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Frank Grad & Sons


Newark, NJ; Washington, DC (branch office)

Firm History Sources

Historical note:
Contributed by the AIA Archives.
According to historical information in a 1970s brochure from the Grad Partnership, the chronology of the firm was
Frank Grad             1907
Frank Grad & Son      1932
Frank Grad & Sons     1935
The Grad Partnership 1971
"The Grad Partnership is an architectural-engineering-planning firm managed by eight partners, all specialists in their fields and all dedicated to building a better environment.
"This dedication has been with the firm since it was founded in 1907 by Frank Grad, a man who was ever aware of the urgency for a constantly changing practice to meet the needs of the constantly changing times. Under his leadership the firm continued to grow and in the 1930's his sons, Bernard, an architect, and Howard, an engineer, joined the organization and the name became Frank Grad & Sons.
"For several decades the firm has produced major projects throughout the country and the world. Frank Grad & Sons is a name which is identified with many types of architectural projects—including, educational, commercial, industrial, governmental, office, medical. Six additional partners were added to the firm in 1966 in order to meet society's unprecendented demand for expanded architectural, engineering and planning services.
"Now, under the leadership of these eight men—Bernard and Howard Grad, Kenneth D. Wheeler, David R. Dibner, Arthur R. Miele, Paul E. Falkenstein, Harry B. Mahler and Frank W. Orleans—The Grad Partnership's services have continued to expand to include the planning of the total project environment. The firm has the imaginative scope and vision to respond to all the building and planning challenges which must be met before the end of the century."
American Architects Directories:
Listing in 1962 American Architects Directory under G
Listing in 1970 American Architects Directory under G

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The American Institute of Architects Archives
     Brochure and several press releases from The Grad Partnership, 1970s and 1980s. Contact the AIA Archives at archives@aia.org for further information.