Deigert and Yerkes and Associates (firm)


Deigert and Yerkes and Associates, Architects


Washington, DC

Firm History Sources

American Architects Directories:
Listing in 1962 American Architects Directory
Successor firm:
David N. Yerkes and Associates, Architects

Related Records

Robert Deigert
David N. Yerkes
Nicholas A. Pappas
John W. Parker

Archival Holdings

The American Institute of Architects Archives
      Correspondence with the AIA about the terms of the contract for the Netherlands Chancery building, Deigert and Yerkes, 1961. Firm brochure (large pdf, 5MB) for David N. Yerkes and Associates, Architects, including brief biographies of David N. Yerkes, Nicholas A. Pappas, and John W. Parker, and information about the firm's projects including earlier projects as Deigert and Yerkes and Associates.