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Pfaendtner, James see Pfaendtner, W. James (Walter James) (d. 2005)    MI    AIA 1967-
Pfaendtner, W. James (Walter James) (d. 2005)    MI    AIA 1967-
Pfaendtner, Walter James see Pfaendtner, W. James (Walter James) (d. 2005)    MI    AIA 1967-
Pfaendtner, William Robert    MI    AIA 1973-
Pfaff, John W.    MO    AIA 1976-
Pfaff, Mario Peter (d. 1990)    MA    AIA 1954-
Pfaff, Norman A.    ID    AIA 1978-
Pfaffman, James Albert    AL    AIA 1972-
Pfaller, Mark Arthur (d. 2000)    WI    AIA 1951-; FAIA 1972.
Pfaller, Mark F.    WI    AIA 1944-
Pfaller, Mark Frank, II    WI    AIA 1977-
Mark F. Pfaller Assocs., Inc. (firm)    WI
Pfanenstiel, Walter Joseph (d. 2001)    TX    AIA 1968-
Pfanenstiel-Grossman, Architects Inc. (firm)    TX
Pfannkuche, Carolyn S. see Brewer, Carolyn S.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Pfeffer, Charles Joseph    TX    AIA 1964-1976
Pfeffer, Gerald S.    TX    AIA 1977-
Pfeffer, John David see Abeles Pfeffer, John David    NM    AIA 1976-
Pfefferle, Frederick William (d. 2004)    PA    AIA 1970-
Pfeifer, Fred Boes    WA    AIA 1949-1963
Pfeifer, Robert L.    WI    AIA 1977-
Pfeiffenberger, George Davis    IL    AIA 1947-1954
Pfeiffer, Albert, Jr.    NY; CT    AIA 1963-1966; 1967-1971
Pfeiffer, Alberta (1899-1994)    CT    AIA 1954-1958
Pfeiffer, Arthur M., Jr.    MD    AIA 1952-1963; 1964-1972
Pfeiffer, Bernard see Pfeiffer, J. Bernard    NY    AIA 1953-1958
Pfeiffer, Carl (d. 1888)    NY    AIA 1867-1876; FAIA 1872.
Pfeiffer, Daniel Jacob    PA    AIA 1965-
Pfeiffer, George L. (1861-1938)    FL    AIA 1920-
Pfeiffer, J. Bernard    NY    AIA 1953-1958
Pfeiffer, Norman H.    NY    AIA 1969-; FAIA 1981.
Pfeiffer, Philip (1860-1925)    OH
Pfeiffer, Reuben John    TX; AZ; NM    AIA 1942-1973
Pfeil, Charles O. (d. 1927)    TN    AIA 1915-
Pfeufer, Alfred Eugene    NM    AIA 1955-1960
Pfiffner, John Francis    IA    AIA 1973-
Pfitzenmaier, D. E. (engineer) see Project Architects and Engineers (firm)    OH
Pfliegel, John Thomas    OH    AIA 1973-
Pflieger, Kenneth J.    SC    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Pflueger, John Milton    CA    AIA 1966-
Pflueger, Milton T. (1907-1993)    CA    AIA 1947-1983
Pflueger, Timothy L. (d. 1946)    CA    AIA 1926-
Pfluger, Edwin John    TX    AIA 1968-
Pfluger, James Douglas (d. 2001)    TX    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1989.
Pfluke, David Hunt    MI    AIA 1970-
Pfohl, Cyrill Henry (1897-1965)    NC    AIA 1948-
Pfohl, Louis H.    NY    AIA 1953-1971
Pfohl, Roswell E. (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1926-
Pfohl, Roberts & Biggie (firm)    NY
Pfohl, Stoll & Roberts (firm)    NY
Pfordresher, John Ray    IL    AIA 1958-1961
Pfost, Gustave J.    NJ