IL    AIA 1978-
Worthley, Max Leroy    OH    AIA 1951-1957
Worthman, Henry    IL
Worthy, Landis Cleveland (d. 1997)    GA    AIA 1955-
Wortman, Charles Noel (d. 2004)    WA    AIA 1955-
Wortman, Edgar Symonds (d. 1969)    FL    AIA 1947-
Wortman, Morris Newton (d. 1986)    CA    AIA 1962-
Wossum, Luther Earl    TX    AIA 1956-1968; 1978-
Wotton, Warren Bancroft    WA    AIA 1973-
Wou, Leo S.    NY; HI; CA    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1975.
Leo S. Wou & Assocs. (firm)    HI; CA
Wowk, Wolodymyr    MN    AIA 1973-1974
Woyar, Peter (d. 1987)    OH    AIA 1967-
Woyke, Melwin Earl (d. 1965)    MN    AIA 1955-
Woytuk, Peter (d. 1974)    MA    AIA 1969-
Wozencraft, Wallace Oliver    OK    AIA 1962-
Woziwodzki, Thaddeus M. (d. 1990)    NJ    AIA 1974-
Wozniak, David Walter    PA    AIA 1975-
Wozniak, Marek Andrzej    NE    AIA 1972-