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Wragg, Francis Robert    OH    AIA 1921-1926
Wragg, John Daniel    NY    AIA 1969-
Wrede, George Emmett (d. 2004)    WA    AIA 1957-
Wrenn, Harold Holmes    VA    AIA 1920-1929
Wrenn, Peter Lyle    VA    AIA 1973-
Wrenn, Lewis & Jencks (firm)    MD
Wrenshall, J. C.    MD    AIA 1871-1873
Wriggle, Daniel J. (d. 1989)    OR    AIA 1978-
Wright, Alexander see Wright, G. Alexander (1852-1918)    CA    AIA 1916-
Wright, Allan R. see Bartlett Cocke, Architect (firm)    TX
Wright, Blair, Jr.    FL    AIA 1948-1975
Wright, Bradley R.    MO    AIA 1978-
Wright, Bruce N.    MN    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Carroll Lee, Jr.    TX    AIA 1967-
Wright, Carson Bennett    FL    AIA 1965-
Wright, Chester F. (d. 1969)    MA; NH    AIA 1946-
Wright, Clark C. (d. 1948)    IL    AIA 1917-
Wright, Clifford Neil    MI    AIA 1949-
Wright, Clifford William    FL    AIA 1958-1973
Wright, D. Wentworth (d. 1896-1955)    NJ    AIA 1927-
Wright, Dale Edward (d. 1998)    NY    AIA 1968-
Wright, Daniel C.    CT    AIA 1975-
Wright, David    CA    AIA 1977-
Wright, David A.    NC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, David Gilmore    MD    Assoc. AIA 1977-
Wright, David Harry    WA    AIA 1968-; FAIA 1986.
Wright, Donald Appleton    MN    AIA 1959-1963
Wright, Donald F.    MI    AIA 1959-
Wright, Donald Lewis (d. 1987)    OK    AIA 1966-
Wright, Earl Wayne    IL    AIA 1969-1974
Wright, Edgar Douglas    VA    AIA 1971-1978
Wright, Ernest Edward, Jr.    TX    AIA 1955-
Wright, Ernest F., Sr.    CA    AIA 1972-1974
Wright, Eugene D., Jr.    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Eugene H.    NE    AIA 1975-1976
Wright, Frank A. (1854-1949)    NY; NJ    AIA 1890-; FAIA 1890.
Wright, Frank Henry (d. 1961)    MI    AIA 1924-
Wright, Frank Lloyd (1867-1959)    IL; WI; AZ
Wright, Fred James    NY    AIA 1978-
Wright, Frederick Edgar    OH    AIA 1956-
Wright, G. Alexander (1852-1918)    CA    AIA 1916-
Wright, Garland C.    TX    AIA 1974-
Wright, George    NY    AIA 1972-1975
Wright, George Alexander see Wright, G. Alexander (1852-1918)    CA    AIA 1916-
Wright, George Caleb (d. 1973)    IN    AIA 1927-; FAIA 1951.
Wright, George Ellery    IL; WI    AIA 1923-1944
Wright, George Smith (d. 2007)    NM; TX    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1984.
Wright, George Wesley    MI; HI    AIA 1944-1947; 1959-1964
Wright, Harold Leon    MO    AIA 1971-
Wright, Harold R.    MI    AIA 1961-1968
Wright, Henry (1878-1936)    NY; MO; NJ    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1934.
Wright, Henry Lyman    CA    AIA 1943-; FAIA 1955.
Wright, Henry N.    KS; NY    AIA 1967-; FAIA 1983.
Wright, Howard Leon, Jr. (d. 2006)    VA    AIA 1972-
Wright, J. Warren (John Warren) (1910-1997)    CA    AIA 1948-
Wright, Jack F. (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1974-
Wright, James Allen    OR    AIA 1978-
Wright, James Frederick    TN    Assoc. AIA 1975-
Wright, James K. (d. 1985)    OK    AIA 1946-
Wright, James Stephen    TX    AIA 1963-
Wright, John    CA    AIA 1881-1900; FAIA 1882.
Wright, John Campbell    IL    AIA 1973-
Wright, John Howard    CA    AIA 1966-
Wright, John K.    RI    AIA 1944-
Wright, John LeBaron    WA    AIA 1956-; FAIA 1968.
Wright, John Lloyd (1892-1972)    IN; CA    AIA 1930-1939; 1949-1956
Wright, John Walter, Jr. (d. 1989)    PA    AIA 1945-
Wright, John Warren see Wright, J. Warren (1910-1997)    CA    AIA 1948-
Wright, Julio A.    PR    AIA 1974-
Wright, Kay F.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Kenneth J.    MI    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Kenneth Kelly    OH    AIA 1964-
Wright, L. Lavelle (Laurie Lavelle)    LA    AIA 1947-1963
Wright, Larry Eugene    KY    AIA 1970-
Wright, Laurie Lavelle see Wright, L. Lavelle (Laurie Lavelle)    LA    AIA 1947-1963
Wright, Lavelle see Wright, L. Lavelle (Laurie Lavelle)    LA    AIA 1947-1963
Wright, Lee A.    CT    AIA 1972-1976; 1978-
Wright, Lloyd (1890-1978)    CA
Wright, Lloyd Henry    MI    AIA 1943-
Wright, Marcellus E. (d. 1962)    VA    AIA 1922-; FAIA 1953.
Wright, Marcellus Eugene, Jr. (d. 2002)    VA    AIA 1946-; FAIA 1957.
Wright, Marjorie Katherine (1895-1949)    NY    AIA 1944-
Wright, Maxwell Edward    MI    AIA 1947-1954
Wright, Murray Blair, Jr. see Wright, Blair, Jr.    FL    AIA 1948-1975
Wright, Neil Morrison    CA; ID    AIA 1965-
Wright, O. Pendleton (Oscar Pendleton) (d. 1964)    VA    AIA 1946-
Wright, Olin Herbert, Jr.    AR    AIA 1970-
Wright, Oscar Pendleton see Wright, O. Pendleton (Oscar Pendleton) (d. 1964)    VA    AIA 1946-
Wright, Paul Lee    MO    AIA 1971-
Wright, Pendleton see Wright, O. Pendleton (Oscar Pendleton) (d. 1964)    VA    AIA 1946-
Wright, Philip    TX    AIA 1976-
Wright, Raymond Lynde Wadhams    VI    AIA 1971-
Wright, Raymond S.    CA    AIA 1959-1973
Wright, Richard S.    AZ    AIA 1975-
Wright, Richard William    MI    AIA 1973-
Wright, Robert A.    OK    AIA 1967-
Wright, Robert Byron    CA    AIA 1957-1963
Wright, Robert E. (d. 1972)    ME    AIA 1960-
Wright, Robert L.    CA    AIA 1969-
Wright, Robert Lee    TX    AIA 1969-1974
Wright, Robert M.    OH    AIA 1921-1935
Wright, Rodney Hugh    IL    AIA 1967-; FAIA 1981.
Wright, Russell J., Jr.    MD    AIA 1978-
Wright, Russell Marcus    CO    AIA 1949-1974
Wright, Stephen T.    IL    AIA 1978-
Wright, Ted B.    NE    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Theron Edwin    GA; TN    AIA 1953-1958
Wright, Thomas F.    NY    AIA 1957-
Wright, Thomas W. D. (Thomas William Dunstan) (1919-2005)    DC    AIA 1954-; FAIA 1972.
Wright, Tom H.    GA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Wright, Warren see Wright, J. Warren (John Warren) (d. 1997)    CA    AIA 1948-
Wright, Wendell Alan    CA    AIA 1964-1974
Wright, William C. (d. 2006)    TX    AIA 1978-
Wright, William Caleb (d. 2007)    IN    AIA 1948-
Wright, William Campbell (d. 1974)    MD; IL    AIA 1946-
Wright, William H.    NY    AIA 1937-1940
Wright, Andrade, Amenta & Gane (firm)    PA
Clifford N. Wright Assocs. (firm)    MI
Wright & Cunningham (firm)    RI
The Office of D. Wentworth Wright A.I.A. (firm)    NJ
Wright & Gane see Wright-Klett Association (firm)    PA
Fred E. Wright-Wm. W. Gilfillen (firm)    OH
Wright-Gilfillen-Keske (firm)    OH
John H. Wright & Assocs., Inc. (firm)    CA
Wright, Jones & Wilkerson (firm)    VA
Wright-Klett Association (firm)    PA
Marcellus Wright & Partners (firm)    VA
Marcellus Wright & Son (firm)    VA
Wright & Metcalf (firm)    CA
Wright, Metcalf and Parsons (firm)    CA
Wright, Moore, Stewart & Assocs. (firm)    CA
Wright, Pierce & Whitmore (firm)    ME
Wright, Porteous & Lowe, Inc. (firm)    IN
Wright-Rich & Associates (firm)    TX
Wright & Selby (firm)    OK
Wright/White/Assocs. (firm)    CO
Wrightsman, Don (d. 1970)    TX    AIA 1963-
Wrobleski, Edward J., Jr.    PA    AIA 1968-1970