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Eacho, Terry Lee    VA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eades, William Richards, Jr.    TN; GA; MS    AIA 1951-
Eads, Edwin Mouzon    VA    AIA 1958-1960
Eads, Harold Howard (1872-1936)    MN    AIA 1916-1925
Eads, Thomas C.    CA    AIA 1965-
Eagan, Ambrose V. (d. 1963)    NY    AIA 1949-
Eagan, David B. (d. 2005)    PA    AIA 1981-
Eagen, James Harold (d. 1953)    PA    AIA 1940-
Eager, A. Wesley    CA    AIA 1902-1909
Eager, Wesley see Eager, A. Wesley    CA    AIA 1902-1909
Eagle, Walter Edgar (d. 2004)    CA    AIA 1968-
Eaker, Jerry Jan    OR    AIA 1969-
Ealer, William Harry    PA    AIA 1971-1975
Eames, Charles O. (1907-1978)    MO; CA
Eames, Ray (1912-1988)    MO; CA
Eames, William S. (1857-1915)    MO    AIA 1890-; FAIA 1890.
Earl, Clair Philipp (1913-2001)    CA    AIA 1966-
Earl, Craig Philipp    CA    AIA 1976-
Earl, Glenn Maury    LA    AIA 1964-1977
Earl, John Alloway    OH    AIA 1962-1967
Earl & Brock AIA Architects (firm)    CA
Earle, Patricia Day    NY    AIA 1967-1969
Earle, Radcliffe G.    ME    AIA 1971-
Earle, Samuel Broadus, Jr.    SC    AIA 1947-
Earle, Stephen C. (d. 1913)    MA    AIA 1874-; FAIA 1889.
Earll, Lawrence R.    WI    AIA 1978-
Early, Doyt Harold (1900-1992)    CA    AIA 1947-1962
Early, George    NY    AIA 1972.
Earne, Theodore R.    NY    AIA 1955-1961
Earnheart, Robert Eugene    KS; IA; NC    AIA 1952-
Earp, Edwin    MA
Earthman, Jack see Earthman, John Alfred    TX    AIA 1967-
Earthman, John Alfred    TX    AIA 1967-
Easby, Lewis Wood (d. 1969)    PA    AIA 1945-
Eash, John David    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eash, Orus Orville    MI; IN    AIA 1948-
Eason, Wilson Jeter (d. 1995)    TN; MS    AIA 1936-
Eason, Anthony, McKinnie & Cox, Inc. (firm)    TN
Eason, Anthony, McKinnie, Cox & Martin (firm)    TN
East, William J.    PA; NC    AIA 1899-1910
Eastburg, Daniel A.    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eastburn, J. Walter    PA    AIA 1945-1949
Eastburn, Walter see Eastburn, J. Walter    PA    AIA 1945-1949
Easter, James Franklin, Jr. (d. 1991)    VA    AIA 1963-
Easter, James G.    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Easter, Robert L.    MD    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Easterly, John Isaac    CA    AIA 1948-1959
Eastern Assocs. (firm)    MA
Easterwood, Birch D. (1888-1969)    TX    AIA 1947-1967
Easterwood, Kenneth V. (1910-1982)    TX    AIA 1947-1960
Easterwood-Easterwood & Drennon (firm)    TX
Eastman, A. Reyner (Albert Reyner) (d. 1979)    IL    AIA 1938-
Eastman, Albert Reyner see Eastman, A. Reyner (Albert Reyner) (d. 1979)    IL    AIA 1938-
Eastman, Loton Richard    MI    AIA 1973-
Eastman, Raye Claus (d. 1974)    MI    AIA 1942-1952; 1958-
Eastman, Reyner see Eastman, A. Reyner (Albert Reyner) (d. 1979)    IL    AIA 1938-
Eastman, Richard Eugene (1931-2008)    CA    AIA 1967-
Easton, Edward, III    NC    AIA 1968-
Easton, Merle Lynn    PA    AIA 1974-
Easton, Robert Connell    OR    AIA 1975-
Easton, Roger Jeremy    CO    AIA 1962-
Easton-Hafkenschiel, Cynthia    CA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eastwood, Abraham B., Jr.    PA    AIA 1956-1964
Eatman, George Thomas    GA    AIA 1975-
Eatman, Thomas    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eaton, Archie Alpheus    IA    AIA 1945-1953
Eaton, Clarence Van    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Eaton, Harold H.    NY    AIA 1953-1975
Eaton, Hugh Campbell    MN    AIA 1936-1939; 1945-1955
Eaton, Jerry Francis    KS    AIA 1968-
Eaton, Lynedon Stanley    CT    AIA 1966-
Eaton, Robert Jan    UT    AIA 1976-
Eaton, Vincent (engineer) see Project Architects and Engineers (firm)    OH
Eaton, William Brownlow (d. 1972)    FL    AIA 1955-
Vincent Eaton (engineering firm) see Project Architects and Engineers (firm)    OH
Eatough, Carl Wendell    CA    AIA 1964-1968; 1969-1974
Eatough, Clair L.    CA    AIA 1976-1978