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Crabb, Everett H. (d. 1965)    IN    AIA 1958-
Crabb, James David    NJ; IL    AIA 1972-
Crabill, Byron F.    OH    AIA 1967-1976
Crabtree, Bruce Isbester, Jr.    TN    AIA 1953-; FAIA 1983.
Crabtree, Joseph Earl    MT    AIA 1978-
Crabtree, Malcolm Norton    CT    AIA 1953-1976
Crabtree, Walter P. (Walter Percival), Jr. (d. 1975)    CT    AIA 1931-1935; 1966-
Crabtree, Walter P., III    CT    AIA 1966-
The M. N. Crabtree Assocs. (firm)    CT
Cracium, Trajen    OH    AIA 1963-
Cracraft, Keith Winfield    MO    AIA 1977-
Craddock, Hal Cleveland    VA    AIA 1978-
Craddock, Kenneth R.    VA    AIA 1973-
Cradick, Raymond V.    IN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Craffey, Neil    CA    AIA 1977-
Craft, Alton Lee (d. 1960)    NY    AIA 1939-
Craft, Chester Lee, Jr.    FL    AIA 1951-
Craft, Glenn E.    IL    AIA 1954-
Craft, Mary Ellen    KY    AIA 1978-
Craft, Michael Stephen    MD    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Cragg, Nelson R., Jr.    OH    AIA 1978-
Cragin, William Joseph    MO    AIA 1965-
Craig, Angus Livingstone, Jr.    NY    AIA 1950-1951; 1953-
Craig, Calvin C., Jr.    TX    AIA 1956-
Craig, Charles Francis    MS    AIA 1967-
Craig, Daley (1883-1956)    VA    AIA 1922-1932; 1946-
Craig, David Barnes    SC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Craig, Edward Martin (d. 1952)    WV    AIA 1947-
Craig, Erwin Gibson    CA    AIA 1972-1977;1978-
Craig, Francis Whitcomb    FL    AIA 1947-1972
Craig, Fred see Craig, Fritz (d. 1960)    NE    AIA 1923-1928; 1948-
Craig, Fritz (d. 1960)    NE    AIA 1923-1928; 1948-
Craig, Gordon W.    NE    AIA 1974-
Craig, James E., Jr.    AZ    AIA 1977-
Craig, James Osborne (1888-1982)    CA
Craig, Kirk Robins    SC    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1986.
Craig, Lawrence L.    WA    AIA 1978-
Craig, Mary McLaughlin (1889-1964)    CA
Craig, Richard T.    MD    AIA 1975-
Craig, Robert A.    AZ    AIA 1977-
Craig, Samuel Daley see Craig, Daley (1883-1956)    VA    AIA 1922-1932; 1946-
Craig, Tommie A.    TX    AIA 1978-
Craig, William Paul    OH    AIA 1961-
Craig & Gaulden (firm)    SC
Craighead, Porter Caperton    SC    AIA 1977-
Craighill, Samuel Preston    VA    AIA 1931-1934
Craigo, Steade Richard    SC    AIA 1974-; FAIA 2000.
Crain, Bluford Walter, Jr. (d. 1995)    TX    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1970.
Crain, Edward Everett    FL    AIA 1958-
Crain, Stanley Leon    MD    AIA 1964-1976
Craine, Lewis Yale    MI    AIA 1968-1971
Cram, Arthur B.    MI    WAA 1887; AIA 1889-1895; FAIA 1889.
Cram, Frank H.    NY    AIA 1973-
Cram, Ralph Adams (1863-1942)    MA    AIA 1901-; FAIA 1902.
Cram, Scott W.    IA; CO    AIA 1975-
Cram, William Barrett (d. 2005)    CT    AIA 1960-
Cram & Ferguson (firm)    MA
Cramer, Ambrose Coghill (1891-1970)    IL; DC; ME    AIA 1940-
Cramer, Donald Harvey    AZ    AIA 1971-
Cramer, Edwin C.    WI    AIA 1917-1919
Cramer, Edwin Olen, Jr.    PA    AIA 1963-
Cramer, George Theodore    OH    AIA 1942-1945
Cramer, Marion Lucius    IN    AIA 1957-1976
Cramer, R. William    NE    AIA 1978-
Cramer, Richard Dana (d. 2000)    CA    AIA 1957-
Cramer, Richard Maurice    OK    AIA 1972-
Cramer, Richard W. (d. 1992)    IL; DC    AIA 1970-
Cramer, Victor Russell, Jr.    MI    AIA 1964-1970; 1975-
Cramer, William see Cramer, R. William    NE    AIA 1978-
Cramer, William Charles (d. 1977)    NJ    AIA 1954-
Cramer, William Charles, Jr.    NJ    AIA 1962-
Crammer, Joseph Henry    VA    AIA 1957-
Crampton, Guy Edwin, Jr. (d. 1978)    MD; NC    AIA 1948-
Crampton, Thomas Eldine    MI    AIA 1956-1971
Guy E. Crampton & Associates (firm)    NC
Crandall, Charles David, Jr. (d. 1984)    OK    AIA 1972-
Crandall, George Miller    OR    AIA 1971-; FAIA 1988.
Crandall, J. Sterling    SD; MI    AIA 1962-1966
Crandall, Norris Ingersoll (d. 1973)    DC    AIA 1924-
Crandall, Richard Allan    CA    AIA 1970-
Crandall, Richard Taylor    NY    AIA 1972-
Crandall, Sterling see Crandall, J. Sterling    SD; MI    AIA 1962-1966
Crandell, James E., Jr.    TX    AIA 1975-
Crandell, Milton Lee (d. 1967)    NY; MN    AIA 1932-
Crandell, Richard Thomas    CO
Crane, Anne Krebs see Krebs, Anne Catherine    MI    AIA 1953-1963
Crane, Anthony E.    IL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crane, C. Howard (Charles Howard) (d. 1952)    MI; England    AIA 1916-1929; 1930-1935; 1943-
Crane, Charles Howard see Crane, C. Howard (Charles Howard) (d. 1952)    MI; England    AIA 1916-1929; 1930-1935; 1943-
Crane, David Alford (d. 2005)    PA; TX; VA    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1981.
Crane, David Brooks (d. 1954)    NY    AIA 1944-
Crane, Edward A. (1867-1935)    PA    AIA 1899-; FAIA 1914.
Crane, Edward Herbert see Crane, Ted    CA; HI    AIA 1961-1966; 1969-1977
Crane, George Seymour    CA    AIA 1965-
Crane, George Starkey    TX    AIA 1963-1965
Crane, Gerald Ernest (d. 2006)    MI    AIA 1965-
Crane, Howard see Crane, C. Howard (Charles Howard) (d. 1952)    MI; England    AIA 1916-1929; 1930-1935; 1943-
Crane, Hubert Hammond (d. 1959)    TX    AIA 1939-; FAIA 1959.
Crane, John Steven    TX    AIA 1976-
Crane, Kent (d. 1966)    NY; VT    AIA 1942-
Crane, Loch    CA    AIA 1960-1976; 1977-
Crane, Robert T., III    PA    AIA 1976-
Crane, Robert Townley (d. 1986)    NJ    AIA 1947-
Crane, Ted    CA; HI    AIA 1961-1966; 1969-1977
Crane, William Piers, Jr. (d. 1991)    NY    AIA 1939-
The Arthur D. Crane Co., Developers (firm)    NJ
Charles Crane (firm)    CA
Crank, Mallory Westcott    AR    AIA 1972-
Cranmer, Floyd Lawrence, Jr.    NJ    AIA 1965-
Cranmer, William Clifford (d. 1984)    NJ    AIA 1961-
Crannell, Philip Almeron, Jr.    FL    AIA 1976-
Crans, Roy E.    MO    AIA 1921-1937
Cranston, Orion Douglas (d. 1989)    ID    AIA 1969-1972
Cranston, William Lyle (d. 1986)    CA    AIA 1950-1970
Crapsey, Charles (1849-1909)    OH    AIA 1881-1899; FAIA 1881.
Crapsey, Robert S.    OH    AIA 1923-1931
Crass, Charles Albert (d. 1975)    PA    AIA 1956-
Crausman, Israel L.    NY    AIA 1962-1970; 1976-
Craven, George Langley    MI    AIA 1958-
Craven, Thomas Whitmore Stuart (d. 1990)    VA    AIA 1950-
Cravillion, Gene Ira    WI    AIA 1967-
Cravotta, James J.    PA    AIA 1940-1959
Cravotto, Jacqueline Ann    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crawfis, Donald James    OH    AIA 1954-
Crawford, Alexandra Magdolna Stefania    MD    AIA 1969-
Crawford, Benjamin Franklin    CA    AIA 1973-
Crawford, Bobby D.    MS    AIA 1975-
Crawford, Brandon see Crawford, R. Brandon (Robert Brandon)    AL    AIA 1959-
Crawford, Charles C., Jr. see Crawford, John DeMorant    LA
Crawford, Charles Rion, Jr.    SC    AIA 1970-
Crawford, Dale Lee    NM    AIA 1970-
Crawford, David John    VT    AIA 1967-1973
Crawford, E. Lane (d. 1968)    PA    AIA 1945-
Crawford, Eugene Eleuthere duPont (d. 1992)    CA    AIA 1948-; FAIA 1969.
Crawford, Eugene R.    TN    AIA 1977-
Crawford, Francis Gene    NV    AIA 1973-1977
Crawford, George Robert    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crawford, Gerald Alvin    CO; MN    AIA 1962-
Crawford, Guy Newton    MN    AIA 1927-1939
Crawford, Harold Hamilton (d. 1960s)    MN    AIA 1947-
Crawford, James C.    FL    AIA 1978-
Crawford, John DeMorant    LA
Crawford, John Wickham    IL    AIA 1969-
Crawford, Lane see Crawford, E. Lane (d. 1968)    PA    AIA 1945-
Crawford, Louis Noiré (d. 1946)    CA    AIA 1929-
Crawford, Mary Ann Elizabeth (d. 1988)    IL    AIA 1949-
Crawford, R. Brandon (Robert Brandon)    AL    AIA 1959-
Crawford, Ralph Herbert    MD    AIA 1969-
Crawford, Robert Brandon see Crawford, R. Brandon (Robert Brandon)    AL    AIA 1959-
Crawford, Ronald Orlando    VA    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1993.
Crawford, Rowland Henry    CA    AIA 1949-1973
Crawford, Stan    NY; CO    AIA 1967-1970; 1973-
Crawford, William Gentry (d. 1978)    FL    AIA 1948-
Crawford, William Graves (d. 1991)    KY    AIA 1946-
Crawford & Banning (firm)    CA
Crawford & Gravec (firm)    NM
R. Brandon Crawford & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    AL
Crawley, Davie G.    KY    AIA 1969-1976
Craycroft, Jack    TX    AIA 1958-
Craycroft, T. Veazey (Thomas Veazey), Jr. (d. 1978)    MD    AIA 1948-
Craycroft, Thomas Veazey see Craycroft, T. Veazey (Thomas Veazey), Jr. (d. 1978)    MD    AIA 1948-
Craycroft, Veazey see Craycroft, T. Veazey (Thomas Veazey), Jr. (d. 1978)    MD    AIA 1948-
Craycroft-Lacy & Partners (firm)    TX
Creadick, Richard G. (d. 1994)    CA    AIA 1978-
Creager, Charles A.    OH
Creager, Frederick L., Jr.    IL; WA    AIA 1961-
Creal, Thomas Knapp, III    PA    AIA 1970-1975
Creamer, John Milton    FL    AIA 1972-
Creamer, Peter Tyrrell    CA    AIA 1967-
Creaser, William Henry (d. 1973)    MI    AIA 1944-
Creason, Delbert Lowell    KS    AIA 1974-
Creek, Milton H.    CA    AIA 1975-
Creekbaum, Cornell Franklyn    FL    AIA 1966-1975
Creel, Wrenn M.    SC    AIA 1964-
Creer, Philip Douglas (1903-1993)    RI; TX    AIA 1941-; FAIA 1957.
Creer & Roessner (firm)    TX
Crego, David Groves (d. 2005)    CT    AIA 1967-
Creighton, James E.    AZ
Creighton, Michael John    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Creighton, Thomas H. (d. 1986)    NY; CA; HI    AIA 1945-; FAIA 1959.
Creighton, William J. (d. 1955)    GA    AIA 1927-
William J. Creighton, Architect (firm)    GA
Crellin, Thomas Neal    CA    AIA 1959-1962
Cremens, Walter Allen    NC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Cremona, John F.    CT    AIA 1975-
Crennen, Martin William    MT    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1988.
Crenshaw, Edgar McCarthy (d. 1997)    FL    AIA 1978-
Crenshaw, Richard Waller    MD; DC    AIA 1973-1975; 1977-
Crenshaw, Thomas T. (1909-1993)    NY    AIA 1946-
Crenwelge, Roy C.    TX    AIA 1978-
Cresap, Robert    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crescione, Benito J.    CA    AIA 1973-
Crespi, Juan A.    FL    AIA 1978-
Cress, Carl Duval, Jr. (d. 1995)    VA    AIA 1955-
Cress & Johnson (firm)    VA
Cress-Rhodes & Assocs. (firm)    VA
Cressey, Thomas (d. 1909)    NJ    AIA 1900-
Cressman, Jack Edward    CA    AIA 1969-1977
Cresson, William P.    DC    AIA 1908-1918
Creswell, L. Ray    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Creswell, Ray see Creswell, L. Ray    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Cret, Paul Phillipe (1876-1945)    PA    AIA 1908-; FAIA 1913.
Creutzer, John A. (d. 1929)    WA    AIA 1926-
Creviston, Vance Edgar    OH    AIA 1972-1976
Crews, Hall    NC    AIA 1923-1931
Crews, Julio Joseph    FL    AIA 1972-1977
Crews, Paul C., Jr.    TX    AIA 1978-
Hall Crews (firm)    NC
Cribben, Austin Joseph, Jr.    MA    AIA 1967-
Crichlow, Donald A.    GA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crichton, Dale (d. 1987)    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crichton, William John    OK    AIA 1957-1967
Crider, Edward Samuel    OH    AIA 1954-
Crider, Harlan Towne    PA    AIA 1978-
Crider, John Franklin    NV    AIA 1953-1967; 1976-1977
Crider, Paul Elsworth (d. 1975)    OH    AIA 1946-
Crier, Jack Stanley    TX    AIA 1966-
Criley, Theodore, Jr. (d. 1905-1984)    CA    AIA 1942-
Criley & McDowell (firm)    CA
Theodore Criley, Jr. & Fred W. McDowell (firm)    CA
Crim, William H., Jr. (d. 1930)    CA    AIA 1916-1919; 1921-
Crimi, Ernest (d. 1955)    NY; CA    AIA 1921-1931; 1949-
Crimp, Frank William    MA    AIA 1930-; FAIA 1966.
Crimp, Brown & Fisher, Inc. (firm)    MA
Crino, E. Richard    NY    AIA 1945-1961; 1975-1977
Crino, Richard see Crino, E. Richard    NY    AIA 1945-1961; 1975-1977
Paul I. Cripe, Inc. (firm)    IN
Crippen, Robert E.    CA    AIA 1957-1970
Crippen-Schaefer Assocs. see Schaefer & Wirth (firm)    CA
Criscione, Emanuel J.    NJ    AIA 1975-
Crisostomo, Clodualdo M.    CA    AIA 1978-
Crisostomo, Daniel R.    Guam    AIA 1972-
Crisp, Donald Gilliam, Jr. (d. 1993)    GA    AIA 1966-
Crisp, Herbert G. (d. 1939)    MD    AIA 1921-
Crisp, James Wallace (1917-2006)    CA    AIA 1962-1969
Crispi, Richard John    MA    AIA 1969-
Crissey, Peter D.    NY    AIA 1974-1977
Crissman, James Hudson    MA    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1984.
Crist, Douglas Robert, Jr.    IN    AIA 1972-
Cristales, Augusto see Cristales, V. Augusto    LA    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Cristales, V. Augusto    LA    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Cristobal, Enrico A.    Guam    Assoc. AIA 1973-
Criswell, William Noland    FL    AIA 1978-
Critchley, John York    NY    AIA 1970-
Crites, Raymond David     IA    AIA (1925-2008)    KY; IA; FL    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1972.
Crites & McConnell (firm)    IA
Crittenden, Edwin Butler    AK    AIA 1957-; FAIA 1975.
Crittenden, Norman Wirt (d. 1998)    TX    AIA 1946-
Crittenden, Cassetta, Wirum & Cannon (firm)    AK
Edwin Crittenden & Assoc. (firm)    AK
Critz, Richard Laurens    PA    AIA 1968-
Criz, Albert (d. 1995)    CA    AIA 1946-
Crocco, John Edward    CT    AIA 1966-1975
Croce, Chester    OH    AIA 1952-
Croce, Chester F., Jr.    OH    AIA 1978-
Croce & Abbot (firm)    OH
Crocker, Delbert Raymond    TX    AIA 1970-
Crocker, James Benjamin    CA    AIA 1967-1973
Crocker, Theodore Eustace (d. 1993)    TX; CA; HI    AIA 1953-
Crockett, David Wauchope (1924-1993)    TX    AIA 1965-
Crockett, Huel Lloyd    GA    AIA 1952-1959
Croft, Charles Benjamin    TX    AIA 1960-1965; 1968-1971; 1973-; FAIA 1992.
Croft, E. B.    MN    AIA 1921-1937
Croft, John James, Jr. (1913-2002)    NC    AIA 1949-
Croft, Walter Henry    NJ    AIA 1964-
Croft, William Biswell    TX    AIA 1973-
Croll, Douglas Emiel (d. 1994)    FL    AIA 1958-
Croly, Robert S.    MI    AIA 1971-1972
Cromar, Theodore Robb, Jr. (d. 1971)    MD    AIA 1957-
Crombe, James George    MI    AIA 1960-
Crombie, Charles    MI; MA    AIA 1922-1926
Cromelin, John Stafford (d. 1957)    IL    AIA 1939-; FAIA 1956.
Cromie, Victor Hugh    MA    AIA 1968-
Crommett, Herbert B. (d. 1968)    MN    AIA 1946-
Herbert B. Crommett (firm)    MN
Crompton, David Eugene (d. 1985)    CA    AIA 1969-
Cromwell, Arthur G.    NY    AIA 1945-1947
Cromwell, Charles Ivan (d. 1980)    NY    AIA 1948-
Cromwell, Edwin Boykin (1909-2001)    AR    AIA 1940-; FAIA 1967.
Cromwell, Russell V.    MT    AIA 1969-
Cromwell, Neyland, Truemper, Millett & Gatchell (firm)    AR
Cronan, Andrew F.    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crone, Peter    CA    AIA 1977-
Crone, Robert Martin    MD    AIA 1972-1975
Crone, Wesley James    OK    AIA 1962-1972
Cronenwett, Joal    CO    AIA 1978-
Cronheim, Nathan    PA    AIA 1947-1970
Cronheim & Kuo (firm)    PA
Cronheim & Weger (firm)    PA
Cronin, Dennis C.    OH    AIA 1977-
Cronin, George Edward    DC; AZ    AIA 1947-1959
Cronin, James Robert (1927-1979)    IL    AIA 1955-
Cronin, John T. (d. 1952)    MI    AIA 1946-
Cronk, Leslie J.    NY    AIA 1967-1972
Crook, Barbara (d. 1986)    AR    AIA 1976-
Crook, Joe W. (d. 2001)    TX    AIA 1972-
Crook, John Charles    OR    AIA 1968-
Crook, John Frederick    WA    AIA 1972-
Crook, Lewis E., Jr. (d. 1967)    GA    AIA 1927-
Crook, Rex    OR    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crook, Waldo Neville Harris    MA    AIA 1930-1938
Crook, William    NY; NJ    AIA 1950-1958
Crooke, James J., Jr.    FL    AIA 1964-
Crooks, Arthur    NY    AIA 1873-1874
Crooks, Hugh Gore    DE    AIA 1944-1950
Crooks, Wilfred Speaker    OH    AIA 1970-
Crooks, William Ryffle, Jr.    LA    AIA 1968-1970
Croom, Charles E. (d. 1986)    NY    AIA 1944-
Croonquist, Alfred H. (d. 2002)    WA    AIA 1961-
Croop, Morrell Bertram    NY    AIA 1944-1949
Crosby, Claud D.    NC    AIA 1954-1958
Crosby, Donald Alton    CA    AIA 1965-
Crosby, F. W. see Stone, Sam, Jr. (1869-1933)    LA    AIA 1909-
Crosby, Harold Dana, Jr.    CA    AIA 1959-
Crosby, Harold E. (d. 1958)    PA    AIA 1946-
Crosby, Henry Barrett (1876-1945)    NJ    AIA 1937-
Crosby, Holmes    VA    AIA 1944-
Crosby, Johnnie O.    FL    AIA 1974-
Crosby, Ralph Mitchell (d. 1975)    CA    AIA 1946-
Crosby, Roger Kyle    CO    AIA 1976-
Crosby, William Spencer    IL    AIA 1922-1931
Ralph M. Crosby & Walter R. Hagedohm (firm)    CA
Ralph M. Crosby (firm)    CA
Crosfield, Newton Ladru    OR    AIA 1963-1965
Crosier, Paul Eugene    MN; AZ    AIA 1954-1957; 1967-1971
Crosier, Perry E. (1890-1953)    MN
Croskey, Lowell Delvin    OH    AIA 1968-
Crosland, Robert Elder    FL    AIA 1953-1957; 1970-1972
Crosland, Pierce & Assocs. (firm)    FL
Croslin, Charles Wilburn    TX    AIA 1976-
Croslin, Norman Edgar    TX    AIA 1967-
Cross, Asa Bebee    MO
Cross, Clarence    OH    AIA 1973-
Cross, Dave Gardner    CA    AIA 1965-
Cross, David Francis    PA    AIA 1976-
Cross, Dennis Franklin    MD    AIA 1977-
Cross, Eason, Jr.    VA    AIA 1961-; FAIA 1983.
Cross, Edgar George, II    PA    AIA 1961-1965
Cross, Eliot (1884-1949)    NY
Cross, Frank Tucker    NC    AIA 1977-
Cross, H. Page (Howard Page) (d. 1976)    NY    AIA 1947-
Cross, Harold    CA    AIA 1923-1926
Cross, Howard Page see Cross, H. Page (Howard Page) (d. 1976)    NY    AIA 1947-
Cross, Jay Ralph    MA    AIA 1960-1977
Cross, Jimmy Dan    OK    AIA 1968-
Cross, John F.    CA    AIA 1978-
Cross, John Krozer (d. 1990)    DC; MD; MI; GA; FL    AIA 1941-
Cross, John W. (1878-1951)    NY    AIA 1915-; FAIA 1923.
Cross, Larry Lee    MI    AIA 1968-
Cross, Marshall Canfield    OK    AIA 1927-1935
Cross, Page see Cross, H. Page (Howard Page) (d. 1976)    NY    AIA 1947-
Cross, William M.    HI; CA; TX    AIA 1960-1975
Cross & Adreon (firm)    DC
Cross and Cross (firm)    NY
Dave Gardner Cross Assocs. (firm)    CA
John K. Cross (firm)    MD
Cross & Son (firm)    NY
Crossen, James E.    CA    AIA 1963-
Crossland, Earl Arthur    MI    Assoc. AIA 1975-1977; AIA 1977-
Crossman, Grant    MT    AIA 1967-
Crossman, William M.    MI    AIA 1973-1976
Croston, Merwyn Ernest, Jr. (1926-2006)    TX    AIA 1959-
Crothers, Edward Kenney (d. 1976)    PA    AIA 1946-
Crothers, Samuel, III    PA    AIA 1961-; FAIA 1986.
Crotser, Charles E.    CA    AIA 1978-
Crotteau, Donald Eugene    DC    AIA 1973-1975
Crotwell, William Richard    GA    AIA 1967-1977
Crouch, Wayne Nelson    WA    AIA 1970-1975
Crouse, John Emerson    MI    AIA 1964-
Crow, David Andrew    AL    AIA 1966-1975; 1977-
Crow, Henry E. (d. 1926)    MI    AIA 1924-
Crow, Horace W., Jr.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crow, James W.    TX    AIA 1959-
Crow, Martha    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crow, William D.    NY    AIA 1918-1936
Crow, William H. (d. 1963)    NY    AIA 1962-
Crow, Lewis & Wick (firm)    NY
Crowder, Clemmie Dewey, Jr.    AL    AIA 1958-1969
Crowder, Raymond, Jr.    ID    Assoc. AIA 1973; AIA 1974-
Crowdus, Jon C.    AZ; OK    AIA 1975-
Crowe, Andrew Joseph    NY    AIA 1974-1976
Crowe, Angus Ward    MA    AIA 1975-
Crowe, Charles A.(1889-1982)    MI    AIA 1922-1935; 1946-
Crowe, Michael Angelo    OH    AIA 1951-1953
Crowe, Randall Kenyon    AZ    AIA 1977-
Crowe, Ray Nelson (d. 2003)    SC    AIA 1956-1961; 1962-
Crowe, Robert B. (d. 1957)    AL; IN; FL    AIA 1923-1926; 1954-
Crowe, Robert E., Sr. (1881-1944)    OH
Crowe, Walter Rogers    VA    AIA 1931-1957
Crowe & Marrs (firm)    SC
Crowell, C. Parker (d. 1959)    ME    AIA 1931-; FAIA 1952.
Crowell, Chester Arthur, Jr.    GA    AIA 1953-1958; 1972-
Crowell, Christopher Chase    MA
Crowell, John Murphy (1915-1989)    FL; MI; SC    AIA 1949-1963
Crowell, Parker see Crowell, C. Parker (d. 1959)    ME    AIA 1931-; FAIA 1952.
Crowell, Reginald Bulkley, Jr.    CA    AIA 1958-
Crowell, William D.    MO    AIA 1914-
Crowell, William Hamblin (d. 1962)    OR    AIA 1928-; FAIA 1941.
Crowell, Lancaster, Higgins & Webster (firm)    ME
Crowen, Samuel N.    IL    AIA 1907-1935
Crowley, Arthur Franklin (d. 1947)    NY    AIA 1945-
Crowley, Bradd A.    KS    AIA 1978-
Crowley, Francis Xavier    NY    AIA 1967-
Crowley, Patrick J.    CA    AIA 1963-
Crown, Phil T. (Philip Theodore) (d. 2001)    TX    AIA 1951-
Crown, Philip T., Jr.    AL    AIA 1977-
Crowner, Robert J.    PA    AIA 1977-
Crowther, John Hassan    NJ    AIA 1966-
Crowther, Richard L. (d. 2007)    CO    AIA 1966-; FAIA 1982.
Crowther, Kruse, McWilliams (firm)    CO
Crowthers, Lee Alden    HI    AIA 1976-
Croxton, Randolph R.    NY    AIA 1974-; FAIA 1996.
Crozier, Alfred    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Crozier, John Gregory    NY    AIA 1969-1976
Crozier, Robert W. (d. 2000)    NY    AIA 1952-
Crozier, Kearns, Phillippi (firm)    NY
Crozzoli, Bruno John (d. 2006)    NY    AIA 1966-
Crudupt, Early Burnard    CA    AIA 1967-
Cruet, John, Jr.    CT    AIA 1977-
Cruickshank, Bradley Beachy    GA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Cruickshank, Harry Sutherland    VA    AIA 1966-
Cruise, Leslie Palmer    PA    AIA 1956-1961
Cruitt, Jerry T.    NV    AIA 1973-1976
Crum, Barbara Schulman    GA    AIA 1978-
Crum, Homer Preston, Jr.    GA    AIA 1974-
Crumbling, Joseph Charles    MD    AIA 1969-
Crume, Herbert C.    TX    AIA 1958-
Crume, Jesse William    KY    AIA 1954-1973
Crumley, George Daniel (d. 1974)    OH    AIA 1947-
Crumlish, Brian John    IN    AIA 1967-
Crump, Bobbie B., Jr. (d. 2005)    TX    AIA 1978-
Crump, John    PA
Crump, M. T.    TX    AIA 1978-
Crump, Metcalf    TN    AIA 1973-; FAIA 1994.
Crump, Ralph Wheeler    MD; NC; NY    AIA 1941-1970
Crump, Robert Francis    KY    AIA 1962-
Crump, Robert Green, Jr.    MO    AIA 1952-
Crumpton, Baylis F.    TN    AIA 1974-
Crumpton, Charles LeRoy    FL    AIA 1962-
Crumpton, Herbie Lynn    TX; AR    AIA 1972-
Crumpton, Kenneth R. (d. 1956)    PA    AIA 1921-1930; 1943-
Cruse, Stanley Carl    WA    AIA 1977-
Crutcher, Judith Wolf    OR; CA    AIA 1965-1970; 1975-
Crutcher, Lewis (d. 2002)    OR; CA; MN    AIA 1959-1970; 1982?-
Crutchfield, William, II (d. 1955)    TN    AIA 1921-1944; 1949-
Cruthers, Evan Douglas    WA; HI    AIA 1969-; FAIA 1994.
Cruthis, James H.    MI    AIA 1978-
Cruxent, Salvador Manuel    FL    AIA 1978-
Cruz, Adolfo Raymond    CA    AIA 1969-
Cruz, Javier F.    FL    AIA 1974-
Cruz, Joseph R.    CA    AIA 1969-1972
Cruz-Garcia, Maria Teresa    MA    Assoc. AIA 1975-