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American Architects Directories:
Listing in 1970 American Architects Directory

Firm Chronology
Contributed by Cromwell Architects Engineers Inc. in 2012
1885       Benjamin J. Bartlett
1888       Bartlett & Thompson
1890       Charles L. Thompson
1891       Rickson and Thompson
1897       Charles L. Thompson
1916       Thompson and Harding
1925       Charles L. Thompson
1927       Thompson, Sanders and Ginocchio
1938       Sanders and Ginocchio
1941       Ginocchio and Cromwell
1947       Ginocchio, Cromwell and Associates
1961       Ginocchio, Cromwell, Carter, Dees & Neyland
1962       Ginocchio, Cromwell, Carter & Neyland, Inc.
1969       Cromwell, Neyland, Truemper, Levy & Gatchell, Inc.
1981       Cromwell Truemper Levy Parker & Woodsmall Inc.
1988       Cromwell Truemper Levy Thompson Woodsmall, Inc.
2000       Cromwell Architects Engineers, Inc.
Firm history timeline available online at or in pdf version.

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