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Spacek, George (1924-2010)    CA    AIA 1967-1975; 1985-1987
Spacek, Ivan L. (d. 1981)    OK    AIA 1970-
Spackman, Wendell Ross (d. 1981)    CA    AIA 1945-
Spady, Frank A., Jr.    VA    AIA 1959-
Spaeth, Everett D.    TX    AIA 1978-
Spaeth, Joel Charles    NJ    AIA 1970-
Spagnolo, Philip J.    PA
Spagnuolo, Joseph Ermo    PA    AIA 1946-1973
Spahich, Aliya    DE    AIA 1975-1978
Spahn, Ronald Arthur (d. 1969)    OH    AIA 1942-
Spahn and Barnes (firm)    OH
Spahr, Albert H.    PA; MA; CA    AIA 1907-1931
Spahr, Ralph Edward    PA    AIA 1944-1953
Spain, James Manly (1884-1958)    MS    AIA 1940-
Spain, Margie Babcock    AZ    AIA 1973-
Spain, Thomas Alton    FL    AIA 1971-
Spak, Jack Cecil    CA    AIA 1963-1967
Spalding, David Brown    MI; FL    AIA 1954-1971
Spalding, Henry A.    KY; DC
Spalding, John A.    WI    AIA 1978-
Spalding, Melvin Pratt (d. 1951)    NY    AIA 1925-
Spalding, Richard James    CA    AIA 1960-1965; 1976-1978
Spangenberg, Frank A. (1888-1932)    NY    AIA 1921-
Spangenberg, Leonard Reese, Jr. (1925-2007)    LA    AIA 1969-
Spangenberg, Ronald Lee    KS    AIA 1967-
Spangler, A. Leon (Arvin Leon)    WA    AIA 1970-
Spangler, Arvin Leon see Spangler, A. Leon (Arvin Leon)    WA    AIA 1970-
Spangler, Dick B.    GA    AIA 1956-1959; 1972-
Spangler, Frank Leslie, III    CA    AIA 1973-
Spangler, Leon see Spangler, A. Leon (Arvin Leon)    WA    AIA 1970-
Spangler, Rodney Eugene    IL    AIA 1957-
Spangler, Wayne Elbert    WI    AIA 1966-; FAIA 1987.
Spangler, Beall, Salogga & Bradley (firm)    IL
Spani, Daniel D.    WY    AIA 1921-1945
Spanier, Jeffrey P.    NY    AIA 1973-1975
Spann, Henry L.    NY    AIA 1921-1929
Spann, James Donald    AR    AIA 1973-
Spann, Philip Norman, III    AL    AIA 1968-
Spann, William T. (d. 1978)    NY    AIA 1944-
Spann & Hall (firm)    AL
Spano, Edward R. (d. 1993)    DC    AIA 1951-
Spano, Raymond Fortunato    CA    AIA 1976-
Spanogle, John M.    TX    AIA 1977-
Sparber, Alan Douglas    MD    AIA 1975-
Sparesus, James E.    IL    AIA 1973-
Sparklin, William Oliver (1881-1951)    DC; FL    AIA 1921-1928; 1945-
Sparks, Carter Earl (1923-1996)    CA    AIA 1958-1961
Sparks, Harry M., Jr.    KY    AIA 1977-
Sparks, J. Stanley, Jr.    OK    AIA 1975-
Sparks, Jack H.    CA    AIA 1968-1971
Sparks, Jerry see Sparks, Norris Jerald, Jr.    TX; FL    AIA 1978-
Sparks, Jerry M.    TX    AIA 1978-
Sparks, John R.    TN    AIA 1978-
Sparks, Lee, IV    DE    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Sparks, Norris Jerald    AR    AIA 1955-
Sparks, Norris Jerald, Jr.    TX; FL    AIA 1978-
Sparks, Rick Wayne    WA    AIA 1978-
Sparks, Stanley see Sparks, J. Stanley, Jr.    OK    AIA 1975-
Norris J. Sparks - Harold Blackwood (firm)    AR
Sparn, Marvin James    CO    AIA 1970-; FAIA 1996.
Sparn, Stephen D.    CO    AIA 1978-
Spataro, Joseph M.    OH    AIA 1978-
Spatz, Marvin (d. 2007)    CT    AIA 1947-
Spaulding, Charles James Leo (d. 2004)    NY    AIA 1960-
Spaulding, Don William    TX    AIA 1966-
Spaulding, Ernest Frank    ME    AIA 1966-1970
Spaulding, Sumner Maurice (1892/3-1952)    CA    AIA 1923-; FAIA 1939.
Spaulding, Wellington H. (d. 1959)    NY    AIA 1945-
Speake, Paul Meredith (d. 1996)    AL    AIA 1943-
Spear, Harry Morgan, Jr.    TX    AIA 1963-1976
Spear, Jeane Brown    OR    AIA 1967-
Spear, John Kendall    TX    AIA 1978-
Spear, Marvin Clinton    CA    AIA 1972-
Spearl, George W. (d. 1948)    MO    AIA 1921-; FAIA 1940.
Spears, Beverley Bruce    NM    Assoc. AIA 1976-1977; AIA 1977-; FAIA 2002.
Spears, Lyle see Spears, M. Lyle    WA    AIA 1973-
Spears, M. Lyle    WA    AIA 1973-
Spears, Prince W. (c.1879-unknown)    FL
Spears, Roger    IA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spears, William A.    MI    AIA 1956-1974
Spears & Prine, Arch. & Engrs. & Daniel W. Toshach, Arch. see Prine-Toshach-Spears, Inc. (firm)    MI
Specht, Robert    TX    AIA 1944-1948
Speck, Donald Houston (d. 1975)    GA    AIA 1968-
Speckman, James    MN
Specter, David Kenneth    NY    AIA 1964-1975
Spector, Alan    NJ    AIA 1974-
Spector, Charles Sanford (d. 1975)    NY    AIA 1958-
Spector, Howard    CA    AIA 1976
Spector, Michael Harris    NY    AIA 1967-; FAIA 1988.
Spector, Pat Lee    MO    AIA 1973-
Spector, Rowland David    NJ    AIA 1973-
Spector, Victor B. (d. 1999)    VA    AIA 1947-
Spector, Peake & Howell (firm)
Speed, Alan David    NY    AIA 1971-
Speed, Mary Louise (1891-1971)    KY
Speer, George Archibald (d. 1973)    MD    AIA 1952-
Speer, Thomas E.    OH    AIA 1978-
Speer, William Arthur    SC; AL    AIA 1958-
Speer, William C.    NY    AIA 1975-
Speich, Charles E. (d. 1954)    NY    AIA 1944-
Speiden, Albert (d. 1933)    DC    AIA 1920-
Speight, Clarence Warren    TN    AIA 1961-1963
Speight, Hibbs & Johnson see Speight & Parrent (firm)    TN
Speight, Hibbs, & Johnson see Hibbs & Johnson (firm)    TN
Speight & Parrent (firm)    TN
Spell, James Smith (d. 1989)    SC    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spellicy, John Paul    MI    AIA 1944-1964
Spellman, James Frank    SC    AIA 1944-1959
Spellman, Lawrence Earl    MO
Lawrence E. Spellman & Assocs. Inc. (firm)    MO
Spelman, Timothy Lang    CA    AIA 1977-1978
Spelman, Walter D. (d. 1977)    NY    AIA 1945-
Spence, Elbert Riddick (d. 2007)    TX    AIA 1965-1972; 1974-
Spence, George Walker    TX    AIA 1971-
Spence, Henry    MO
Spence, James Alexander (d. 1970)    MI    AIA 1927-
Spence, James Alexander, Jr.    MI    AIA 1965-
Spence, John McClurkin (d. 1993)    DC    AIA 1948-
Spence, Karrol Keith    OK    AIA 1968-
Spence, Melvin Merritt    VA    AIA 1956-
Spence, Robert Woodard    GA    AIA 1963-1975
Spence, Roy W., Jr. (d. 1976)    FL    AIA 1964-
Spence, Samuel Burton, Jr.    GA    AIA 1966-1975
Spence, Smith & Forsythe (firm)    MI
Spencer, Brian A.    WI; AZ    AIA 1976-
Spencer, Cathy J.    KS    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spencer, Charles Blakely (d. 1977)    IL; MO    AIA 1942-
Spencer, David Sydney    MA    AIA 1972-
Spencer, Donald H.    CO    AIA 1978-
Spencer, Eldridge Ted (d. 1978)    CA    AIA 1927-; FAIA 1950.
Spencer, Frank Wilson, III    SC    AIA 1977-
Spencer, Herbert Selden    MN; WA    AIA 1959-1975
Spencer, James Bruce    FL    AIA 1967-1977
Spencer, James E.    IL    AIA 1977-
Spencer, James Gordon    TX    AIA 1970-
Spencer, James Gordon    CA    AIA 1975-
Spencer, Jerry William    WI    AIA 1968-1976
Spencer, John    IA    AIA 1901-1909
Spencer, John Henri    VA    AIA 1972-; FAIA 1983.
Spencer, John-K. Joseph    PR    AIA 1975-
Spencer, Margaret F. (1882-1966)    PA; AZ    AIA 1936-1939
Spencer, Margot see Siegel, Margot    CA    AIA 1963-
Spencer, Mary Ann    CA    AIA 1977-
Spencer, Ralph Donald, Sr.    TX    AIA 1955-
Spencer, Ralph Donald, II    TX    AIA 1978-
Spencer, Raymond Briggs    TN    AIA 1923-1928
Spencer, Richard Eugene    IL    AIA 1954-
Spencer, Robert C., Jr. (1864-1953)    IL; OK; FL    AIA 1907-1915; 1916-; FAIA 1909.
Spencer, William K.    CA    AIA 1971-1975; 1977-
Spencer & Ambrose see Spencer & Lee (firm)    CA; VA
Spencer-Haldi, Inc. (firm)    IL
Spencer & Lee (firm)    CA; VA
Spencer, Lee & Busse (firm)    CA
Spenner, Charles (1882-1967)    CA
Spenst, Albert Aubrey    CO    AIA 1961-1975
Spera, Joseph J.    PA    AIA 1945-1958
Sperl, Robert H.    MN    AIA 1968-1976
Sperling, Abraham    NY    AIA 1949-
Sperling, Phyllis    NY    AIA 1976-1978
Sperr, Otto A.    PA    AIA 1966-
Sperry, Joseph Evans (1854-1930)    MD    AIA 1875-1879; 1914-; FAIA 1923.
Speyer, A. James    IL    AIA 1947-1968
Speyer, James see Speyer, A. James    IL    AIA 1947-1968
Spice, Donald Roy    OH    AIA 1971-
Spicer, Lloyd N. F. (d. 1977)    MA    AIA 1948-
Spicer, Ralph Faraday (d. 1962)    FL    AIA 1948-
Spicer, Stanley (d. 2007)    CA    AIA 1962-
Spiegel, Ronald M.    IL    AIA 1977-
Spiegel, Samuel    DC    AIA 1978-
Spiegel, Siegmund    NY    AIA 1953-
Spielman, Harold G. (1891-1950)    CA    AIA 1926-
Spielman, Herbert    OH    AIA 1906-1931
Spiering, Louis C. (1875-1912)    MO    AIA 1905-
Spiers, Tomas Hoskins, Jr. (d. 2001)    CT    AIA 1965-; FAIA 1996.
Spies, Donald George (d. 1965)    OH    AIA 1951-
Spies, Harry J.    NJ    AIA 1962-
Spies, Richard Kenneth    OR    AIA 1972-
Spies, Thomas Philip    MD    AIA 1976-
Spiess, Charles F.    PA    AIA 1945-
Spiess, Edwin J., Jr.    GA    AIA 1977-
Spiessl, Ludwig    FL    AIA 1966-
Spieth, Otto Arthur (d. 1971)    OH    AIA 1950-
Spiezle, Franklyn Blair    NJ    AIA 1956-
Spigel, Bernard B. (d. 1968)    VA    AIA 1946-
Bernard B. Spigel (firm)    VA
Spigel-Carter-Zinkl-Herman (firm)    VA
Spigulis, Arvids A.    MA    AIA 1974-
Spikell, Bruce C.    CA    AIA 1973-1975
Spiker, Roger Emmet    NV; ID    AIA 1964-1967; 1976-
Spillane, Gerald William, Jr.    NY    AIA 1966-
Spillis, Peter    FL    AIA 1966-
Spillman, Beverly Welford, Sr. (d. 1978)    TX    AIA 1924-1927; 1946-
Spillman, Otto H. (d. 1981)    PA    AIA 1926-
Spillman, Pat Yates    IL; TX    AIA 1955-; FAIA 1969.
Spillman, Robert Arnold    PA    AIA 1960-; FAIA 1997.
Spillman & Spillman (firm)    TX
Spilman, Paul C. (d. 1987)    WA    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spilman, William Richard    MA    AIA 1971-
Spina, Kenardon Morse (d. 2007)    FL    AIA 1962-
Spindler, Charles M.    NY    AIA 1946-
Spinella, Peter P.    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spinella, Vito D. (d. 1992)    NJ    AIA 1970-
Spinelli, Martin Joseph, Jr.    NJ    AIA 1965-
Spink, William Ernest    LA    AIA 1946-
William E. Spink (firm)    LA
Spinks, Dean Ledbetter    NC    AIA 1973-
Spinney, Don see Spinney, E. Don (d. 1995)    IL    AIA 1964-
Spinney, E. Don (d. 1995)    IL    AIA 1964-
Spinti, George F., III (1891-1968)    WI    AIA 1938-
Spira, Emile Ephraim    NY    AIA 1963-1966; 1968-1973
Spiro, David Samuel    NJ    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spitler, Raymond Alonzo, Jr.    GA    AIA 1958-1968
Spitz, Alexander H.    IL    AIA 1944-1957
Spitz, Warren Edward    IL    AIA 1947-
Spitze, Jim R.    WA    AIA 1976-
Spitzer, Damon Edward    CA    AIA 1955-1961; 1965-1970
Spitzer, Mark    PA    AIA 1978-
Spitzig, Frank    DC    AIA 1964-1967
Spitznagel, Harold Theodore (1896-1975)    SD    AIA 1942-; FAIA 1959.
Harold Spitznagel and Associates, Inc. (firm)    SD
The Spitznagel Partners, Inc. (firm)    SD
Splinter, Otis Leonard    OK    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spofford, John C.    MA
Spohn, George H. (d. 1958)    FL; DC; MD    AIA 1936-
Sponholz, William Carl (d. 1956)    CA    AIA 1952-
Spooner, Edward C.    NY    AIA 1974-
Spooner, George Ashton (d. 1975)    IA    AIA 1946-
Spooner, William T.    IL    AIA 1955-1968
Sporl, Edward F. (1881-1956)    LA
Sporl and Maxwell (firm) see Sporl, Edward F. (1881-1956)    LA
Sporleder, Donald Emil    IN    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1994.
Spoto, Nelson    CA; DC; FL    AIA 1968-
Spotswood, Leland Estil    MO    AIA 1965-
Spotts, Victor Johnson    CA    AIA 1956-1963
Spotz, Jack Wilson (d. 1996)    PA    AIA 1947-
Spradley, Jesse Calvin (d. 1997)    MO    AIA 1973-
Spragins, Gary T.    OK    AIA 1963-
Sprague, George Newman (d. 1967)    PA    AIA 1948-
Sprague, Harold Greene    IA    AIA 1919-1924
Sprague, Richard Winston    AL    AIA 1978-
Sprague, Robert Brennecke    CA    AIA 1962-1967; 1977-
Sprague, Robert Paul    LA    AIA 1959-
Sprague, Susan Louise    PA    AIA 1976-
Sprague, William David    TX    AIA 1972-1976
Sprankle, Dale Fremont    NY; CA    AIA 1964-
Spranza, Donald T.    NJ    AIA 1974-
Spratling, William Philip    LA    AIA 1923-1929
Sprau, George W.    MI    AIA 1947-
Spreeman, Robert F.    NH    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spreen, Francis Fredrick, Jr.    TX    AIA 1967-
Spreiregen, Paul David    DC    AIA 1964-; FAIA 1977.
Sprengle, Russell R., Jr. (d. 2007)    WI    AIA 1978-
Spriggs, Charles Kenneth    SC    AIA 1973-
Spriggs, Chris    TX    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spring, Bernard Polmer    MA; NY    AIA 1959-; FAIA 1973.
Springall, Cyrus Foss (d. 1975)    MA    AIA 1945-
Springer, Donald    TX    AIA 1976-
Springer, Floyd Ladean    WA    AIA 1969-1974
Springer, Lloyd Stratton (1922-2002)    IL    AIA 1953-
Springer, Robert Hoadley    OH    AIA 1958-
Springer, William Todd    NY    AIA 1977-
Springman, Raymond Richard (d. 1980)    NM    AIA 1948-
Springmeyer, Robert Lawrence (d. 1994)    UT    AIA 1958-
Sprinkle, George Wesley (d. 1980)    CA    AIA 1961-; FAIA 1977.
Sprinkle, John Harold (d. 2001)    MD    AIA 1961-
Sprinkle, William Van Eaton (1906-1965)    NC    AIA 1948-
Sprohge, Erik Tom    TX    AIA 1969-1972
Sprohge, Paul Richard (d. 1990)    TX    AIA 1955-
Spronz, Richard (d. 1981)    NY    AIA 1965-
Spross, Roger Gilbert (d. 1994)    NY    AIA 1948-
Sproul, C. Cranford (Clarence Cranford)    FL    AIA 1953-1966
Sproul, Clarence Cranford see Sproul, C. Cranford (Clarence Cranford)    FL    AIA 1953-1966
Sproul, Cranford see Sproul, C. Cranford (Clarence Cranford)    FL    AIA 1953-1966
Sproule, John Robert (d. 1999)    WA    AIA 1948-
Sprouse, Glendon P.    WV    AIA 1975-
Sprout, William Bradford, Jr.    MA    AIA 1935-; FAIA 1971.
William Bradford Sprout, Jr. (firm)    MA
Sprow, Richard A.    DC    AIA 1976-
Sprowls, Robert M.    DC    AIA 1969-1977
Sprute, Gerald Joseph    ID    AIA 1970-1976
Spry, Chris Alan    FL    Assoc. AIA 1978; AIA 1978-
Spry, Kenneth J.    FL    AIA 1947-1960
Spurgeon, Mark S.    MO    Assoc. AIA 1978-
Spurling, Everett Gordon, Jr. (d. 2001)    NC; WV; DC    AIA 1951-; FAIA 1979.
Spurlock, Benjamin Hill, III    WA    AIA 1977-
Spurr, Randall A.    MO    AIA 1978-
Sput, Murray    NY    AIA 1961-